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  1. Chris, Ive been having one hell of a time trying to log in, I think something is wrong on my end.. What can I help with? It looks like you are doing a great job without me.
  2. Ive also thought that this man (with hat on) looks alot like the man standing next to the Rip Robertson look alike..
  3. Does anyone know if there were any cleaning patches, bore brushes, cleaning rods, solvents, gun oil, extra ammo etc found that belonged to Oswald?
  4. I remember hearing that Hall's son was facing major drug charges (meth) right before his father passed away.
  5. Excellent work James, I also believe the same as you. Didnt Hemming in the movie JFK place a black man in one of the sniper nests?
  6. Mark, By any chance do you have a still frame of the older man in this same video who I believe if my memory is correct ,is behind these men and wearing sunglasses, he walks out of the building with them?? When I first saw this video the man looked like John Martino..
  7. Very Very interesting gents, ive never been able to go against the south knoll location, as some of you have seen in previous posts I have made. I have never been to DP, But when I see these pictures of the south knoll, it makes it even easier to say the south knoll is PRIME. I never knew how the rail road is sloped upward from the parking lot, shooters look for a sense of security, and the south knoll gives alot of that, lots of places to hide. As for brass catchers, if one is using a bolt action, one can easily police there brass after ejection, in a semi auto, with a spotter on location, both spotter and shooter basically know where that rifles brass will be thrown, for instance, all three of my M1 Garands throw brass at 2-3 oclock location, in dirt there will be a nice, not so spread out pile of brass. If this location was used, and they did a "shoot and scoot" there could be brass still up there. Was thise area ever searched after? Tosh is correct about a brass catcher/ bag. The only problem I have had, and its a big one, is if the bag isnt just right, you can have empties bounce back into the reciever and get a jam that would ruin any chance of another shot.
  8. This is very interesting James, if this is true, it looks like maybe he faked his own disappearance, then one must ask why?
  9. Within a few weeks, "the gringo from Ohio" was leading rebel bands in ferocious attacks against Batista's troops and was quickly promoted to the rank of major in the National Second Front of the Escambray. Fidel Castro praised Morgan at the time and said that he was "the kind of American that Cuba needs." ... Gen. Fabian Escalante, former head of Cuban State Security and today an adviser to Castro, claims that he has a thick intelligence dossier on Morgan that firmly establishes he was a CIA agent under the control of the agency's former Western Hemisphere Division chief, Col. Joseph Caldwell King. However, Escalante says, Morgan's cover legend of being a chronic disciplinary problem for the Army and perennial outsider was too close to reality, and Col. King and CIA personnel operating out of the embassy in Havana were unable to control him. Writes Escalante "Morgan was undisciplined and reported little, greatly displeasing the CIA station, which complained about him constantly." The CIA's displeasure soon prompted the agency to dispatch another agent to Cuba who could watch over the unpredictable American. That agent, operating under the alias John Maples Spiritto, was a former "special employee" of the Federal Narcotics Bureau. In the early 1950s, Spiritto also had been employed in Manhattan as part of the CIA's top-secret Artichoke Project. William Morgan: Patriot or traitor? by H.P. Albarelli Jr., April 21, 2002 Also... http://www.terrorfileonline.org/en/index.p...Maples_Spiritto
  10. Quote..Ryan First : Antelop Valley National Forest is located in Southeast California, part of the Mojave desert. End Quote. Thanks Bill, The only surrounding National forest's I believe is Angeles National forest and San Gabriel National Forest and Los Padres, I live about 40 minutes from Antelope Valley, and was making sure it was the same location, not a national forest.
  11. Wim, Where is this Antelope Valley National Forest located?
  12. 7, That she knows lee owns the Carcano, and has for months before the assassination, thus giving him time to practice. For years now ive been asking this question and so has Al Carrier, where in the hell are his cleaning supplies? where is his extra ammo? Oswald is suppose to own two guns, yet no extra ammo around, no cleaning swabs, solvents, bore brushes, cleaning rods. A Marine with a dirty rifle makes about as much sense as Oswald pulling the trigger.
  13. I agree Pat, I wonder what paper he thinks this will be published in...
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