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    My interests include literature, the arts, psychology, history - particularly that of the Cold War and the JFK assassination - walking, thinking, animal rights and the environment.

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  1. Presumably you accept that it doesn't matter whether the grassy knoll activity was related to one or more shots being fired from there or a diversion. Either way, it's proof of a conspiracy.
  2. Seeing as the Pope has suggested that Ukraine should sue for peace and that the Russian invasion was not unprovoked, do you also wonder how much Putin pays the Pope to be a fascist stooge?
  3. That's so true. How did they expect people not to get sick of the monotonous non-stop Trump bashing?
  4. Another reason why the EU and its members should have thought twice before slavishly giving their unconditional support to the US's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.
  5. You're grasping at straws in trying to defend the indefensible.
  6. 60 years today, and the murderous regime is still in situ and unaccountable.
  7. You don't seem to have read this extract carefully enough, Michael. What JFK is saying here is that there will be no reduction of US "efforts to train, equip, and assist" the South Vietnamese military. This is clearly not the same as saying there will be no reduction of US combat forces in Vietnam.
  8. The consternation expressed by some ROKCers over the damage allegedly caused to the JFKA “research community” by Alan Ford’s heretical exposition is laughable. If the MSM were bothered to search for material which they could use to discredit the aforementioned community, they need look no further than the mudslinging and personal attacks constantly emanating from ROKC, which unfortunately has largely overshadowed the constructive contribution of ROKC to the JFKA debate. The fact that the JFKA research community appears more riven by infighting than Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea is due in no small measure to ROKC’s flawed zero-sum approach in JFKA research matters.
  9. Despite the desperate well-poisoning (for the want of a rational alternative) in your respect by self-appointed archons of the JFKA cannibalistic “research community”, I can’t help being impressed by the clarity of your reasoning combined with your inimitable (by the aforementioned community’s standards at least) ability to illustrate your reasoning with very effective pictorial representations.
  10. Greg Parker has replied to this at ROKC. Contrary to what he says, I know what he means by “more than a fuzzy picture” and I agree with it. The problem is that while ROKCers say they’re not 100% certain Prayer Man is Oswald, some of them behave as if they are, as evidenced by the vehemence and illogicality with which they attack any hypothesis, such as Alan Ford’s, that a fuzzy figure in the TSBD doorway other than Prayer Man might be Oswald. GP says I’ll be celebrating if he fails in his mission to have the JFKA case reopened. This is a quite perverse claim to make for someone who talks a lot about the importance of evidence, since I never suggested anything of the kind. I wouldn’t have emailed the FBI repeatedly this year about how the testimony of railroad workers recorded by Mark Lane constituted irrefutable proof of conspiracy if I didn’t want the case reopened. GP seems to have not noticed my mentioning this in this forum. Everything isn’t a zero-sum game.
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