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  1. John et. al.: Many thanks for your service to this cause, now and in the past. I'm sure that the thousands of us -- all who have tried in so many ways, for so many decades, to impress the importance of these matters on members of Congress, the media and the general public -- are hoping the best for this effort. I will be especially interested in learning the extent and quality of public discussion that follows in the wake of your announcement. Again, thanks. And good luck to all of us.
  2. Long time since I've visited...happy to see this discussion underway. A bullet lodged behind the President's ear, eh? Hmmm. Wondering if anybody's found any reference to Jeff Morley's and Jim Lesar's long-sought records relating to George Joannides. I'd think they ought to show up somewhere in these dumps. If not, Mr. J. must have been really something... Thanks, everybody, for helping me get up to date.
  3. somebody who obviously has zero knowledge of the JFK assassination apparently was on the desk when this pictureof Jackie, JFK, John & Nellie Connolly was posted as part of UPI's 48th anniversary report. How can there ever be an intelligent discussion of what may or may not have happened on that day when history continues to be twisted, twisted, twisted by the years and supposed keepers of the historical record?
  4. Raymond: You are no doubt correct. However, I do believe that something needs to be done to bring an end to the sloppy, and even government-biased journalism that too often pops up in self-styled "newspapers of record" when they purport to revisit facts of the Kennedy assassination. I certainly do not want Public Editor Hoyt to believe that it is only Raymond Carroll who takes issue with such displays of journalistic irresponsibility. Although a flurry may be overkill, a few complaints may be of benefit in the long run.
  5. Thanks, Raymond, for your response. I've added my support to your request with the following email to Clark Hoyt at the Times, whose address, btw, is public@nytimes.com. I'm sure a few more letters to Hoyt from members of this forum wouldn't hurt. --rec Mr. Hoyt: I add my support to the request of J. Raymond Carroll for a correction in the New York Times obituary of Dr. Malcolm Perry, relating to Perry's comments regarding the throat wound of President John Kennedy. Mr. Carroll's request is based on solid fact, and to allow the Times's report to stand without correction is a disservice to
  6. "They're going to get us all. It's a plot. It's a plot. It's going to get us all.'" According to the General, Johnson "was hysterical, sitting down on the john there alone in this thing." I'd nominate this excerpt as being one of the more important revelations of Gillon's book. Here we have LBJ, only minutes after the crime has been committed, so certain that it was a plot -- dare we say "conspiracy"? -- that he's holed up (so to speak) in the most private, secure place of the most secure airplane in the world, driven to tears by his fears. Shouldn't historians, like Mr. Gillon, for instance
  7. I beg your pardon. My attempted sarcasm regarding Posner's comment has apparently gone awry. Perhaps I should have added a smiley face, or written "Posner agrees with you" instead. I find it exceedingly ironic that the individual who so hampered the cause of legitimate JFK assassination research with his "Case Closed" proclamation now sides with us in our distrust of the C.I.A. and other government agencies. Rest assured, Mark, that should "CIA" come up in a word-association game, the word "integrity" would not pop into my mind.
  8. Well, Mark, you agree with Posner, my favorite government apologist, who is quoted at the conclusion of the current Times story: “Most conspiracy theorists don’t understand this... But if there really were a C.I.A. plot, no documents would exist.” I'm not sure how Posner actually knows this, but he certainly sounds authoritative, doesn't he?
  9. A coup for Jeff Morley and Jim Lesar, who have been pounding on this case for years. It should not go unnoticed, however, that the New York Times and other supposed watchdogs of the American democracy should have reported this story FIVE years ago. It should also be noted that the first two words of the second paragraph of the Times' story, assuring us that the CIA "probably not" is covering up "some dark secret" about the JFK assassination, are not supported in any way in the subsequent story. In other words, the Gray Lady has admitted, finally, that there is a very serious question about
  10. I didn't see CBS, but ABC and NBC both made quick passing references to it on last night's broadcasts. On MSNBC's "Countdown," guest host Lawrence O'Donnell totally missed the point, saying Khadafi "proceeded to attack the USA for ...the JFK assassination." Not true, according to the Christian Science Monitor (http://features.csmonitor.com/politics/2009/09/23/qaddafi-un-speech-six-highlights-or-lowlights/), which reported: “Why did this Israeli kill the killer of Jack Kennedy?” Qaddafi asked, after noting that Jack Ruby, “an Israeli,” killed Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. “The wh
  11. According to AFP (found on a site called "The Raw Story" -- http://bit.ly/19N3Dn), there isn't much agreement: GADDAFI? QADDAFI? KADHAFY? Gaddafi's appearance at the UN has stirred a long-running debate in the corridors of America's newsrooms: How do you spell the man's name? "Library of Congress recognizes 112 different spellings of the name of the Libyan leader," ABC's Jake Tapper Tweeted Wednesday. "ABC News just ruled: Moammar Gadhafi." That spelling agrees with the Associated Press spelling, but differs from the New York Times and Bloomberg news service -- "Qaddafi" -- and AFP, which
  12. I haven't been listening to the entire speech, but I just heard Khaddafi, in the midst of his lengthy State-of-the-World tirade at the UN, refer to assassination of JFK. Seems he revisited the allegation that Israel, concerned that JFK was mucking about the issue of Israel's development of nuclear weapons, had a hand in the assassination, and also in the killing of Oswald by Ruby. Whether he was claiming any new knowledge, I couldn't tell. Perhaps somebody can get a quickie transcript of that section of his remarks. It will be interesting to see if America's mainstream media pays any attenti
  13. From the Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram: By ANDREW CHAVEZ Special to the Star-Telegram DENTON — Alvin Preston McGraw was a master news reporter of the mid-20th century who loved to find an unusual tale to tell. But his personal involvement in one of the biggest stories in North Texas history will be an "aha!" moment for many of today’s readers: In November 1963, Mr. McGraw, already a veteran reporter for Unit- ed Press International, was one of the reporters who was drafted to be a pallbearer for JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Mr. McGraw died May 26 at a Denton nursing home of kidney fa
  14. The Magic Bullet's path is another question that might be raised when this thing airs. In one of the clips shown by NBC of this reportedly "exact" re-creation of the limo and where its occupants were seated, it appeared to be clear that JFK was seated much closer to the center of the vehicle than was Connally, and that the imaginary line from the 6th Floor window to Connally's rib cage was anything but straight. I could be wrong because of my brief exposure to the clip, but that's the way it appeared. -REC
  15. For the record, NBC Nightly News tonight plugged the planned Discovery Channel airing, with reporter Pete Williams describing new set of tests that chose four locations from which JFK could have been shot. Two of them were ruled out because the shot would have been impossible given the location of the limousine, the other two being the Grassy Knoll and the Depository building. The conclusion, said Williams, was that the shot had to come from the Depository. I think he said they based the conclusion on the nature of the wounds suffered by JFK. No further explanation or detail was offered. I was
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