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  1. Chris, Ive been having one hell of a time trying to log in, I think something is wrong on my end.. What can I help with? It looks like you are doing a great job without me.
  2. Ive also thought that this man (with hat on) looks alot like the man standing next to the Rip Robertson look alike..
  3. Does anyone know if there were any cleaning patches, bore brushes, cleaning rods, solvents, gun oil, extra ammo etc found that belonged to Oswald?
  4. I remember hearing that Hall's son was facing major drug charges (meth) right before his father passed away.
  5. Excellent work James, I also believe the same as you. Didnt Hemming in the movie JFK place a black man in one of the sniper nests?
  6. Mark, By any chance do you have a still frame of the older man in this same video who I believe if my memory is correct ,is behind these men and wearing sunglasses, he walks out of the building with them?? When I first saw this video the man looked like John Martino..
  7. Very Very interesting gents, ive never been able to go against the south knoll location, as some of you have seen in previous posts I have made. I have never been to DP, But when I see these pictures of the south knoll, it makes it even easier to say the south knoll is PRIME. I never knew how the rail road is sloped upward from the parking lot, shooters look for a sense of security, and the south knoll gives alot of that, lots of places to hide. As for brass catchers, if one is using a bolt action, one can easily police there brass after ejection, in a semi auto, with a spotter on location, both spotter and shooter basically know where that rifles brass will be thrown, for instance, all three of my M1 Garands throw brass at 2-3 oclock location, in dirt there will be a nice, not so spread out pile of brass. If this location was used, and they did a "shoot and scoot" there could be brass still up there. Was thise area ever searched after? Tosh is correct about a brass catcher/ bag. The only problem I have had, and its a big one, is if the bag isnt just right, you can have empties bounce back into the reciever and get a jam that would ruin any chance of another shot.
  8. This is very interesting James, if this is true, it looks like maybe he faked his own disappearance, then one must ask why?
  9. Within a few weeks, "the gringo from Ohio" was leading rebel bands in ferocious attacks against Batista's troops and was quickly promoted to the rank of major in the National Second Front of the Escambray. Fidel Castro praised Morgan at the time and said that he was "the kind of American that Cuba needs." ... Gen. Fabian Escalante, former head of Cuban State Security and today an adviser to Castro, claims that he has a thick intelligence dossier on Morgan that firmly establishes he was a CIA agent under the control of the agency's former Western Hemisphere Division chief, Col. Joseph Caldwell King. However, Escalante says, Morgan's cover legend of being a chronic disciplinary problem for the Army and perennial outsider was too close to reality, and Col. King and CIA personnel operating out of the embassy in Havana were unable to control him. Writes Escalante "Morgan was undisciplined and reported little, greatly displeasing the CIA station, which complained about him constantly." The CIA's displeasure soon prompted the agency to dispatch another agent to Cuba who could watch over the unpredictable American. That agent, operating under the alias John Maples Spiritto, was a former "special employee" of the Federal Narcotics Bureau. In the early 1950s, Spiritto also had been employed in Manhattan as part of the CIA's top-secret Artichoke Project. William Morgan: Patriot or traitor? by H.P. Albarelli Jr., April 21, 2002 Also... http://www.terrorfileonline.org/en/index.p...Maples_Spiritto
  10. Quote..Ryan First : Antelop Valley National Forest is located in Southeast California, part of the Mojave desert. End Quote. Thanks Bill, The only surrounding National forest's I believe is Angeles National forest and San Gabriel National Forest and Los Padres, I live about 40 minutes from Antelope Valley, and was making sure it was the same location, not a national forest.
  11. Wim, Where is this Antelope Valley National Forest located?
  12. 7, That she knows lee owns the Carcano, and has for months before the assassination, thus giving him time to practice. For years now ive been asking this question and so has Al Carrier, where in the hell are his cleaning supplies? where is his extra ammo? Oswald is suppose to own two guns, yet no extra ammo around, no cleaning swabs, solvents, bore brushes, cleaning rods. A Marine with a dirty rifle makes about as much sense as Oswald pulling the trigger.
  13. I agree Pat, I wonder what paper he thinks this will be published in...
  14. Nice picture, This was a staged event in the Golden Eagle photo, with much more technology then old Z had in his hands, was it not? .50 cal, well see you are looking at a movie, a clip, a picture, and more likely looking at it with its case, ever seen one before loading in person? dont answer that, we both no the answer, its NO. and since you dont think its a .50 cal size, what size Cal. is it? Its nothing, as its not a bullet.... Again, search under my name, I gave a full description on how silencers work, I believe this was a year or so ago, I believe Mr Simkins asked me to post it if I recall correctly. You can never "expect" a bullet to do what you want it to,Like staying inside the presidents head. Ever read on how lots of HP rounds fail to expand? why they fail to stay inside there intended target? yet people still load them for self defense, in "hopes" they will get the job done, dumping there kinetic energy inside there target, expanding and causing larger wound channels, and staying inside there target so others will not be struck.............Everything looks great on paper, but this isnt always the case. Shooting a watermelon LOL, wont touch that one, do you realize how fragile a humans head is?Ever fired rounds into ballistic gelatin? oh whoops nope, nevermind you havent even fired a gun, still dont know why folks waste great watermelon like that LOL. Yes cartlidge, the ear, im thinking they didnt want to remove his ear wax LOL, with a statement like that, Dang I wonder what would have happend if they shot right threw his ear drum, not hitting any skull and right out through his other ear, uh oh, I wonder if they thought about that scenerio LOL. Shooting is not something you read about,watch a movie, go to the range, and presto, you know how to hit man sized targets at 1000 yards, moving targets etc, if that was the case, Oswald was the assassin, and only needed one shot...hmmmm doesnt sound right does it? LOL A bullet drops due to gravitational pull.......Go to the range and do it, dont read about it. Just so you know, there was another lady here that posted how she had seen a bullet in the z-film, wonder where she is hmmmmmm lol. So do you think they used a semi or automatic type weapon with a low powder charge with a silencer for this assassination for quick follow up shots? How fast are you saying this "supposed" round is traveling in the z-film? Also what happens if they miss with these low powder charged rounds? since we do have eye witnesses that seen misses, and have Tague being struck in the face. Hmmm guess there was no need for those super duper low powder charged rounds as they all didnt stay inside the presidents body, so what was the point in using them again? In 1963 the color of choice was copper LOL Quote From shooter's point of view was a bloodbath not "desired", otherwise a coupple machineguns (DeGaulle), or handgranade's (bomb, 1914). Would be easier. Uhhhhhhhhh have you watched the Z-Film? Looks like like a nasty head explosion, whooops so much for the "low powder charged stay in your head round".
  15. Also, as for music, never heard of Golden eagle, im more of a Waylon Jennings fan, Johhny Cash, Willie Nelson.
  16. Marteen, Is someone feeding you this bogus info on a bullet that is silenced will not move fast enough to exit JFK's head and make Jackie's face a disaster with blood, brain etc? ever see what a humans head looks like after being struck by a 12 gauge slug SOLID LEAD moving at under 1600 fps? How about a .45LC thats moving at 810 fps in solid lead? guess what, a .45LC would have blown right threw JFK's head, and this is a small caliber compared to a large caliber rifle round, your picture that you "think" is a bullet, would equal out to a .50 BMG/CAL OVER 600 GRAINS lol. Air Resisitance you say, was there a katrina blowing through Dallas that day lol? your talking shots under 100 yards.... You really need to study ballistics, Firearms before making these claims, as they are all wrong, as for lead vs copper LMAO, Well no there could have been a solid piece of lead, firing from a musket, maybe it was Davy Crockett firing behind the picket fence LOL.. Am I a sniper?, I dont think this questions has to do with anything related to what we are talking about, but I will answer your question the best I can, I have trained under former Marine Corps Snipers, I have trained under LAPD SWAT snipers, I have competed in numerous 600- 1000 yard matches and have won my share. I teach Long range rifle shooting, and CQB in handgun, shotgun, and rifle. I also teach private self defense with the same weapons above. And ive done other things, that dont need to be brought out as it has nothing to do with JFK assassination or me helping the good folks here that want to learn about firearms and ballistics, folks here know me and have asked me many questions over the years, I do my best to help. And as a hobby, ive studied rifles, handguns, weapons in general that date from WW2 to current for the past 15-20 years. Do a search under my name, you will see what I know, and dont know. How about you? please tell your range exp, your studies, your training, that give you the support to say these things? If you do a search, notice I dont post in "photo evidence" why? cause I dont know a damn thing about photography etc, I cannot see half of the things these folks see, and will not hesitate to tell these people that I admire them for looking into this stuff in great detail, cause all I see is a blob. I have 12 students to teach today, like every Sunday, 4 getting ready for the next Camp Perry shoot and other comps, the others are from the Border patrol SRT team, that contacted me to help "hone" there skills. Well like the Gunny always told me, time to get into my bubble...
  17. As far as the bullet, I dont believe thats what that is, first the color is off, these look like some kind of defect in the film, look at the same towards the top of the presidents head and you can see the same but not as bright. Lets say that is a bullet, at that angle and that large of caliber, Jackie's face would have been a mess, with skull, brains, blood etc. That ear photo is interesting, but it could be dried blood as you can see in his ear canal and around the inside of the ear. What frame did this come from on the Z-Film? Good eye Marteen, most likely is nothing, but good observation on your part...
  18. A bullet can be seen in the Z-Film? please show me this.......
  19. Hi Lee, We will call it down range, when standing down range from rounds being fired, and rounds are being fired at you, or are in the same close area, you will hear a whizzing sound, hard to explain, and believe me you dont want to know lol. The shooter will always hear the shot as being LESS louder then his target, or anyone who is in the near by vicinity due to the fact that the shooter is ready for it , needless to say, without a silencer, its going to be loud and scare the crap out of someone due to the fact they are not ready for it. Now for a silenced weapon, there isnt much to hear, the shooter and anyone standing to his side or behind will hear the slight thump, here is a .45 supressed, the target will hear the whizzing sounds, the one and only good thing about hearing the whizzing sound is, your not dead.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6AFd_ojS7o the whizzing sound is much different, the shooter does not hear this, nor will anyone standing behind him or to his side, as its the bullet passing threw the air is what makes this whizzing sound, silencers work pretty much like a muffler. The results are like a thump, rather then a boom or sharp bang, the suppreser makes the gas expand slowly in the barrel before the gas exits the barrel... When a bullet comes to that "speed of sound" velocity, it will make a "crack" noise, a tiny sonic boom...When one is down range at a good distance, you will hear the bullet before you hear the actual blast from the muzzle.... I hope this answers your question Lee..
  20. I will say this for all to understand, and make it simple.. Have not really studied or read much of Arnolds story, but let me say this, a bullet whizzing by your head silenced, is not something where you just stand there and not react, its a scary ass thing to have a bullet whizzing by your head, and yes even silenced you will still hear a bullet going by your head.....ask anyone who has been shot at and missed if they ever forget the sound a bullet makes when "whizzing on by"..especially if not being ready for it, its enough to make one touch cotton if ya know what I mean LOL... I posted a full description on silencers and how they work some time ago if one wants to search for it here.
  21. This man seems to have more hair then Ruby, also notice the man in question has a part in his hair, combs it to the side where is Ruby looks to have combed his hair "slick" back..JMHO...
  22. Looked at photo's of boy scout and cub scout uniforms etc, these colors resemble "cub scout" colors of blue and gold/yellow. I haven't found any pictures of jackets that look like this kids jacket though, as most photo's are recent.
  23. Im a Republican, and do not let my political beliefs get involved in my research into the assassination, yes as most of you who know me, know that I believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. Now no need to throw tomatoes LOL, I think most of us are here to find the truth, and I do my best to help when I can with ballistics, weapons etc.
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