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  1. In re-reading Morley’s blog, I found it odd that he included Angleton’s set of RFK autopsy photos in the set of destroyed/missing JFK assassination documents. These photos are obviously of interest to those investigating the assassination of RFK, but I don’t see the direct connection to the files of the JFK assassination. Additionally, I think these photos may still exist in the LAPD archives or some archive owned by the Kennedy’s, but I believe they were marked as “not to be released to the public” or something along those lines.
  2. Coincidentally, Morley just posted this blog on his site regarding destroyed JFK assassination records. Another example that comes to mind is the MKULTRA files, which were destroyed on the orders of Richard Helms during the Church Committee investigation if I remember correctly. https://jfkfacts.substack.com/p/trail-of-destruction-the-destroyed
  3. My memory may be off and it’s been a few years since I read Morley’s book regarding his attempt to get the Joannides file, but I thought that Morley reported that the Joannides file was never turned over to the ARRB because at the time because the connection had not yet been made between Joannides and his shady position working the HSCA. If this file has been held by the CIA since the assassination and it contains anything damning, I doubt it even still exists.
  4. I’ve wondered about this too. I haven’t seen this documentary, but the reporter apparently alleges that she was shown a version of the Zapruder film and was told that it was the “real” Zapruder film. We’ve also had several people state that they saw the “real” Zapruder film, which included footage of the limo turning and slowing down. Some of these people have said that they saw this version in College Park, MD or that it was a version owned by a member of the French intelligence community. Or the guy from about ten years ago who said that he had the “real” or an alternate version of the Zapruder film, and that he was going to release it but never did. Or the alleged “training film” shown to the special forces or whomever it was. If these versions actually exist or existed, it’s kind of surprising that in 2024 nothing has surfaced or been leaked, considering how hard it is to keep a secret these days with current technology, leaks, and the sharing of information. So are all these stories made up or are there rolls of authentic Zapruder film collecting dust in an archive or someone’s collection/destroyed at some point in the past. A lot of the stories make you want to raise an eyebrow, but the only one I can think of where the story teller used it for financial gain is the French journalist who claimed to have seen a different version of the Zapruder film owned by a French intelligence officer. I think most of us need more than word of mouth evidence before we’ll give one of these stories much credibility.
  5. I agree with you on a lot of this but in my novice-level research, it appears to me that Ruby was mob controlled and that they may have used his personal life as leverage, amongst other things. To me it seems he was homosexual, which at the time was completely unacceptable socially, and if you look at his history of male roommates well into adulthood, as well as his demeanor amongst his female employees, he does not appear to be attracted to women. Just look at this photo of Ruby with Geneva White 🤔
  6. Exactly, where I work, prisoners are held in jail for shorter sentences. For longer sentences they are sent to a prison. States typically have jails and state prisons. For federal crimes the prisoners are typically sent to a federal prison.
  7. 😮 I need to check this out. Those screenshots look amazing. I lost interest in super HD films a long time ago because I always felt like it gave the film a sort of “soap opera” look, for lack of a better description. This, on the other hand, looks amazing. My old man is a big movie buff (way more so than me) and a big fan of Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone, but for one reason or another he had never seen JFK, so I picked up a copy of JFK on Blu-ray and a copy of JFK Revisited for him for Christmas. Haven’t given him the gift yet since he’s out of state and constantly traveling, but I might pick up a 4k copy for him to switch out the Blu-ray. Whether you agree or not with the message, such a great film deserves to be watched in the best format.
  8. Definitely appears to be from the Wilkinson copy. Doug Horne discusses the Wilkinson copy of the Zapruder film in detail in this podcast, and makes his argument for alteration. I’m on the fence about Zapruder alteration, but Horne lays out a case for alteration that is pretty realistic compared to what others have proposed. The link also includes more snippets from the Wilkinson copy. https://castbox.fm/episode/MWN-Episode-107-–-Douglas-Horne-on-the-Zapruder-Film-Alteration-Debate-id1824370-id118549103
  9. It seems that they have never been released. I wonder where they are held, and at the same time I’m surprised that they’ve never been leaked, considering that Angleton, Hoover, and probably others had copies of the photos back in the sixties and seventies. According to this log (looks to be from the LAPD), all of the RFK photos involving his operation, post-operation, and autopsy are listed as restricted. Included in the restricted category is a set of over a hundred photos by the FBI because the set includes autopsy photos. Makes you wonder what else is in that set of photos 🤔 https://archives.cdn.sos.ca.gov/collections/rfk/appendix-f.pdf
  10. Yes, in The Ghost, Morley tells the story about how the RFK autopsy photos were found in a safe belonging to Angleton. Do the RFK autopsy photos exist in the public domain or have they never been released?
  11. Excellent synopsis. I need to watch this.
  12. Hmmm…so maybe family money/inheritance or someone/some entity was assisting him financially? Welfare 🤔. I deal with a lot of people on welfare/government assistance and they tend to live in government housing or some other type of housing that is not desirable. Does anyone know where he lived?
  13. Just curious, what did Lifton do for a living? He couldn’t have been living off the sales of Best Evidence since it’s been out of print for decades. The Wikipedia biography says he studied engineering but was laid off by UCLA in 1966. Nothing else is mentioned about employment other than his work as an author and researcher.
  14. Exactly. I work for a police department in a major city and the thought of not following up on every piece of evidence and every lead is unthinkable these days. You would be risking your job, if not criminal prosecution, if a LEO tried to cover up a crime. The accountability, oversight and scrutiny is almost too much to handle. I’ve seen officers from my own department get sentenced to prison time, with witnesses from the department testifying against the officer. Keep in mind, I believe this is a good thing when the officer has committed a criminal act. That said, there are multiple obituaries for “Raymond Lee Harvey” individuals and none of them fit the match for the subject involved in the 1979 incident. It is hard to imagine that the LAPD had these guys detained and did not do their due diligence and find their true identities before releasing them.
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