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  1. dear Peter, You are already speaking like a dhimmi, not like a freeman... Too much leaders of the Free World act as Chamberlains in regard of the coming islamist menace... Believing that 9/11, 3/11 or the 7/7 "incidents" are figments of the imagination is pure delerium tremens...
  2. No chance of this happening. When given the chance, most muslims males do not act according to muslim rules (they do of course try to get their women to do so because it is a male dominated religion). I lived in Brighton a couple of years ago and large numbers of muslims in the clubs and casinos. Islam has little attraction for those living in western societies. The main issue concerns how muslims will be treated in western democracies. For example, in the UK I fully expect to see the end of muslim state schools. Hello John, I wish I should be as optimistic as you are, but I'm not... A form of intolerant Islam is on the rise, it is called "salafism" or "wahabism"... It is promoted by Saudi Arabia and financed by big oil money... So is the islamic terrorism promoting jihad, the war against the kuffars in the Dar al Harb lands... Did you watch this Channel 4 documentary: Undercover Mosque? http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=sowX5j2-i4I
  3. Do you think that expansion of radical islam around the world is going to put and end to western civilization? Do any of us will ever like to live under any other form of government than democracy? In how much time do you think it is possible that Great Britain, France, Hollland or Spain collapse as free societies and fall into the hands of islamo-facism?
  4. excuse me, if you find my question candid... but What are the proofs that "climate warming" is changing weather patterns? 2005 appeared to have been an exceptional year for severe storms. 2006 and 2007 were relatively calm years for hurricanes...
  5. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si l'affaire du télégramme Zimmerman était un canular ou pas?
  6. JFK, as congressman or senator, did less in favor of minorities than LBJ... JFK was a low profile politician who was aiming at the presidency and he played it safe till november 60... During his presidency, the civil rights issue came out as an hot potatoe. A critic said of JFK that it would be better for him to show more courage and less profile... The Kennedys tried to moderate Black leaders, asked them to be more patient, but they were unable to do something concrete about that and they refuse to use LBJ's political influence to pressure the Congress... Most of Civil Rights legislations were passed during the Johnson's Presidency, and for LBJ, Civil Rights' issue was politically a suicide... I think that, for exemple, the Housing Bill contributed more to LBJ's political downfall than Vietnam War... -Pierre Carbonneau P..S: I think that Earl Warren, as Chief Justice, is the character in American history who helped more to boost the Civil Rights issue with his Brown vs Board of Education judgment in 1954 and it sequels...
  7. false. Last time John Pic saw his half-brother Lee was at a Thanksgiving party on November 62 in Fort Worth. -Carboxx
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