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Found 10 results

  1. "I wish to re-emphasize that none of our test objects in these experiments with melons and skulls ever jumped or fell off the stand AWAY from the shooter." -- J.K. Lattimer Let's verify this with actual shots to human heads, shall we? ========================= Sniper Shot Barret M107 4:15" ================================ Real Sniper Shot - Better than American Sniper 1:10" ================================ Young Iraqi shot by sniper ISIS - Graphics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekzXxjfobAE 0:35" ================================ FSA Rebel Killed By SAA Sniper 1:00" ================================ FSA Soldier takes a clean headshot Bullet penetrate and hits another one 0:20" ================================ Sniper Rifle Ballistic Test! | Zombie Go Boom 0:20"
  2. This is how the Frontal Shooter (or lack thereof) will be determined in an incontrovertible, accurate and scientific way. Stage No. 1: It may take a few years for the science to be developed but this is the way to do it: https://goo.gl/jTy69B (SBT. This is solved with technology) https://goo.gl/da4mcQ (Head Shot. This is solved with science - See inside "Documentation" folder) The result of those projects will be the creation of an OPEN infrastructure where all the interested parties will test their hypotheses, place the rifle(s) in some location and shoot: BANG! They will be trying thousands of combinations with varying angles, distances and calibers, recording the effect of each. I predict that at that time, both the Jet Effect and the Sewer Drain Shot will be early dismissed. http://jfkfacts.org/gun-man-sewer-shooting-jfk/ Stage No. 2: The great news is that the science is already here. It just arrived. As we all know, the Jet Effect has been widely debunked. The last explanation left to the Warrenistas is the "Neuromuscular Reaction", right? I came up with the following idea. Visualize a train that starts to move in the remote distance. It has 2 locomotives, one at each end. We can watch it, film it and measure it in slow motion. The problem to solve is this: Was the train moved by the front locomotive (pulling) or the back locomotive (pushing)? The Parkland Effect posits that the head moved as if hit by a baseball bat, and therefore the chain of movement is: bat --> head --> neck --> shoulders --> torso In the Neuromuscular Effect (dismissed by all neurology specialists, but we are still obligated to study it from the point of view of Physics) the chain of movement is: neck muscles, back muscles --> head, torso (randomly, supposedly the muscles of the back are stronger). IOW: The cause and the effect are reversed. What we need to do is simulate to a high degree of precision the 2 competing alternatives. Was the Head of JFK Pushed or Pulled? https://goo.gl/6woICd As you can see, I have very few files in that repository, but a new venue has been started. The longest trip begins with one step. Next, I intend to contact the 3 authors of that research project and talk to them about using their remarkable development in the solution of the JFK murder case. Obviously, if the request came from somebody (hint: some body) more representative than "Ramon Herrera, immigrant and JFK geek" it would have more effect. Furthermore, it is my duty to inform the community about my experience in similar projects, one which has become a routine/pattern. Early on, the genius scientists (young people, mostly) are really excited about the JFK case. Soon afterwards, some wiser/prudent adult (the head of their group?) warns them, instills fear, and after that, they are not replying to my e-mails or phone calls. With people overseas I have been much more successful. -RFH
  3. i realize it's an ongoing debate between all us amateur physicists, and that the matter has likely been settled once and for all to the satisfaction of each side, BUT - just in case anyone has forgotten, here's a pretty definitive example of what heads do, in general, when hit by a bullet (also note a familiar red 'cloud')... https://vine.co/v/OtdZrwOZPX9 (caution: graphic imagery and an explicit four-letter word or two...)
  4. Do you want to scare the hell out of Lone Nutters? It is actually pretty easy. You just have to use some fancy terminology: - "Computational Biomechanics" https://goo.gl/9w6gXC - "Finite Element Analysis" - "Computational Fluid Dynamics" - "Open Source 3D Model of Dealey Plaza" https://goo.gl/jTy69B - "Brain Ballistics" http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF01508103 (Click on "Look Inside") To be frank, when it comes to the use of Science, both camps are still stuck -or stuck still- in the 20th. century and not even the 1990s, more like in the late 1980s. That's a bummer. :-( The bright side, however, is that the only ones pushing that boundary is us, the ones interested in The Truth. [Women and Men Working - Come back later ] -RFH
  5. [Men and Women Working - Come Back Later] This is what I have so far: https://goo.gl/da4mcQ [For those unfamiliar with Google Drive, you only click ONCE] Plus this: https://goo.gl/cZ7Axr [For those unfamiliar with Google Drive, you only click ONCE] Open Source 3D Model of Dealey Plaza: https://goo.gl/jTy69B [For those unfamiliar with Google Drive, you only click ONCE] Lee's Backyard Photos: https://goo.gl/cGA1F8 -RFH
  6. Needless to say, visual expressions that communicate the underlying science in an aesthetic manner are important. We should try to make things visually appealing. https://www.freelancer.com/contest/ReDraw-Provided-Image-in-Adobe-Illustrator-277977.html I am interested in media that goes all the way from a simple JPEG to a realistic mathematical simulation, and the above contest is a step in that direction. Technology is making possible developments that were impossible and/or not affordable. To cite an example: It is perfectly doable to recreate the full Zapruder film to the maximum level of clarity, zoom-in, zoo-out and 3D rotations. This must be done in a peer-reviewed, open environment, lest we fall in the traps by ABC and others. In addition to its owner, only God knows the content of Dale Myers' hard disk. We can do better than that mockery of science. -Ramon
  7. This is the closest simulation I have found to the frontal shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBQNnhfZ6CY We can clearly see how the practical diameter of the "bullet" grows to the size of a baseball, fist or grapefruit. BTW: It is easy to prove the impossibility of the Jet Effect, which explains being abandoned by the WCR apologists. -Ramon
  8. Hi Greg: Kindly forward this to Dr. David Mantik. This one of the entries in a contest that I am sponsoring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulSv3M7dHO8&feature=youtu.be (I suspect that I will award the bid to them) The plan is to go all the way from a crude JPEG to the most realistic simulation of reality possible. Warrenistas will be welcome to present their hypotheses. The truth will prevail. Thanks, -Ramon
  9. Hi folks, I am planning to start a new forum in LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/ It would be focused on this kind of material: http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Physics-of-JFK-Assassination-Miatello.pdf http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/The-JFK-Autopsy-Materials-Twenty-Conclusions-after-Nine-Visits.pdf http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Gemma-Radford-MSc-Thesis.pdf ... complete with a section about "Assorted Snake Oil and Bovine Manure": http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Luis-Alvarez-and-the-JFK-Assassination.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_K._Myers In the LinkedIn site, just to mention a few examples, there are already forums about Clinical Pathology (3400 members). Some are private, for MDs, but I am sure we can find a way to ask some members the Radiology forums to interpret the JFK X-rays for us. http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Radiology-Forums.png Everybody is welcome, of course, but the people I am mostly after, the ones who can provide the most value, is the likes of David Mantik, Alberto Miatello (see first paper above), John Hunt, etc. http://www.history-matters.com/essays/jfkmed/ADemonstrableImpossibility/ADemonstrableImpossibility.htm TIA for your interest.
  10. Please visit my new AssassinationOfJFK.net YouTube Channel and subscribe. There are already dozens of YouTubes uploaded there and more are being added all the time. Here's a sample of what you can find there:
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