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  1. Bill, You're adding suspicion where there is none. You can assure me it means something when JD's brothers assure us it doesn't? Is it really suspicious that a poor someone born in rural Texas in 1924 could carry such a moniker? Nobody names anyone with a nickname? No one? Ever? “Edgar Lee and Lizzie Mae Tippit named their son JD, after a character in a book Edgar once read, JD of the Mountains. ‘The initials JD, despite some claims over the years, never stood for anything.’” Don Tippit, November 13, 1999
  2. Charlie, "I feel that Lee was both a Patsy and a Cop Killer... but not a Presidential assassin." Wow, we actually agree on this one. I also believe LHO shot and killed Tippit, but not JFK. BTW, JD Tippit's name wasn't "Jefferson Davis". JD was his real name, the initials not standing for anything. RJS
  3. http://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/...piracy_Believer
  4. Hi Terry, While this may be worthy of a separate thread, and really has nothing to do with the reviews, I note your "Lisa Pease's input", and what she said at Amazon: "The hard evidence that only two casings (not three) and one live round were found in the TSBD has not changed." Could someone please show me hard evidence that 2 empty casings were found on the 6th floor? Yes, there is dated documentation that evidence turned over to the FBI included 2 shell casings. There is also dated documentation the third was turned over to FBI SA Vince Drain a week later by Will Fritz, having resided in
  5. Tim and I have been forum compadres for several years, and although I've never met him face to face, I've not only considered him an investigative associate but a friend. I am completely shocked and saddened by this news. My best wishes Tim. RJS
  6. Seems to me the back wound as depicted is an inch or 2 too low. But in essence, yes, Humes stuck a finger into the wound at the autopsy. Also, according to several autopsy witnesses, including O'Connor, Sibert, O'Neill, and Jenkins, there was no perforation into the pleura. In other words, the bullet didn't traverse the body. A bruise on the back side on the uppermost lobe of the lung was more than likely caused by blunt force trauma, not by the bullet passing the lung and exiting the front. From O'Connor's interview by William Law in In the Eye of History: O’Connor: When we started an autop
  7. Al didn't think "Pakse Base Man" was the guy on the lamppost at Main and Houston, although we were in agreement that members of Team 5 from Laos, a secret shooting team often utilized by CIA, was involved. "Pakse Base Man" was a misnomer however, since that photo of him was taken at Long Tieng, Laos. I am still convinced that the guy on the lampost and the CIA "case officer" pictured at Long Tieng were one and the same. I was never able to put a name on him, although I tried for over 2 years. None of the Ravens I contacted would talk. IMO the head shot was fired from the South Knoll parking lo
  8. What a ridiculous post. I'd bet I could do a search for Steven Gaal and find a serial killer or other such lunatic of the same name. While I don't always agree with Charlie, I know him to be a vociferous CT, a believer in Z film alteration, and believes a coup took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963. This accusation should be referred to the moderating committee. RJS
  9. Mary Moorman Krahmer has decided it's time. Her famous original Polaroid photo will be auctioned. I saw the piece on MSNBC this morning where Mary said she was ready to sell the photo. Mary decided to sell the photo after the TSBD 6th floor window was auctioned. She said she can get a lot of money for it and "at my age, why not?" She wants to travel with the money she makes. The photo is currently in the possession of the Sixth Floor Museum, which has a copy on display. http://www.nbc5i.com/news/11641784/detail.html
  10. Interesting article from the LA Times on Hunt's sons: Watergate plotter may have a last tale Two of E. Howard Hunt's sons say he knew of rogue CIA agents' plan to kill President Kennedy in 1963. Los Angeles Times By Carol J. Williams Times Staff Writer March 20, 2007 EUREKA, CALIF. — Howard St. John Hunt remembers the night of the Watergate break-in as a bonding experience with his father. A sweating and disheveled E. Howard Hunt roused his 19-year-old son from a dead sleep to help him wipe fingerprints from the burglars' radios and pack the surveillance equipment into a suitcase. Then
  11. You're kidding right? No Richard. I am not kidding Richard. I am pointing out a FACT Richard. Ruling out some evidence is not the same as PROVING that one person did not commit a crime. Stating that FACT is not the same as giving an opinion, one way or the other, about what I believe in the case of Files. Stating that FACT is not the same as saying what I think of the individuals on either side of the issue. Just a straightforward statement of a FACT. How's this for FACT Myra...Files has been proven to be a xxxx again, and again, and again. By your reasoning, NO ONE is precluded
  12. Thanks for posting this Bernice. A fine piece of research, Allan may have driven in the last nail in Files' coffin. Yet another confirmation of Files' fraudulent claims. Thanks Allan, and well done. RJS
  13. Hi Francesca, I normally don't believe everything I read and hear simply because it adds to the conspiracy aspect. I'll check out things and dig as deeply as I can for corroboration. I was interested in Craig also, so did some digging a few years ago. I wanted to believe, but there were just too many discrepancies. I can't write it off as memory failure or misstatement. Craig contradicted himself so many times I found him to be totally unbelieveable. I hate making comments without sources, but several years ago I found or was told something pertaining to Craig's wife, who had indicated Roger
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