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  1. “Again, our ultimate conclusion was that in the United States, more often than not, the better explanation for government action is not hob nailed boots, but Keystone Cops. It's incredible how our bureaucracy simply responds in a mindless way without any regard to the historical significance of what they have.” Keystone Cops, indeed. This is the highest echelon of our intelligence community. The perception that they are bunglers and half-wits allows them to deep-six a multitude of issues and circumstances without ever having to explain or address their relevance or importance. It's absurd that they would initiate such a defense - and even more absurd that we would ever believe them.
  2. Many "official records" put the height of LHO at 5'11". Actually, "official records" of Oswald's height were all over the map.
  3. The last part of your question was answered in your post when you stated that the head of Oswald wasn't looking right in the clip overlays I presented. I recall that the clip I did showed how one Backyard picture was obviously taken somewhat closer to the subject than the other for the body had grown in size considerably, while the heads between the two photos remained the same size. I have also examined and compared these two pictures. Your explanation doesn't make any sense. The body's are closer in size than the heads - the heads are what are in drastic divergence. By tilting CE 133A 3 degrees the angle of the stairway support posts can be made to be very similar in angle - and the pictures can be resized so that the posts can be made very similar in length. By making the posts basically the same length and angle in both photos - the camera is artificially placed in approximately the same location. The difference in the position of the heel of Oswald's boot closest to the post in both photos is not significant enough to cause the huge discrepancies in the portrayal of Oswald's overall shape and form. Considering that CE 133C didn't make it's real appearance until the mid-seventies - it doesn't take a genius to see that these images are completely contrived - and that CE 133C was intended to correct certain mistakes made in the originals regarding Oswald's overall size and height.
  4. No one knew anything with certainty at that point. The nation and the world was in a complete state of shock. Oswald had only been shot to death by Jack Ruby the morning before that memo was issued. For some bureaucrat to make a statement that he knew precisely what the circumstances of the assassination were and who was at fault and how exactly it should be foisted upon the public's conciousness is absurd. This is one of the most glaring examples of what was really going on and a complete indictment of not only our government at the time but any government which scrambles to obfuscate and cover-up these types of violent overthrows.
  5. I had not previously seen where Bill Miller had stated that he believed that a shot had been fired into John Kennedy from the grassy knoll. I know that he has said that Jack White's early work with the backyard photos had some validity and credence with which he could agree. I also remember a .gif Bill had created years ago showing the ridiculous discrepancy between the size of the Oswald head in CE 133A and CE 133C. Agreeing that the pictures of Oswald underwent any sort of tampering, adjustment or enhancement equates, to me, with an agreement that the images were not quite ready for "prime time"- and lends support to Oswald's claim that the pictures were fraudulent and that his head had been pasted atop another man's body. I wish Bill would state exactly what he believes about the possibility of multiple assassins - and the possible framing of Oswald - because I am often confused by the positions he takes as to what his real beliefs are. I'd particularly like to know what it was that he found correct about Jack White's analysis of the backyard pictures.
  6. Here is the photo you were mentioning, Brian. The man standing at the far left seems to me to be GHWB. The pose he has adopted is classic "Bush". The man has very large feet, as does GHWB. I think the dark rectangular shadow from the spaces in the brick-work in front of the man's hair and forehead make his hair appear longer in the front. Could someone please identify the Dallas policeman to the right of the picture of E. Howard Hunt? I know there are some experts who have focused on the Dallas police force and it's membership - who was on duty and what they did, etc. I would like to know the identity of this man -he looks to me to be a "dead ringer" for Hunt - who loved to wear disguises in his clandestine operations. If this was indeed Hunt - and, Hunt was also the "old tramp" - he would have been led from the train precisely to the location of his next "costume" - the police station. Also, the short man over the policeman's right shoulder looks to me as though it could easily be David Ferrie - although, if it was him - his presence there would not square with Ferrie's given testimony about when and where and why he left for Texas during that assassination weekend - of course, it seems someone wouldbe hard-pressed to square much with that testimony. In the photos of Bush at the bottom which I've provided to show his characteristics - I find it interesting that he was meeting with Eisenhower in 1964. I was under the impression that he was pretty much "small potatoes" in 1964.
  7. Unfortunately, these spineless "sell-outs" do represent our nation. The Bushes are puppies on the laps of the elitists. Nixon was a puppy on the lap of the Bushes. Ford was a puppy on the lap of Nixon. At best, Ford was a 3rd rate puppy. But, they do control the national face we present to the world. We complain... we protest... we say that it isn't our idea or that we wouldn't have done things that way... but the ideas go forward and things ARE done that way... the overall strategy continues on... to the detriment of honest, hard-working earthlings who only want to put in their time and be reciprocated in a fair manner. Fairness is the issue and fairness is what has been crushed and decimated and assassinated over the last decades. Someone has determined that the worth and value of common workers needs to be ratcheted downward dramatically in preparation for a new world strategy - and that is what is happening. At the same time, the world's wealth gravitates into the possession or fewer and fewer individuals - with "tokens" of the lower and middle class awarded astronomical monetary reward for quizzical contributions in order to keep the masses in a dream-state... hoping for things they will never attain.
  8. "... experts... text-perts... choking smokers... don't you think the Joker laughs at you?" John (Dr. Winston O' Boogie) Lennon 10/09/40 - 12/08/80
  9. It's astounding that such a circumstance could even exist in the continuously heralded "greatest country in the world" - that the national upset over the mind-boggling ineptitude concerning the prosecution of this bloody mess over the last few years - and the culmination of that repulsiveness which was made plain in the recent election and formed into a demand by citizens for a cessation of the madness - could all possibly be overturned and negated by the governor of South Dakota? We have allowed too much pure crap to be written into our laws. If the state elected a Democrat to represent them - he should be replaced by a Democrat. He's a governor - not "Lord of All He Surveys". To allow a situation where one man from a small state can repudiate the expressed will of the entire nation over a technicality is completely ludicrous - it's not sane.
  10. Jack, Last night, after posting the images - they would not display properly for me. They were displayed at 53% of their size and would not "click to enlarge". Today it seems to work properly. Your situation seems more severe. Steve Thomas had great advice to give about having no photo option below the empty text box when posting - reload the page and the option should appear.
  11. My pictures were important. Under the new format, after being successfully posted, they have been immediately reduced to a size which makes them worthless for viewing. Reloading causes them to very briefly return to their original size - but they instantly return to an unintended and unintelligible state - 53% of their original size. The option to "Click and Enlarge" does not work - no matter how many times I reload the page. I have even tried logging off, restarting my computer and returning to the forum. Here on the next morning, the pictures are displayed differently - perhaps at 80% - still affecting the font clarity - but the images can be clicked upon and brought to 100%.
  12. QUOTE(Mark Valenti @ Dec 7 2006, 09:58 PM) * The "reply" page suddenly looks different - are we operating under a new software system? I can't find a way to post a photo. Thanks. Try hitting your reload button. When I first tried to post on a new topic, the option for uploading a photo wasn't there, but when I hit my reload button, it was. Steve Thomas I had no option to post photos in the new format. This advice was "pure gold" to me. It worked immediately. Thanks, Steve.
  13. Thanks, Cliff. There seem to be some powerful divergencies and incompatibilities contained within these photos - all of which relate to Z-161 and the Croft photo and the overall angle of the "Magic Bullet" shot.
  14. "The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down." It seems as though it would also record whatever conversations are being had in your home.
  15. Which Z-frame is it that corresponds to the Croft photo? Thanks.
  16. Steve - She said that she was parked behind the TSBD - and saw a man who was built similarly to Oswald come running from the back of the building carrying a high-powered rifle with a telescopic sight. I believe she said it was a "buff-colored" Plymouth that he got into - which had been there waiting. It was being driven by a husky, darker-complected man who had bushy eyebrows and a hat - and had given her an unfriendly, disapproving stare. She said that prior to the man with the rifle exiting the building, a policeman (whom she thought may have been Tippit) had apparently approached the driver of the Plymouth - and had indicated that he should move his car. The driver did not respond immediately and the car continued to sit there for awhile longer. The host of the show asked if she would be willing to take a lie detector test, to which she agreed - and they were going to arrange for that to happen.
  17. "In the first hour, Paul Groody, the mortician in charge of Lee Harvey Oswald's burial, and the exhumation of his body in 1981, presented details about a possible second 'Oswald.' In November 1963, he said he removed the top of Oswald's skull as part of the postmortem procedure-- yet the exhumed body's skull showed no markings or damage. View material we received from Groody." Groody also said that when the body was originally buried in 1963, the casket was closed and contained in a hermetically sealed vault. But, in 1981, when the body was exhumed - both the casket and vault had had their lids tampered with and were slightly ajar - allowing water and moisture to enter both. When opened in 1981, he said that the head appeared to be in a more advanced state of deterioration than the rest of the body - and that the doctor at Baylor - who removed the head for photos and x-rays - said that it would merely be a matter of some "minor clipping". Groody said that he had attended many autopsies and had never seen a head seperated from a body through "minor clipping". He said when the casket lid was removed in 1981 - the head looked like a skull one might see in a doctor's office - and called it a "Halloween skull". Photos supposedly from the 1981 autopsy can be found on the internet - but they do not look the same as what Groody describes. He went on to say that he knew the superintendant of Rose Hill cemetery in the early 60's (Johnson or Johnston?) and that he had died in 1966 while taking a shower in his own home - in what was ruled by authorities to have been a "suicide". After some inquiry of police on Groody's part - he found that the man had been STABBED 17 TIMES - in the BACK!!! He made a cynical comment that perhaps the superintendent had informed someone that $100,000 may not have been enough money, afterall...
  18. An extremely stressful event like the assassination of a high-ranking government official can create a neurological firestorm in the minds of all humans who attempt to digest the confusingly difficult information. Waves of adverse thought energy can be generated which are extremely powerful and detrimental to their surroundings - and, can have devastating effects on basic structural systems for miles around - such as the phone and electrical services. Goo goo ga joob. Hodey doe doe. Wake up and go to sleep. We're trapped like rats (Speak for yourself...)
  19. John, Always an honor to contribute - if I can...
  20. Interesting poster regarding McCloy and post-war Germany.
  21. I was under the impression that it was proper protocol to make addendums to threads already in existence if the subject matter was relative - cutting down on "clutter". It's a variation on the "Give a Hoot - Don't Pollute" doctrine. We must revive the threads in order to continue - just as we must continue in order to revive.
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