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  1. Besides the google / security apparatus synergy, you have 90% of MSM in the hands of about 9 conglomerates. You just need the owners on board. Takes very few people to control the news, as they are top down structures. That’s how you get all reading from the same hymn sheet, regardless of where in the world or the language spoken. Its a dire situation, much worse than the days when Mockingbird was launched. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mediaconglomeraten.png
  2. Nice video, I actually watched it at the time, very moving. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Great shout. Realistically, if we want any chance of these records being released, we should be hitting as many sources of exposure as possible. Kennedy family members would be of great use too.
  4. And most American’s don’t have a clue how money is created, how the Federal Reserve was created and, what it means to have private shareholders controlling the money supply.
  5. Thanks William. If you use the state with only 40% double jabbed, then overwhelmingly most deaths in general will be unvaccinated, it’d be the same for traffic accidents or deaths by snakebite . I am curious about the % calculated and, the variables taken into account to get to that sensational figure, as the article was a bit woolly. My local hospital which supports 60k people approximately, has 19 in hospital having special care with Covid 19 and 15 are double vaxxed (small dataset though). With the conspiracy that myself and others are seeing or alleging, the states or countries with the lowest vaccine uptake must be made an example of. The elephant in the room or topic that isn’t being discussed are the actual vaccine deaths. I am seeing reports of VAERS records being deleted/replaced, which you or I can’t verify, could be some strange IT glitch. The Harvard study of 2016 assessing self reporting adverse reactions to vaccines indicates that you can multiply the reported deaths by 10. The 5k deaths reported in the US a month or so back, might be 50k, which makes these vaccines more lethal than all of the other vaccines put together, I think if 50k is taken seriously it may even have overtaken Covid deaths during the same period in the US. That concept should perhaps alarm some, you’d think. Why is it Israel seems to have an agreement with Pfizer that they can’t report adverse reactions / deaths for 10 years? That’s unheard of as a practice. You’re a person who has said you have been in the medical profession for a long time, I think you said neuroscience to me, I am genuinely interested in what is concerning you about the way this pandemic is being run, from a medical perspective and the measures that are being taken in response. Cheers Chris
  6. Covid is a Global Propaganda Operation. Dr Piers Robinson talks about the propaganda, extraordinary measures and tech censorship. https://rumble.com/vkppo0-covid-is-a-global-propaganda-operation.html Are we all ok with propaganda and being manipulated and misled by our own governments?
  7. Hi William, I’ll respond to my question, just in case anyone else is unclear, and I explaining why image comparisons like that are often duplicitous and misleading, with both sides of the argument guilty of using such tactics. The first image, the top one, is exactly how a healthy chest x-ray would look, it’s exactly how my recent chest x-ray looked. And how most of google’s healthy chest x-rays look. If Covid hasn’t spread to lungs, as on the vast majority of infected people it is wiped out by the immune system before a serious lung condition develops. And more importantly before you get a chest looking like image 2. In answer to your question, I have a question; can you see any problems with using the US state with the lowest uptake of vaccines as an example for making your case? Or making the case they are in your linked article? Thanks Chris
  8. @W. Niederhut What is your conclusion when someone that has had covid, without any vaccine protection and their chest x-ray looks like the first picture and not the second? I might know a bloke who has an x-ray we can use for reference (if required).
  9. Weird. It's almost like this is a subject that demands specialized knowledge and expertise. Unless of course the person with the specialised knowledge isn’t supporting your case. Then we should disregard it, right?! How many people with credentials need to speak out? I guess Fauci is the one we should listen to, he is top of the tree of immunologists, it’s not like he’s been caught lying about this in 2021. How does that reflect on all of the people backing him?
  10. Hi Paul, The CDC is adamant that thimerisol is safe. Their guys state it is. In opposition you have people claiming Mercury isn’t safe, it’s a neurotoxin. They don’t accept the one paper that has been produced to prove it isn’t thimersol causing the issue. There are other theories about combining MMR shots, it’s such a multi varied equation that science doesn’t get near to covering all scenarios, and as you know, the terms of the experiment you set are crucial to determining an outcome. Move those parameters and you get a different outcome. There is a simple way of proving whether any of these vaccines are harmful, you simply compare the data of non-vaxxed vs the vaxxed. Two groups, you have roughly 30% unvaxxed in the US anyhow (or did before Covid). The data is paid for by the tax payer, it isn’t going to cost a fortune to do. What it does do is help the public make better choices and gives full transparency on the cost/benefit of having a treatment or not. Ok, lets say there are any number of things wrong with some vaccines, there will be law suits galore but, if they are perfectly safe or very low risk as maintained, why withhold the data? This couldn’t be more logical as a request or argument. Lets end the argument with a system that makes the case, that both sides can accept. As for the Cov19 jabs, as I have said from the start, I wouldn’t knock anyone for making a choice that they think is best for their own health, they have to live with it. My father has had two jabs, he has co-morbidities and it’s probably worth the risk in his case, taking an experimental treatment that has no medium or long term testing results, anything might kill him, a decent flu etc. To me, when having any medical intervention, there is a cost/benefit decision to be made. It’s appears that graphene oxide may be in Astra & Pfizer, maybe others too, it’s also something that is a toxin, a semi-conductor, has magnetic properties. It’s not listed in the ingredients but, there is a ‘trade secret’ which you may have heard Gates and others refer to. I can’t verify what this university has found in the lab testing vials and blood-work but, I am certainly keeping an eye on it, my eyes are open to all these healthy people having blood clots, myocarditis and other reactions. There are ex Pfizer employees, and MRNA inventor and vaccinologist Robert Malone blowing the whistle. Of course no mainstream network will even talk about adverse reactions or deaths from the jabs. In contrast the hard sell has been ramped up and now giving people free stuff to get the jab, young people and children. People not at risk, people with healthy immune systems, that are able to bat this away with no issues. if you or anyone else listens to the Bret Weinstein podcast further up the thread, so many of the issues are discussed intelligently, including safety, the serious adverse reactions, herd immunity, immunity from previous coronavirus and from this coronavirus. Its a long listen but, a very coherent conversation with people who understand the issues and challenges very well. He’s a very bright caring guy and he has put his neck on the chopping block over this, like RFK Jr has, I respect people doing that, there is no gain or financial incentive for them. Unlike the players on the other side of this argument. We only need to slightly scratch the surface on this and we realise its a lot more complex that 99% of people even realise. Critics of this experimental program are calling the decisions being made as anti-science. I feel like I could talk for a week on the various dimensions of this. My sincere hope is that what I see happening is mostly financial, and not something more insidious. Cheers Chris
  11. Surprised Philip Zelicow didn’t get another nod. Would a public jury type situation not be better? Picked at random, a person without a criminal record from each state? Does that seem fairer? One lawyer from the prosecution and defence presenting? Or am I hoping for utopia?
  12. We'll just be watching those two commission scenes in The Parallax View.
  13. Thanks for contributing after your long leave of absence and popping the thread back to the top, I appreciate it. Imagine not even knowing after all the months since the vaccines came out, that you're still catching the virus, spreading the virus and can die of the virus. Imagine thinking with misplaced logic that you're the hero of the story, saving lives, when you're actually not. Imagine not even knowing the % of fatalities in the population caused by Cov19, or the efficacy of the vaccines you've been marketed, the cost benefit. Imagine just blindly trusting everything is gonna be alright. It must be very comforting on those blue pills. 🙂 Jeez Jeremy, vaccines in general are very safe, how very profound. You make it sound like they're all he same. Simple one for you, if there is a safer way of testing vaccines, that leads to less deaths, and less adverse reactions, would you be happy for humanity to switch to that system? That's exactly why your book is a pamphlet with very limited readership. You might need an understanding of physics, ballistics, pathology, legal frameworks, autopsy protocols, experience shooting, law understanding enforcement protocols, secret service procedures, etc etc etc It's easy to see that from the unbelievable depth of knowledge of researchers and authors here on the forum and elsewhere, some have a very deep understanding of complex things.
  14. Docs that your taxes paid for too. It's anti-logic, anti-democracy, anti-transparency.
  15. Its part of a video clip I think.
  16. You're right, simple logic, there are more people alive that are accountable in 9/11, than JFKA. Even so the JFKA if ever exposed or acknowledged signifies the start of corruption, the public must then seek the truth in every major even since, which takes us to 9/11 and beyond. We won't be enlightened on either front. Also, how many years have they had to erase any incriminating docs? Its a lot ... For us to believe the organisations responsible will fire out the truth in 2021, we'd need to be totally delusional.
  17. @Dennis Berube I wouldn't waste your time with him. The argument is so simple, there is a very easy, cost effective way to determine if vaccines (or which vaccines) are safe, it's the testing method proposed in congress in 2007 & 2009. We can directly compare the vaxxed and non-vaxxed, it's 100% accurate but, the CDC doesn't want to permit tax payer funded data to be released to the public tax payer. If everything was kosher, there wouldn't be a problem with doing so. It's pretty obvious they are worried companies are gonna have to pay out for screwing up healthy peoples lives with jabs that are not safe.
  18. I haven't listened to Joe in ages but, he's saying what we are all thinking.
  19. France are leading the way in terms of biometric ID's, it's madness. They are collapsing their own country and health system for this virus, it isn't in the public interest and they are showing it.
  20. 1). CONFIRMATION BIAS The tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one's existing beliefs. We all do this and it's the hardest one to resist. How many of us have read JFK books one after another, without purchasing any that make the contrary case to our beliefs? 2). GROUPTHINK Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of individuals reaches a consensus without critical reasoning or evaluation of the consequences or alternatives. Groupthink is based on a common desire not to upset the balance of a group of people. It's significantly easier to fall in line with the herd and not risk being ostracised for expressing different ideas and theories. There is less risk and it allows us to be intellectually lazy and feel safe in our group views. For anyone doubting this, see the Soloman Asche experiments proving the case. 3). COGNITIVE DISSONANCE Cognitive dissonance is a theory in social psychology. It refers to the mental conflict that occurs when a person's behaviours and beliefs do not align. It may also happen when a person holds two beliefs that contradict one another. The state is fundamentally good, you vote for their representatives, but, the state seems to have been involved in the JFK assassination. One of them can't be true, which is it? If it can happen with JFKA, why can't it happen again, and again in different ways? We face the same mental conflict each time where we default back to the state as the good guys that we voted for. What if they are not? 4). DOUBLETHINK The acceptance of contradictory ideas at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination. The word comes from George Orwell in 1949 in his book titled "1984". This can only happen if people have abandoned critical thinking and their trust in those who supply them with information is completely blind. ie We're going to bomb democracy into Iraq because they might be linked to 9/11, destroy the country, kill a million Iraqi's, steal their oil, and it's going to make American's safer. 5). PATRIOTISM AND THE FLAG With societies heavily conditioned by the flag and the nation, if the perpetrators of a conspiracy are seen as patriots, it is very hard for the average person to see any wrong in them. This is the exact reason Presidents and candidates are photographed with the flag. It cements that they are the same as us in the public psyche. We are much more likely to vote for a candidate who talks of his sacrifices in the military and how much he loves this nation. Just about everyone watching Fox has a firearm and flag, ready to defend the nation. Perceived patriots are the last people suspected of a conspiracy, they are seen as loyal. 6). PHILANTHROPY It's in the PR handbook if you are a wealthy elite or political candidate. You must be seen as charitable and doing good in society. JD Rockefeller famously got reporters to film him giving dimes to children for the news. The public perception was that he was a kind old man, and not a guy using his foundation to fund eugenics movements and further spread his influence in business, science and academia. The playbook is the same whether it's the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Clinton or the Gates Foundations. Donors are private, you get tax breaks and it goes under the guise of doing something good. If the accused in a conspiracy is appearing to give lots of wealth away, regardless of our financial naivety as to how much they are making, we find it abhorrent that a perceived kind person is being accused of conspiracy or impropriety. Again, we need to cast emotions aside and examine the facts. 7). RELIGION This is waning for children now but, many of us grew up entirely indoctrinated by religion, sitting through a school assembly of conditioning and brainwashing. We came out of it with morality and conscience. Every election we hear how devout a candidates faith is and how important it is to him/her as a guiding force. We can't help but think that's wonderful, something they have in common with us. When such a person is accused of a conspiracy or corruption, we can't even comprehend it as they have the same religious values as us. Our mind seldom lets us accept the notion of their guilt. 8). INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT If your IQ is less than 90, you can't even polish someone's boots in the US Army. The average IQ is 100. If your IQ is low, you're going to have to see a conspiracy step by step with your own eyes to believe and accept it. If your IQ is 95, you're not going to have the same faculties as someone who has an IQ of 167 to see and understand a conspiracy taking place. Some things will occur to one person, that another can never be able to comprehend. That's life. 9). REPETITION OF LIES A wise man once said, that if a lie is told enough times, it becomes the truth. This is a fundamental rule of propaganda and psychological warfare. Unfortunately, some of us are more susceptible to this than others. If the perpetrators of a conspiracy have the media on their side, most of the population will nod like psychiatric patients who are high as a kite. After some time, the proportion of the population who believe otherwise will be very small. Maybe the same proportion that was put in gulags or executed in the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cambodia and North Korea. When intellectuals are speaking out against the state, worry. 10). RELEVANT LIFE EXPERIENCE Most of us don't have the first clue how ruthless it is in business, or an inkling of the tricks and deceptions used to achieve in that world. There are many tricks and cons that people in that world use to achieve their goals, that they see every day. When they catch a rival using them, they laugh, an acknowledgement they are in the game. The masses are completely asleep to such deceptions, they play out time and time again. They'll leave the average person thinking they just got a deal, the reality is they had their pants pulled down. Even Machiavelli's "The Prince" doesn't cover a fraction of these tricks but, it's certainly worth a read. I live in a tax haven, I listened to a ruthless proprietor of an offshore trust company negotiating with a local painter (decorator). The finance guy was conning the decorator something chronic, I called across the bar to the decorator "Dave, you could get £500 more for that", the other guy called me the FC-word combo. Don't assume because you are smart in your field that you understand the array of skills educated elites use. If you think you're immune to being conned by a conspiracy, you'll need to be seriously switched on and familiar with the techniques, most of us aren't. 11). PSYCHOLOGY DEFICIENCY If you don't understand why you do the things you do or, why human beings do the things they do, what hope do you have or identifying a conspiracy? You need a basic understanding of human psychology to evaluate the behaviour and actions of a possible conspirator. You can't see behavioural patterns if you don't know what to look for. This is absolutely vital education. 12). IGNORANCE OF HISTORY History is cyclical, it repeats itself. "Those who are ignorant of history are destined to repeat it". In my opinion, if you're very well-read in historical terms, it equips you almost as well as the psychology. You'll see patterns, the same moves, repetition and be conscious of when a conspiracy is happening in real-time. If you're unaware of history, your chances of identifying a conspiracy are close to zero. Human history may be short in the scheme of the age of the planet but, there is plenty to educate yourself and observe the same surreptitious behaviour over and over again. 13). LACKING THE BIGGER PICTURE It's no secret as with IQ, there is a disparity in human beings when it comes to the attributes to do certain things. Some of us will be strong at one thing and incompetent at another. Most of us will look at world events in isolation, with a myopic view and no context. A small proportion of people will be very good at seeing the bigger picture, those with incredibly analytical minds. They'll see patterns, commonalities and connect things. Their very logical minds are alerted by their subconscious, that something doesn't look right or fit logic. Those people go to the end of the earth with analysis looking for answers and, they draw a conclusion that is probable and logical. Not many of us have the cognitive function to do that. Those guys will identify a conspiracy. 14). PRODUCTION QUALITY We are so used to CNN, SKY, FOX, BBC etc producing our news with very high production quality and a huge budget, that when we're communicated to by other sources with a modest budget who may be saying very valuable things, we instinctively doubt it because it doesn't look like what we're used to. People buy into a news brand like they would their favourite car or golf clubs, after a while, we develop blindness to everything else. Take everything on its merit and critically think, weighing up all sides. Don't be dazed and confused by special effects and fancy delivery. It's the truth that counts. 15). VIDEO, TELEVISION, BOOKS & COMICS SHAPING THOUGHTS From tiny children, we read comics, watch cartoons, watch TV, read books, watch films and they all have this good vs evil narrative. There is a virtuous good guy who wins, or a CIA, 007 or military guy who saves the world. Whether you realise it or not, we're conditioned to that as a reality and because it fits our moral value set, we feel good when the inevitable happy ending comes. In the exceptions where it doesn't, we feel sad, unhappy, like an injustice has taken place, it leaves us upset. All a government needs to do to perpetuate a conspiracy is propagate the message that they are on the side of the good guys, the righteous. If any conspiracy appears as well-intentioned, the public will support it, as their value set from media is geared up to do that. If you can make the victim the archetypal villain, you've done 90% of the job. We hear words like "undemocratic", "anti-freedom" and "against liberty" when it concerns countries, not pro-UK/US/Israel trade deals that exploit them and when someone is a friend of the UK, Israel or US, they're a democracy and they believe in freedom and liberty. We sit there and say; "my life is good, those guys don't believe in that, we need to change that or they'll take our freedoms away". Our media prevents us from seeing whether we are the hero or the villain in any situation. It manufactures consent for us to use taxpayers money to line the pockets of a handful of companies who do best when there is a war on the go. Our psyche is super susceptible to this manipulation and it plays out in perpetuity. 16). ASSUMING WEALTHY PEOPLE THINK AS YOU DO Given the American wealthy elite might be 1% of the population or less, how many of you encounter these people regularly and understand the way they think and how ruthless they are in business? You're trained to be an obedient worker, a cog in a machine that has an output for other people. Why would you assume they think the same? Because of well-polished PR and less than forthright public demeanour? Simple PR makes you think they're the good guys. 17). FEAR Those who get a conspiracy theory wrong, never regain their reputation amongst family, friends, work colleagues etc. You can side with the state and the state can be wrong over and over again, yet you don't lose face. For the conspiracy theorists its social suicide being on the wrong side. This prevents people from raising concerns and thinking outside of the box. 18). THE POWER OF CELEBRITY Whether we know it or not, we gravitate to people we like, admire and look up to. We create a bias and these celebrities are often used to deliver messages to the public. Because we have these celebs on a pedestal, corporations and governments often hire or co-opt them to enhance their message, as it's so effective. If your favourite athlete or actor says LHO killed JFK and anyone else is a tinfoil hat wearer, you're likely to go along with it. It's incredibly effective marketing. What we often don't understand is the upside for the very financially driven celebrities to jump on the bandwagon. They want to further their network and increase their earning potential and aspire to being part of the elite. Their PR agent will actively encourage them to take this line. With Insta, FB, Twitter and TikTok, and them having millions of followers, their endorsement is worth its weight in gold. 19). THE CABAL We, hook, line and sinker, buy into the idea that red or blue is everything (in the UK too), we invest our emotions, hope and aspirations in these people who don't care about you or me. They're the guys that cut our healthcare, send us to some hellish foreign land to die in a ditch with a rifle, or sell us products that give us cancer. They're the guys that tell us we're destroying the environment while they profit from oil shares. They tell us we're destroying the oceans while they profit from the last saleable fish being mopped up. They tell us population is the worlds biggest problem while they have 6 kids and fly about in private jets. They tell us GM foods are healthy while they eat only organic. They drink deuterium free water while telling us ours dosed up with fluoride, is fine. Despite all this, we trust that the president or prime minister is the highest authority in the land and cannot be corrupted. This is one of the main reasons people don't see conspiracies. They believe in these demi-gods offering salvation through well-scripted dialogues organised by PR experts. Yet, we live with the very real reality of Napoleon Bonaparte's definition of madness; "people doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results". Every election we get a choice of Pepsi & Coke, hope & change, make America great again. 4 years later we sit there bought into the same pantomime. It never dawns on us that its theatre. That the status quo for the elites is the same, regardless of red or blue. It doesn't matter how many times they fail us, we're ready to believe in the next one who offers hope. How stupid are we really? We're like kids at a magic show seeing rabbits being pulled from hats, starry eyed and delusional. If you're not going to acknowledge the reason we only have two prominent parties, the reason we have such little choice in policy is a fix, then what hope do we have in seeing any conspiracy? 20). WE CAN"T ACCEPT THE WORLD AS IT IS Many of us don't like to believe the world is a bad place, that it's unfair or unjust, or that those we trust in politics could betray us. It's the red pill, the blue pill choice. Escapism is easier in the short term, but, leads to long term misery.
  21. Ahh Jeremy, I thought it very weird that you’re talking about me in the 3rd person, like I am not here. But, your tactic have switched to having the thread moderated or removed for not being specifically JFKA debate or, because it promotes contrary information vs the agenda MSM is pushing. You realise how obvious that is?! I’ll point our your hypocrisy yet again, the majority of JFKA experts propagated by the media including wiki and factcheck sites are pushing the Oswald as the lone wolf story. Do you see the parallel? There is no point me even using question marks at this juncture with you, as you don’t answer questions. Using your logic, you are not qualified to talk about the JFKA, what gives you the right, being a lighthouse keeper or having a very limited education, having a book/pamphlet that’s sold enough copies to afford you a meal out and drinks? That isn’t making you credible, I am holding you to your logic standard. Maybe you shouldn’t share your views, applying your logic and standard. Its funny when the shoe is on the other foot. I guess it makes you feel like you are somebody, which is what’s important (to you). Fortunately, I don’t share your views in censoring people who have an opposing view, In the interests of free speech, I am happy for you to post your views, no matter how illogical or lacking in thought they may be. However, it may just have dawned on you that in google search results, that this thread is now popping up highly, attached to your name, which will undoubtably be searched if someone is looking at your book. I can see that reason why you’d want it removed too, as it makes you appear incoherent. I did point out the significance of SEO earlier, it flew straight over your head. Perhaps another area you could educate yourself in.
  22. I forget who but, it was someone interviewing Dulles at his home and for the briefest of moments he broke from his calm demeanour in response to something said about JFK “that little Kennedy, thought he was a god.” It truly was 7 days in May. Reminds of of another quote, after the missile crisis. JFK said to RFK, maybe I should goto the theatre tonight? Bob replies something like; “well, if you should go, then I will go with you”. In reference to Lincoln being assassinated at the theatre. I think psychologically, after having your last rights read 4 times, spending so much time bed ridden and desperately ill, not expected to live to old age, I think JFK did live in the moment, it made him feel alive and probably gave him the courage to proceed where others may have faltered. He was also a reader of the greek tragedies, he would have been conscious that he would be a martyr, frozen in time, remembered somewhere near his prime and not as a weak ill man. Then there is his favourite poem which Caroline recited in front of some of the military high brass in the oval office (I think). I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade And apple-blossoms fill the air— I have a rendezvous with Death When Spring brings back blue days and fair. It may be he shall take my hand And lead me into his dark land And close my eyes and quench my breath— It may be I shall pass him still. I have a rendezvous with Death On some scarred slope of battered hill, When Spring comes round again this year And the first meadow-flowers appear. God knows 'twere better to be deep Pillowed in silk and scented down, Where Love throbs out in blissful sleep, Pulse nigh to pulse, and breath to breath, Where hushed awakenings are dear ... But I've a rendezvous with Death At midnight in some flaming town, When Spring trips north again this year, And I to my pledged word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous.
  23. I am not sure if that doc formed some of my opinion on Truman or if it was some of the docs on the History channel. The Stone series was excellent imho. Interesting stuff about Prescott Bush, I came across an declassified CIA letter from Dulles to Prescott Bush thanking him for a news article where he’d highly endorsed Dulles after the BOP. Weren’t those two supposed to be Nixon’s benefactors during his rise?
  24. That’s a good point. I agree, a land invasion of Japan for example would have been catastrophic with the opposition having the mentality to fight til the last man. I just find it difficult to forgive him for being magnanimous after those bombs were dropped. Perhaps he got caught in the moment. Perhaps the hypocrisy from me is that I like FDR but, the states were sending oil to the Germans via the Vichy French throughout the war and they stopped selling oil to the Japanese just 3 days before the attack on Pearl Harbour, Guam and the Philippines. Maybe we could argue he was out of his depth, of or fearful of a coup after the 1933 planned one, which he interestingly didn’t punish any conspirators for. Maybe I am hard on Harry. Interesting period of history, though.
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