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  1. Hello there, Hopefully my new website - The History Student Online - might also be a useful history resource, both for students and teachers alike. It is more aimed at University-level historians, but sixth-form students should be quite at home as well. The site publishes its own Journal, made up of submissions from users themselves, and also has a whole host of other History resources - links, downloads, quizzes, etc for everybody to make use of. I'm also really trying to jump-start the Discussion Forums, as I believe these can become one of the most useful aspects of the site. They're mor
  2. Hello there, I'm Chris Turner, currently an MA student at University College London and (hopeful) PhD applicant to Yale University in the United States. I am also the webmaster of The History Student Online (http://www.historystudent.com), which aims to publish its own online journal every quarter and provide a base for constructive historical discussion. Notable essays of mine that have appeared in a couple of departmental publications (mostly when I was at the University of Sheffield) include: Representations of the Maritime Nation 1600 - 1900 Creole Nationalism in the 18th Century Carib
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