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  1. Don´t know about the consulate or embassy visits, but first: wasn´t his presence in MC simply conformed by the cleaning lady and the guys at the hotel reception desk. I think they had 3 or4 people in there confirming LHO was there, people that, on first sight(?) didn´t have strong propaganda or political motives. His presence in MC needs to be confirmed (or not) before anything else. Anyone knows about the hotel employees not being reliable as witnesess? If we can confirm he was there, a visit to the emb./consul. wouldn´t be too odd, but they would want to keep control on whatever that was spoken about there, deniability was their major concern, one fake call (an obviously faked one does the job), easy. From that call on, they could say LHO wasn´t there. Or he was there, but some things attributed to him were not said by him but by some imposter, etccccc. Just to be clear, IMO, LHO was being watched. I also think there were photo´s , but these could not be shown as they would limit the fabrication of any story they would/could need.
  2. Will check it out, I think he only attended WEHS like 1 month or so, should be a small file, his schools was one of the first things I started reading a little about (a few years ago that is)
  3. Thanks, any idea where it was found ? Beckley, Irving or in one of the wallets ?
  4. Thank you David and John. Indeed, It had nothing to do with the split bills, but I had in my folder because some time ago I was thinking the writing on the card looked liked some sort of instructions (but it wasn't). I still haven't found a better copy of that card, for some reason it's hard to find, unless I'm looking in the wrong places. I think I found this copy in the Weisberg Archive (among unrelated stuff I believe), but this was in the very beginning when I got interested in the JFK case)
  5. @David Josephs do you have some more info on this item ?
  6. below Oswald is says something like "holder (left)" or "folder (left)", It's written on the back of perhaps half a 1/2 library card ? or perhaps the Texas Local Board 1/2 card ? (last item of the John Armstrong list I'll attach from Armstrong/5 wallets folder at Baylor - but that does not contain this copy.... so I'm not 100% sure) To me in first it looked like an instruction for someone to fill in something perhaps... written on the back of that half "thing". Bottom looks like "money" but not sure. The writings could also be the init. of a detective for all I know I would think it is that 1/2 Texas Local Board card, but who has written on the back ? I don't know, was that backside blank ? No idea... Someone could have just written on it was the "(left)" side of that card, "Lee Oswald"'s name as the "holder" In the pictures I find I am unable to find a better copy of that specific 1/2 card for some reason My own notes are not very helpfull... Isomething like unID/JA?/ask DJ? That would be John Armstrong ? Ask David ? It was a copy from a file that was not related to it in now way, slipped in by accident perhaps, it should be in one of the other files as well but I still haven't found it there (unless it's indeed the Local Board card and the copy was put in another file.
  7. Will check tomorrow, I have another note somewhere where I got that from, I think I know but want to check
  8. I have these in my notes, but nothing to explain them, the first is likely not related to the second, or is it ? ------------------------------------
  9. IMO... : Oswald actually visited Mexico, and in doing so freaked out the ones trying to steer him (or frame him, if you like). Causing some urgent need to create deniability for whatever he planned doing there. They did know what problems they would have to solve, so they did : - camera surveillance wasn't working (easy living that one) - but if it was, they could show the wrong dude or the right guy... (I'm pretty sure Winston's memories were ok). - have someone call in terrible Russian - have a guy make up a story about receiving mucho dollars to kill JFK - ... No matter what, they could choose who to blame : Cuba, Russia, the extreme Right,, the Left, the LN, .... Intelligence is a switchboard
  10. I can only say the forum rules are the same for everybody (or they should be) I don't know if David has copied content to his website since he came back here, I don't think so. If one feels the need to apply the forum rules w/o exception it's going to be a busy year-end. If have seen content from this group being copied pretty much every where, entire topics and posts, or parts of... https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t2781-shake-a-speer-and-dooky-flies-out-of-every-orifice#42931 As long as nobody complains... I'd simply let it be...
  11. Was it ever established what flight got Oswald from London to Helsinki ? The WC did list an exact price for that (to the cent that is), but failed to provide details about that price (ticket / flight / ...) ? CM did list 2 possible flights both in time to check in at Torni's (about 5.30PM I believe it was)
  12. How would the job of your brother or sister affect you ? Importance ? If I was asked that question continuously, over and over again, I'd tell them to take a hike.
  13. I'm way off topic here, sorry, I have actually known a nurse at Lindsey Air Station in Germany in late 1980's, she transferred to Ramstein for some time and returned to the USA in the 1990's I think Sorry, my mind is taking me for a walk in time...
  14. Thanks, it probably was something like that, but one never knows I guess, I haven't seen any details on his expenses in Japan
  15. From a Frontline interview with Robert Oswald: "because of the clothes he purchased at the time" What was that about ? Did he buy like a winter-outfit before going to sunny CA ? I do not recall reading anything else about that. Couldn't it have to do with his 30 days leave he had when he had just gotten back from Japan ?
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