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  1. Hello all. It's been around 2 years since I posted on the forum, but, like Pacino says "Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in." Truman Capote is, supposedly, the only person to have met JFK, RFK, LHO, and Sirhan before the assassinations took place. I say allegedly (only in the case of Sirhan), because I recall hearing several years ago that Capote used to tell people about meeting both Sirhan and Manson at the Tate/Polanski house in California. The only online references I can find for this don't mention what books he may have written this in. In one interview he conducted with Bobby Beausoleil he mentions visiting Sirhan in prison, but nothing about meeting him at the Tate house. http://truthontatelabianca.com/threads/truman-capote-interviews-bobby-beausoleil.3551/ Does anyone have further info on this? Thanks in advance. John
  2. Apologies for not posting this sooner, but there will be several hours of the COPA conferences broadcast online over the course of this weekend. Last night both Cynthia McKinney and Walt Brown were live online. Cynthia's speech can be found here-http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10966614 The full online schedule is as follows and can be watched on the COPA website http://politicalassassinations.com/conferences/broadcast/ We hope to broadcast the commemoration live from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza. Schedule: ALL TIMES CST November 19, Friday 7:00 pm – COPA keynote speakers, Adolphus Hotel, 1332 Commerce Street Sam Houston Room, Mezzanine level 7:00 pm – John Judge, Introductory remarks (this could be livecast or not) 7:15 pm – Walt Brown, Author of People v. Lee Harvey Oswald and Master Chronology of JFK 8:30 pm – Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman who introduced MLK Records Act November 20, Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – George Allen Building, 600 Commerce at Houston, Jury Room 9:30 am – Peter Dale Scott, 11/22, 9/11 and War 10:30 am – William Pepper, Esq., Emerging New Evidence on the Political Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy 11:00 am – Doug Valentine, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Assassination of JFK 12:00 pm – Lunch break (near West End restaurants, shuttle available) 2:00 pm – Dr. G. Paul Chambers, PhD., Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK Assassination 2:30 pm – William Turner, Rear View Mirror – Hoover’s FBI and the Assassinations 3:00 pm –Dr Cyril Wecht, J.D., M.D., Forensic Science and the Assassination of President Kennedy 4:15 pm – Don Adams, Oswald Did Not Shoot the President; The Surfacing of Joseph Adams Milteer and 11 shots fired in Dallas 7:00 – 9:00 pm – Hotel Lawrence, 302 S. Houston, 2nd Floor Rear, Haynes Room 7:30 pm – Bill Simpich, Oswald in Mexico City November 21, Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Hotel Lawrence, 2nd Floor Rear, Haynes Room 11:00 am – Clayborne Carson, Ph.D., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 11:30 am – Mike Golden, Gerald Posner’s Descent (DVD or video play from internet, not live feed) November 22, Monday 12:30 pm – Moment of Silence, Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza, 47th anniversary (livecast to website if we can do it)
  3. Pat, Cliff, Can one of you start a new thread on the back wound discussion? I'm just trying to keep the thread on topic. Thanks guys, John
  4. Amazon has listed a book available for pre-order and due out in November of this year. It is called 'Assassination logic: How to think about claims of conspiracy' by John McAdams. I'm not sure if this has been posted on the forum before so I'll delete the topic if it has. Description: http://www.amazon.com/JFK-Assassination-Logic-Claims-Conspiracy/dp/1597974897/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280230758&sr=8-1 Publisher: Potomac books inc. Has also published ' Directors of Central Intelligence as Leaders of the U.S. Intelligence Community, 1946–2005', ' Fr. Francis Duffy, Wild Bill Donovan, and the Irish Fighting 69th in World War I', 'A farewell to justice', 'John F Kennedy- world leader' by Stephen G Rabe, 'Operation Overflight' by Gary Powers, 'Secrecy Wars' by Philip Melanson, and 'The forgotten terrorist' by Mel Ayton. Interesting collection.
  5. John, I don't think it's fair to say Mark had lunch with David Atlee Phillips. It was more of an adversial relationship with them in court during the DAP vs. Spotlight libel trial. Seldom does a libel trial go that far, and I belive, Phillips testified under oath with Mark questioning him. Now maybe if there's a trial for Posner, they can call other witnesses to testify, and we can have a real show and tell, like the Simpson trial. BK Nefarious was a poor choice of words. What kind of witnesses do you mean Bill? Ones that can affirm his professionalism I suppose. I take your logic over Posner's in this case..... or any case for that matter.
  6. So Mark has now represented Jim Jones and Gerald Posner and had lunch with David Atlee Phillips. Any other nefarious ties we should be aware of?
  7. Some of the suggestions given on the COPA facebook page Perhaps a law suit? I was thinking that a defamation or liable case, in the Tom Hanks situation. Although I'm nit very clear on American Laws. It would be great to see Tom Hanks or HBO to have to prove that there was no conspiracy beyond any reasonable doubt. Following something like that, if we could cause a big fuss, perhaps there would or could be an exhumation. Kicking up a fuss to have the rest of the files released... And a counter doco, just incase HBO can get their series made.... Convene grand juries by citizens petition in the cities with legal standing, Dallas, New Orleans, and Washington DC. Using the existing files and evidence, and any new evidence obtained by deposing witnesses and subpoenaing documents, argue before the grand juries for indictments and other judicial findings and determinations. Submit any resulting charges to the appropriate district attorneys for prosecution. The resolution to work for is a legal verdict of conspiracy submitted by a U.S. court in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Such a verdict will forever trump propaganda to the contrary, and free historians to work without fear of ridicule and worse. Achieve a new trial for Sirhan Sirhan, the wrongly convicted, alleged assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. The Government has shown over and over that it is incompetent in terms of invesigating itself. With another Congressional investigation, I wouldn't expect any better results than all the others before. The goal should be working for the complete and unconditional release of all the existing files on JFK/X/MLK/RFK. After 40-50 years have passed in ... A complete database of all resources collected in one place. A clean, easy to access website and possible books displaying every document scanned. All picture, audio, and video reference in one place. Everything, everything, everything. In a short time would be the only place to go to for the truth. This would be the natural extension after the ... Wow, I cannot believe someone FINALLY put it in CLEAR and EXACT LANGUAGE. Easy to understand and a place to start! Thank you Matt Payne. COPA Data Base...when will you have this up and running Sir? We need it before Cheney has Obama executed by the CIA and his 'Shadow Government' which isn't hiding anymore. They are out in the OPEM saying, F**k you... Anything here we should talk about?
  8. With the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination fast approaching I think it's worth taking stock of what exactly we, as a research community, are doing and what we're trying to achieve. We could call ourselves concerned citizens, well wishing skepticists, history enthusiasts, or a host of other titles, but we probably couldn't call ourselves organised. That is not to say that we haven't accomplished a lot since the assassination both in terms of published work and influencing public opinion with research, but lately we haven't had a goal or a plan of action. I feel that we must realise that time is running out for us to get an kind of closure in this case. Easy for me to say, but what exactly is closure in a case like this? To be honest, I don't know. We seem to have a hell of a lot of evidence but we can't ellicit any reaction from the deep political powers of the state. Perhaps we need to set ourselves a target for 2013. As I see it, we have a few options that could, in part, or on their own provide some kind of conclusion but not conviction for this crime and all subsequent actions committed in the name of the 'cover-up'. These options include -Pushing for full implementation of the JFK records act -Pushing, as Bill Kelly has suggested, for a grand jury to be convened -A new 'rosetta stone' book to blow everything out of the air (It could be contended that we've already had one or two of these books) -We've already had a few second hand stories of CIA confessions (Morales, Hunt, Phillips), maybe we're waiting for another one. This isn't really an option as it includes no activity. -Using the 50th anniversary to whip up a public debate on the assassination and to try to convince the majority of people that the evidence of conspiracy is overwhelming, thus winning the battle for minds. This would raise another question, is this closure? These are some of the options that I can see. I'm interested to hear others' opinions on what our course of action should be in the coming years. Are we trying to solve this in a legal sense or prove to average citizens that the official story is definitively debunked? What next?
  9. I read in the guardian that the same book has details of MI5 bugging 10 downing street during the Heath government and for a further 15 years after that. Why it would stop, I don't know. It was claimed that the bugs were never listened to or used as a source of information. Not the brightest explanation an 'intelligence' agency.
  10. Can anyone report back on how the conference went? I see Barry Keane is online now, perhaps he would be kind enough to give us the low down.
  11. Parralax View http://veehd.com/video/2383018_THE-PARALLA...rren-Beaty-Baby JFK http://stagevu.com/video/jejvkhwuqfvi 7 days in May (not strictly assassination, but a coup movie) Blow out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVjBiiN8JDU Executive action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VAOVhwLkEU
  12. If the film is ever to be made, 2013 is the best selling point they could hope for. I assume since Paxton is involved in the Hanks production, his seemingly conspiracy oriented project is off the table.
  13. I was clearing out my inbox and came across this reply from Gerry Hemming. I thought I'd share considering has sicne passed away. Good to hear from you John. I have never seen any documentation RE: Raul [originally and erroneously spelled "Raoul" in the French style] as being of "Portugee" ethnicity. I knew Raul under his true name of Robert Emmett Johnson. He was an assassin & facilitator both for the late dictators Somoza (1950s) and after his demise, went to work for "Generalissimo" Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. He was an ex-World War II "China Marine" attached to O.S.S. Detachment 202 aiding Chiang Kai Shek's Nationalists. During early 1980 I met with him and his wealthy Salvadorean clients at the Airport Inn near MIA. They were offering USD $200,000 for the assassination of Salvadorian Arch-Bishop Oscar Romero -- and quickly added a list of 27 other targets which included priests, labor leaders, and government officials. I declined, and explained that all of my operators had just finished up fighting the Farabundo Marti guerrillas after escaping from the war in Nicaragua during July 1979, where they were mecercenary combat team leaders. I further explained that at that time they were deeply involved in the lucrative drug smuggling trade, and a quarter milliom dollar$ was considered by them as "Chump-Change" ["small potatos"]; and moreover, they (as a team) routinely carried more cash than that in their boots while flying or operating the mother ships. Just before Robert died during 1992, he was working with the Croation resistence in the Balkans. [He died of throat cancer]. He did pen a few articles/books under a pen name for Trujillo, and later for Soldier of Fortune Magazine during 1975-'76. Cheerio, and I think it would be easier for you to write directly to me at: GPHemming@aol.com Gerry Patrick Hemming
  14. Kathleen, I was filming that portion and pput it on youtube. I turned off the camera because youtube allows only 10 minutes of film. There were possibly three others filming John Armstrong's talk, Joe Green, Randy Benson and Ralph Cole. Ralph definitely filmed it. The dvd should be available through COPA. If DPUK want to broadcast some of the conference I can send some technical advice. It's not difficult, all that is needed is a laptop, an internet connection and a camera. DPUK could broadcast just a few of the talks and possibly make others available afterwards. Best, John
  15. Surely this movie is coming 3 years too early. There must be a lot of documentation relating to Jackie's thoughts following the assassination yet to be released. This seems a bit premature, surely he should keep this under the carpet until a more developed record is revealed.
  16. Good suggestion. Noel Twyman has one similarly recently. Jack, would you send a suggestion to John about this?
  17. I share Pat's opinion on Jesse's tv show. While I find him to be interesting, frank and knowledgeable in interviews, his tv show is somewhat tabloid and lacking in some kind of gravitas. British an Irish viewers may recognise MTV's June Sarpong a one of his 'researchers'. With a good budget and serious production such a series could well be more interesting. Like all tv shows, this programme has a target audience, and it's not us. It's Jesse's way of drawing people in to thinking critically about certain topics. As with most tv shows, the surface can only be scratched. Television is a passive form of media, you generally don't remember anything unless it has a real impact. Having said that, I respect Jesse immensely and I would trust Dick Russell's work over most others.
  18. Good stuff Bill. I know you've wanted to do this for a while. I think John Judge said that the relevant committee was having hearings in October at some point too. I'd like to try to make that if my travel schedule suits. What do you think are the chances of full or at least part implementation of the JFK act and what form do you see the process taking? Anything further on the grand jury?
  19. I should add that it was a great pleasure to meet so many members of the forum. Members and past members present included, Kathy Beckett, Dawn Meredith, Pat Speer, Doug Caddy, Alan (from Australia. Sorry Alan, your surname escapes me at the moment!). There were a few others, but my mind isn't functioning properly at the moment due to all the travelling.
  20. I've been back home in a very jet lagged state for only a few hours now, but the trip was well worth the exertion. I'm glad the broadcasts in and out of the conference went off without a hitch (with the exception of T Carter on Sunday morning). We had 16 speakers in total, something that hasn't happened for quite a while. Myself and John Judge had discussed the possibility of doing a monthly podcast as well as having a live internet discussion with an author or researcher using the same technology. I must agree with Doug that Jim Douglass' talk was the best I've seen on any topic in quite a long time. It really drove home the importance and accessibility of his book to all. Hopefully we'll have similar success next year and I hope to be there again. I'll probably stay a few extra days so that I'm not on my laptop all the time. Over 100 people attended the conference over the weekend, 170 watched it online and the two youtube videos of Armstrong and Baker have 237 and 195 views in 2 days respectively. All in all, it was very successful for COPA. I'll also be uploading John Judge's speech from the knoll which, while only mentioning the assassination at the start, gives a good explanation of the assassination in the context of the national security state and 'what America is'. It was my pleasure to help out on the conference, I hope to do it again and to assist in getting the best research out to a wider audience.
  21. Walt didn't click record when he broadcast, but we will have him on the dvd version. Here is Jim Douglass' talk, http://vimeo.com/7768119 . It really was the highlight of the weekend and one of the best lectures I've ever attended. We intend to have a better version online soon.
  22. Walt Brown is on now. He's talking about Oswald and the Russian language and other topics.
  23. Videos thus far Cyril Wecht http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2609303 Doug Valentine http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2611498 Russ Baker John Armstrong to come very soon.
  24. Cyril Wecht's talk has been archived. The stream appears to be working fine, so it may be something on your line Peter. We'll be getting a good version of Jim Douglass' talk up soon.
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