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Found 1 result

  1. The nameless, faceless, and stateless Sponsors. Stateless, yes. Nameless and faceless? Never marry a Pet Theory...Who were the most powerful stateless entities in 1963? Couldn't agree more Cliff.... This assumption that a Sponsor need be unknown and invisible is the offspring of Prouty's thinking as forwarded by Mr. Burnham, and obviously not by the creator of the Model quoted below. Those representing the Sponsor/Facilitator/Mechanic Evica/Drago model of the assassination heirarchy claiming the Sponsor is by definition unknowable are adding a roadblock to understanding these levels and those who represent them. In classic misdirection - these supporters will claim that any Sponsor identified is automatically a False Sponsor and I could not disagree more. 158 out of 120,000,000 familes are responsible for the overwhelming lion share of the campaign contributions. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/10/11/us/politics/2016-presidential-election-super-pac-donors.html?_r=0 "Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found". The names in this list are not familiar at all - yet they are not invisibile. The Kock's support of Scott Walker and his anti-union / anti-collective bargaining stance has spread to these other wealthy families... and we are supposed to accept they are not the Sponsors of the world simply because they are visible? I sure would like to hear a defense of that conclusion. While I appreciate the point of view it seems to me to work directly into the hands of the same Sponsors we are supposedly chasing. In essence, "if we illuminate the background, name or affiliations of said Sponsor - they are automatically no longer a Real Sponsor but automatically a False one leading us into more quicksand" - which again I feel is terrible destructivbe to our efforts. LBJ used this technique in college with his secret club. If anyone was to ask if a member was a member, the question itself automatically dismissed the member from the club so they could answer truthfully - No. the member would then be reinstated at the next meeting. Mr. E went out on a limb and identified the Sponsor level and a few members as example with David Rock at the top of the list. If we'd like to discuss the possibility that David Rock and friends were or were not a realistic option as the prime movers within this Sponsor level - great. I'm pretty sure we can make a strong case for Bundy as Sponsor-Rep moving in both the Sponsor and Facilitator realms. And I doubt anyone can convincingly argue that Harriman was not also a huge mover within the Sponsor level. The Rock-Morgan-Mellon alliance is a direct decendent of the Rothschild dynasty and accounts for the ownership and control of virtually every country's national banking system on the planet. Add to this the Insurance and manufacturing strengths and we are led directly to the heart of the TEXTRON BUYS BELL HELICOPTER deal - which Prouty touches on very briedly in his JFK/Vietnam book. Sadly he does not pursue this lead as I did to find the names within the JFK Cabinet and advisors are directly tied to not only Textron but the banks and legal firms supporting and defending them. The BELL story is really quite amazing and revealing and anyone who wishes to see and understand the Sponsor level at work ought to read up on the subject. To claim the Sponsors are invisible is to play into their hands and make the search hopeless. The Koch brothers are Sponsors of actions which shape and change our world every day - just ask the people of Minnesota. If we are not willing to make these statements and believe we can not only find the Sponsor but hold them accountable - what's the point? I am by no means a scholar of Evica's work so I'd like to confine this discussion to what Mr. E wrote regarding the "Sponsor" or "initiator" level. I have found nothing to suggest that Mr. Evica felt the Sponsor was some unknowable entity. In fact the few sentences he writes about False Sponsors does not make that connection at all. In reading this great work - Perfect Cover by Michael Evica, we do get a list of Sponsor-level entities and the people behind them. That Albert Jenner is directly involved with the Sponsor level entities and is instrumental in crafting the WCR story speaks volumes to those trying to understand how the Sponsor runs the world. http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Evica/Perfect_cover.html The initiating order was the U.S. Establishment, the Ruling Class, the Power Elite, the National Security State: the anti-JFK personae in Big Oil, banking, defense and their Intelligence and Military assets. Driven by both real and opportunistic anti-Communism, the Establishment aimed at reducing union strength, reducing production costs, and increasing the power of its “military-industrial complex” with its outposts in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Western Europe. Specifically, the initiating order was inside the complex of corporate and financial institutions of the Rockefeller-Morgan-Mellon alliance: the advisors, associates, and partners of David Rockefeller. What the Rockefeller-Mellon-Morgan power elite perceived in JFK’s administration was a managed economy with wealth distribution driven by a strong president. The initiators, having decided that JFK had to be eliminated, sent their contract through D.C. power brokers (for example, Irving Davidson and Robert Maheu) to the facilitating order. The facilitating order was made up of compromised U.S. intelligence figures, chiefly elements of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, compromised by coups, assassinations, and complicity in the international trade in drugs and guns. The compromised intelligence persons were assisted by their Cosa Nostra partners. The facilitating order organized the failure of the anti-Castro plots and kept its machinery in position, set up the False Sponsors through intelligence assets acting as conduits, and passed the murder contract through Organized Crime mediators to Texas and Dallas personae. The initiating order had a network of financial ties to the Southwest and specifically to Texas, and so the facilitating order included crucial elements of the so-called “Southern Rim.” The “shooters”? The executing order at Dealey Plaza was made up of Dallas police, Dallas plainclothes officers, and Dallas area Treasury agents (Secret Service and ATF)—or hired Southwest assassins with local and federal law enforcement credentials impersonating those law persons—or both. The intelligence facilitating mediators were in close contact with the Dealey Plaza assassins. False Sponsorship: The False Sponsors of the assassination constitute a checklist of the usual suspects in the JFK assassination, either alone or in various combinations. What has frustrated productive analysis of these suspects and blocked the discovery of the framing of the False Sponsors has been the collapsing of the three orders of assassination: originating, energizing, and executing, first deliberately by the assassination planners; and second, inadvertently, by JFK researchers and writers. The primary initiators were not the primary facilitators, and the primary facilitators were not the primary operators. Researchers who have uncritically accepted False Sponsorship disinformation or who have developed their own theory of the assassination similar to the False Sponsorship fiction have sometimes extended their choice of sponsor to control of the post-assassination autopsy, or the subsequent (and on-going) cover-up, or both: see, for example, John Davis’ Organized Crime/Carlos Marcello hypothesis (with Marcello neutralizing J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI). The autopsy cover-up and the post-autopsy cover-up, however, were engineered by the U.S. military and the Federal government respectively. The False Sponsor program implicated a series of anti-JFK groups and organizations as the planners, organizers, and executors of the murder of JFK. Since each False Sponsor was already equipped with admitted anti-Kennedy political motives, what was developed further was the False Sponsor’s means or opportunity or both to murder JFK. He then goes on to name 15 FALSE SPONSOR Entities. Not one touches upon this ultra elite 1% of the 1% but only suggests them via the Facilitator level - where most researchers incorrectly place the Sponsorship of this crime From some other research I came across: Bell Helicopter was a member of the Aircraft Manufacturers Association, like Lockheed, Martin-Marietta and the General Dynamics Corporation. This Association was represented by Albert Jenner when it was a defendant in a Federal antitrust lawsuit. Albert Jenner went over Ruth Paine's account of OSWALD with her on the morning that she testified. [WC Paine Testimony p455] http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=21719&page=15#entry300186 expands on the Textron/Bell purchase and the rest of this thread's topics It seems to me then. that the "initiators" as Mr. E calls them - the Sponsors - are just as knowable and identifiable as the other members of the heirarchy. Will there be Invisible Sponsors that we simply can never know due to how they insulate themselves? Of course. Yet to state that a Sponsor cannot be known and all those who are named are by definition False, does a terrible disservice to those unraveling this mess document by document, involved entity by entity. I've had this discussion elsewhere on the internet and was summarily shut down for going against the grain and trying to forward what Michael Evica wrote. Did Mr. E change his mind about these declarations? As I have not read all his work I could not tell you... maybe those who have and are intimate with the writings and POV can step up and let us know if this 1995 conclusion ever changed. There are a great number of wonderful minds here - Does the community truly feel that a visible, name Sponsor is by definition False? and that we can never know who the Sponsors are... I for one think Mr. E was dead on with this work which opens the door to understanding the Textron/Bell business and the entities swirling around that transaction. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=11439 - thread on "A Certain Arrogance" which also delves deep into the who's who of the assassination.
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