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  1. Two days after the Diem brothers are killed and the Chicago plot was foiled.
  2. It does make a story. I think if someone turned up there in the moments leading up to the motorcade arriving/passing and spots a bloke with a rifle, the conspiracy is blown before its even happened. Perhaps someone turned up as the car turned onto Elm, it's easier to remove that person than explain the rest of it. Every man and his dog would be watching the road waiting for the president. You'd assume that those 'strangers' were support for the gunmen, and controlling the area before the shots were fired. You'd need a few of those guys covering at least each point of approach for a member of the public.
  3. Ahh ok, makes sense Robert. I think i’ll just stay clear of democrat / republican debates, passions are running high and though I am fond of the USA and have read a lot about its history, it’s not my country and it looks very different from the outside. Cheers Chris
  4. I think this one was for Cliff, who I have on ‘ignore’. Cheers
  5. I am certain too that there was at least one shot from the north knoll, too many witnesses for there not to be. Perhaps the throat shot was meant to do the business as a kill shot and the almost stopping point of the limo was the back-up and the south knoll chap still got it done. It just seems one of the biggest tells for the public that there was a conspiracy, people running at the fence. Like you, I believe that a frangible bullet was used, there are those flecks on the xray which would appear if one had been used. Regarding the Tosh account, I just struggled with Johnny Roselli being with the abort team (fox in the hen house) and they had all those extra SS personnel that who ever was responsible declined to deploy in Dallas. It just doesn’t add up for me in the couple of places I have read things about it. 🤷‍♂️ This is such an addictive topic, I have no idea why we all need to know exactly how it went down, the result is the same and the people who benefitted are the same. There are just so many intriguing aspects to it.
  6. Yes, it seemed very logical but, it lost me a little bit at the end. I can see how those shots could be made, how for an assassin to slip away undetected would have been easy from there while all of the chaos ensued elsewhere. The point made about the throat wound being intended as a kill shot and the sniper waiting for a second chance makes sense, and I am sure military men would say that the head shot is a possible shot, not miracle of a shot. It was all very clear and sensible thinking but, toward the end it was entirely clear in regard to the false flag / blame it on the Cubans thing thats suggested is going on. I have read a couple of threads on here about Tosh Plumlee and it could be I didn’t understand them properly, they didn’t make sense to me. You fly an abort team in to stop the assassination, with a mob/CIA go-between on the flight (Roselli) and the way you try to abort the operation is by standing about?! Perhaps I missed something. Surely you’d just make the call to the presidential detail, or radio the SS or whatever, tell the president Dallas is canceled due to an imminent threat. I can’t help but feel I have missed something here as it doesn’t make sense to me. Obviously a near miss scenario to coerce the president and initiate a Cuban invasion makes sense but, with all that had gone on, there are no guarantee’s JFK would have believed his intelligence. i can see how such a false flag would silence those involved in the aftermath of the assassination. Also it’s my belief that with 9/11 and 7/7 that the reason terror simulations were happening at the same time (coincidentally we are told) is for reasons of deniability should a potential plot be exposed in the run up to the event. ie you just say, it was a drill, a practice scenario, nothing more than that. In this scenario whether Oswald thinks he is infiltrating a group of would be assassins/conspirators or whether he thinks a drill is taking place, is really unclear. In fact its just a massive mess which you could never explain to anyone in a rational conversation without sounding like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. The more I think about things, those 50+ witnesses who believed that shots came from the fence, someone must have thought that the public could dash for the fence etc and that its mighty close to the actual limo and members of the public. So is that just arrogance knowing you have the security apparatus on board and that the only outcome can be getting away with it. in summary, the hypothesis that both shots (neck & head) could have come from the one shooter on the south knoll seems plausible and logical. But, the mechanics of the rest of it are very unclear to me. Perhaps some of you guys who have been looking at this for decades have a better idea?
  7. Thank you very much for that Denny. I am just racking my brains and looking at the layout, am I right in thinking if you run around the back of the white monument (that Zapruder) is in front of) and toward the SBD, that it just connects to that, there are no obstacles? I can’t see looking at all suggested lines of fire that a ricochet is probable in relation to where the pool of blood is located (though I know in theory it could happen). What seems more likely is if someone returned fire and hit this suspect member of the SS. As others have pointed out, its a decent amount of blood to make a puddle. Am I right in thinking the only official SS personnel present in Dealey were on the motorcade?
  8. I have just watched this video discussing the throat and fatal shot, it looks like a new upload. Ignore the cover image, thats just a clip that has been used in the 1hr 13min hypothesis. Please accept my apologies if this is a duplicate post, which has already been extensively covered here. It certainly appears to explain the windscreen hole and throat wound. Though with the fatal head wound, it's very hard to get your head around everything you have see on video vs this. I guess people who have stood in Dealey Plaza and looked at the angles probably have a very different perception. https://www.jfksouthknollgunman.com/index.php/08-2south-knoll/ What are your thoughts on the probability of explanations given, and also the false flag suggestion? Has it been debunked?
  9. Cheers. I have a confession, I was in the mall having a bite to eat and didn't have time to read through it. It was more me being polite. Generally speaking you are spot on, I am learning the hard way. The perceived complexity of this whole subject is what makes it so fascinating.
  10. Hi Paul, Do you mean the online voting is more secure than a postal vote? Does an online system show every household address. how many citizens were eligible to vote in those households and who they have selected to vote for? I mean is that publicly accessed? I am not sure how it works in the USA. Thanks Chris
  11. You're right, a pool that size is a significant loss of blood and indicates someone bleeding on one place, not on the move.
  12. Obviously a little bit of embellishment from Coley here dramatically changes the narrative but, I just don’t see the motive for him to lie or embellish. Its a sensitive topic that could ultimately bring him more trouble than its worth. Thats why I think he is honest. Anyone who dips their finger in blood vs sodapop cannot mistake the two. Do you guys have any theories? Seems an odd ricochet angle. Could an innocent bystander who witnessed someone at the fence with a rifle just before the shooting have been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Could he have been chucked in a car boot? I wonder if there were any missing persons that day. I am clutching at straws. The epileptic fit is also curious timing, though it doesn’t make it a natural occurrence. Who was the person taken away in the ambulance?
  13. That's very interesting Robert, thank you. I am told I should read Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy & Hope' which potentially outlines this earlier stuff. I knew about the 'Bayonets & Babies' in WW1. Hitlers WW2 propaganda campaign was based largely on the highly effective British use of propaganda in the Boer Wars and WW1. It's no surprise that governments seeing how effective these tools were in wartime, began to incorporate a greater use of propaganda in peacetime. I am sure I read Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernay's was hired by the US government to assist them with this. He wrote the famous book 'Propaganda' in 1928. Richard Bissell is actually someone I know very little about (aside from his firing) but, straight away I see he is a pal of Averell Harriman and another Yale alumni.
  14. That's a great quote and I am sure true. We can all scrutinise here from our armchairs but, when put in that position to do tremendous good for humanity at high risk to yourself/immediate family or, to be a 'yes' man and have a very comfortable life at the cost of people you don't know, I wonder how many of us looking at our children would choose to go against the grain? There is overwhelming data in psychology that power corrupts and so many start with all of the ideals in the world and the higher they climb, the more the reasons they started out with evaporate. But, I guess if you choose to be the 'yes' man, you don't get your place in history as a hero or a notable legacy. I think with JFK, the influence of god, his fatalism, with his historical heroes and having been told since a child that illness could take him at any time, I think he had a unique or rare outlook on life, shaping some of his behaviours. Another significant factor could have been that he was born with money, never wanted for anything in his life and the one thing he needed which was health, couldn't be bought. The one sure thing about people who have a tough upbringing is that when they get some money, they never want to experience those tough times again and will do anything to avoid that. So, candidates who started humble and are bankrolled by others, are much more or a sure thing when elected, their behaviour is predictable. I read a bit about Nixon and he was the opposite of JFK, he had his more modest upbringing and he resented having to play 'butler monkey' to the east coast power brokers with their old money and entitlement, or people like Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles (who I believe Nixon visited hoping for a job). In contrast Nixon would do all he could to hang on to the life he'd toiled for, he was more of a known quantity. Maybe Obama was too, nice family, made it to the number one job, nice bit of money put away, why rock the boat? Hope & change, did vanish and became business as usual. I heard a Bill Burr interview not so long ago and he succinctly described US politics in a few sentences. (2mins 58secs - 3mins 59secs) It makes you wonder if the scene in Dallas was just the crudeness of a Texan murder or if it was setting an example? I mean, surely Max Jacobsen could have given JFK a dodgy dose including some of those fast acting cancer cells procured in New Orleans that potentially got Ruby? Or a plane crash? There are many ways that could potentially create less suspicion than bullets whizzing around in a Dealey Plaza full of witnesses.
  15. Both Gulf Wars were, the first one they had that girl sobbing in a hearing and talking about Iraqi soldiers taking babies from incubators and dropping them on the hard floor. It transpired that she was the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomatic and that the whole testimony was a rehearsed fabrication. Bush Snr used it to drum up public support got the first Gulf war. The actual invasion in 2003, they'd more or less starved the country with sanctions before hand and implemented that oil for food program. At the time, I was totally bought into the WMD propaganda, how wrong we all were. There absolutely should have been people called out and an investigation but, the MO was straight out of the playbook which started with Mosadek. If you investigate one, you have to do the lot right? I wonder if Obama had benefactors, people who financially supported and mentored his rise?!
  16. That's a great idea. LBJ is certainly up there, I do wonder how much will come out about Bill Clinton in future decades. If Russ Baker's Bush family book is to be believed, thats some history.
  17. Ah ok, so they all helped Trump get elected because they liked his TV show and then immediately turned on him the moment he got in office. That makes more sense now. Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂I can see why the others ignore you Cliff, i'm out.
  18. No, you're just trying to make some bizarre case that is frankly baffling. Every election ever has been rife with propaganda from all sides. You didn't know? You thought "The News" was an honest, unbiased collection of actual events in the world that day, told by neutrals? You think CNN and Co at presidential; briefings are doing Trump favours politically? What fantasy are you living in Cliff?
  19. You're right, it's very relevant. Does conjure memories of when certain members of the political class misunderstood a large proportion of voters, assuming they were illiterate, redneck, racist morons and labelling them so. What a political faux pas.
  20. So, the use of marketing/propaganda isn't fair if your political party loses? That's very democratic of you.
  21. You are way over-complicating this assuming the average voter is familiar with the political machinations of Washington DC. Forget some conspiracy stole the election from Hilary Clinton. She was a deplorable choice of candidate with a questionable track record. Blame the DNC, the party catastrophically failed.
  22. 🙂 I don't have to vote for either, just an outsider looking in. It might go that way ...
  23. It's fundamentally simple, the US public was dissatisfied after 8 years of Obama, they craved change and Trump offered it up, people voted. What more evidence do you need than Trump being sat in the White House? Ok Cliff, so is Hilary a victim of Assange / WikiLeaks?
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