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Found 2 results

  1. Merriam’s dictionary defines disinformation as: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth. In 1939, a writer describing Nazi intelligence activities noted, "The mood of national suspicion prevalent during the last decade ... is well illustrated by General Krivitsky's account of the German 'Disinformation Service,' engaged in manufacturing fake military plans for the express purpose of having them stolen by foreign governments. Although the Nazis were accused of using disinformation back in the 1930s, the noun and the practice are most often associated with the Soviet KGB. Many people think "disinformation" is a literal translation of the Russian "dezinformatsiya," which means "misinformation," a term the KGB allegedly used in the 1950s to name a department created to dispense propaganda. A recent usage appeared in The New York Times when it reported this year that members of the Myanmar military organized systematic disinformation campaign to demonize the country's Muslim Rohingya minority group. The words initial usage – and what seems to be considered its present usage – involves an element of deception. It is different than say, the “gray propaganda” Bill Simpich wrote about, or the “limited hang-out” from CIA Watergate days. The following passage I encountered in a book from 1968, Farewell America: President Kennedy's assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared. Now I didn’t understand that thought until many years later. It took me many books to read and re-read to get to the point of seeing the panorama that someone like Salandria – or Castro - understood right away. The context presented by Talbot and Douglass in their books also helped me see the canvas on which the murder was done. Researcher Michael Chambers stated that James Hepburn in the book Farewell America cited the following information concerning HUNT: HUNT had been in his 7th Floor office in the Mercantile Building and watched JFK ride by his window. After shots range out, HUNT fled Dallas with 6 men and 2 cars. HUNT fled to Mexico. HUNT stayed in Mexico for about a month at a hideout location. Author Laurent Guyenot writes: ... arrangements were made for two French Intelligence operatives to conduct, over a three-year period, a quiet investigation that involved hundreds of interviews in the United States. Their report, replete with innuendo about Lyndon Johnson and right-wing Texas oil barons, was delivered to Bobby Kennedy only months before his own assassination in June of 1968. After Bobby’s death, the last surviving brother, Senator Ted Kennedy, showed no interest in the material. The investigators then hired a French writer by the name of Hervé Lamarr to fashion the material into a book, under the pseudonym of James Hepburn. The book was first published in French under the title L’Amérique brûle, and was translated under the title Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK. In a recent thread, James DiEugenio dismissed this book saying: Vosjoli was the main author of the disinfo tome Farewell America.  In that thread, I asked Mr DiEugenio: .. this is, I think, the second time you have referred to this book as "disinformation." I didn't understand your first usage, nor this one. I have the book, published in Belgium in 1968, and it says on the jacket that the author - James Hepburn - is a PhD in Economics, who met RFK, and put this book together "with the assistance of various European and American specialists." The book is well written, and in sync with other non-Warren Commission authors like Lane, Meagher, Salandria, Jones, Joetsen etc. He mentions attempts in Chicago and Miami; He quotes Dwight MacDonald and the need for scepticism about reported facts. He frequently quotes JFK's speeches on moderation and peace. (A footnote on one page enlightened the reader that the FBI could only arrest a suspect if it was thought a conspiracy had taken place; otherwise, it was Texas law enforcers in charge. Such was changed later when they made killing a President, a Federal crime) He has a diagram of Dealey Plaza suggesting multiple shooters and covers incompetence and/or corruption, all over the place. The author also wrote one of my favorite sentences on the case: "A secretary whose married boss is planning an amorous weekend in Miami takes more precautions than Ken O'Donnell did for John Kennedy in Dallas." This book looks at Oil money, the Secret service, Texas justice and military interests opposed to JFK. I found few errors of fact. So how - and why - is this called "disinformation?" Now James is a busy guy and has posted almost 5000 times; I used to think one just had to think a thought and James would reply. However, in this case, he didn’t. So, I wanted to know what other members might understand by the word disinformation and, whether or not Farewell America qualifies as such. Since an element of deception is implied in the word, I could understand how, say, Epstein’s first book might be considered such since his source was Angelton and he wanted to divert attention to Russia. The book Double Cross, stressing the primacy of the mob, might be another example. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  2. I have a new article up on my website featuring several clips from conversations I had with my late fiend, Sherman Skolnick. Among other things, Sherman describes his relationship to judges and retired intelligence operatives, including Secret Service agents; explains why Kennedy was a threat, cites JFK's ushering in the "age of the common man" as central to the assassination of JFK; and discusses the origins of the book, Farewell America. There are currently three clips uploaded and I will be adding more in the days to come.
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