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  1. Thank you both for your comments and to John for some very helpful links Some of them I am already on, but there were some interesting new ones. I am waiting to recieve my son's past coursework which should hopefully be today, then I intend to formulate our plan of attack. He has less than a year before his exams so I do need to get this together (initial framework at least) ASAP. As for tutors, yes, we will be looking for extra help. Although I never considered the option of using tutors as an advisors nor markers and this does appeal. Thankyou again for your help and advice, if you have any more then please let me know
  2. Hi I have decided (due to concerns that the school is not providing a sufficient education for my 15 year old son) that I will take ownership of my son's education. He should be taking his GCSE's next year and now I am to prepare him for that (and research how I exactly do that). Yes, it was a massive decision but not one I took lightly. The question is can anyone help me with information, suggestions that can help me with this task. Personally I have a degree in elcectrical engineering and work as a PM for Vodafone UK. My son wishes to continue studying for Maths, English, Science, Art and IT. Any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated
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