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Found 6 results

  1. Folks, please take a look at the latest production of my trusted team of animators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKC_zBA50HA&feature=youtu.be What you see above is the first step toward obliterating the official version, depicted below: Look closely: the head does not move 1 cm. This has been demonstrated empirically by the other side, of all people. The supreme irony. One strong possibility is that for a tangential shot it is physically impossible to make an adult airborne. The violent move (seen not only in the Z-film) is a mathematical absurdity. The argument I am attempting is known as reductio ad absurdum. This hypothesis needs to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, correct?. Thank God, we have science and technology on our side. They are closer to us with every passing month and year. Indeed, we need to go from animation to simulation. What is the difference, you ask? Answer: Several zeros to the right of the dollar sign, not to mention brainpower and the participation of universities. -Ramon
  2. Folks: This is the essence of the so-called "Herrera Effect" (aka "Parkland Effect", aka "Suction Cup Effect") : (1) Minimalist, from above:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oMYjHEQkEQ (2) With CFD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-G11nq5Pa4 (3) Lateral view with more realism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB6eB2lXBk8 Frankly, I am trying to decide what to do about the fate of the bullet. I wonder whether there is enough heat to vaporize it in such short trip through cranial matter. What is the official version? All one reads is "Magic Bullet this, Magic Bullet that". Can't find much about the Fatal Bullet. TIA -Ramon
  3. This is the closest simulation I have found to the frontal shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBQNnhfZ6CY We can clearly see how the practical diameter of the "bullet" grows to the size of a baseball, fist or grapefruit. BTW: It is easy to prove the impossibility of the Jet Effect, which explains being abandoned by the WCR apologists. -Ramon
  4. On one hand, we have a 6.5 mm projectile which left an entry hole of say, 7 mm. Or, 10 mm, tops. The hole left by the missing bone in the back of the head can be determined by the eye witnesses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX58vrL5ZiA FF to minute 5. We have read or heard before: "baseball size", "grapefruit size" and "fist size", "egg size". This is the first time that I read the description used by Dr. Pepper Jenkins. To be sure: the question is not about the bullet's exit diameter (in the middle of the bone): let's accept that it was roughly the same as the entrance's diameter. I am not asking about the perforated hole (10 mm), but about the knocked out, or pushed hole. IOW: Perforated: Converted in dust, lost. Imagine a Craftman drill. Knocked Out: Picked by Harper. Well, the extremely precise answer is right here. State of the art technology allows us to reach an accuracy that was unfathomable in a good portion of the previous 50 years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6iuVr9V6os [FF to second 10, "Pressure Field"] That pressure, indicated by the beautiful color red/yellow is exactly the same size as Dr. Jenkins' palm. -Ramon
  5. Hi folks, I am planning to start a new forum in LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/ It would be focused on this kind of material: http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Physics-of-JFK-Assassination-Miatello.pdf http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/The-JFK-Autopsy-Materials-Twenty-Conclusions-after-Nine-Visits.pdf http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Gemma-Radford-MSc-Thesis.pdf ... complete with a section about "Assorted Snake Oil and Bovine Manure": http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Luis-Alvarez-and-the-JFK-Assassination.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_K._Myers In the LinkedIn site, just to mention a few examples, there are already forums about Clinical Pathology (3400 members). Some are private, for MDs, but I am sure we can find a way to ask some members the Radiology forums to interpret the JFK X-rays for us. http://patriot.net/~ramon/jfk/Radiology-Forums.png Everybody is welcome, of course, but the people I am mostly after, the ones who can provide the most value, is the likes of David Mantik, Alberto Miatello (see first paper above), John Hunt, etc. http://www.history-matters.com/essays/jfkmed/ADemonstrableImpossibility/ADemonstrableImpossibility.htm TIA for your interest.
  6. OK, I'll risk a little ignorance in this particular area in order to try to understand a little more. First off, I'm utterly convinced of a considerably large conspiracy involving several 'high level' interests. And it's not so much because of the events leading up to the crime as it is because of the cover-up and otherwise pathetic actions of so many people afterwards. I don't believe that any solution to bullet paths, etc. can have much bearing on the solution to the crime at this point, other than to tell us what we already know. (Although some vindication would be kinda sweet - i'd love little more than to say "see, i told you so" to Peter Effin' Jennings and Dan Rather, et al.) One of the first books i read on this was by one of the Dr's from Parkland describing the scene and the wounds from that day. I've never doubted that from that point forward the cover-up began and that wound discrepancies were notable. And to me, all of the rifle shot replications and studies on human bodies, etc, means very little. I know lots of soldiers who have shot people, and they all say bullets and people do very different things when introduced to each other. So research be damned. I know what I see in the film. And i want to ask some of you if i'm missing something. Records today state quite clearly that several, if not all, of the doctors, saw the gaping wound in the back of his head. Other witnesses state the same thing, even referring to Z313 while doing so. The problem is, I refuse to be told what I'm looking at, and what I'm seeing is his head clearly and suddenly rocked backwards at the exact same time the front-right part of his skull is exploding. People have said that the rear of his skull is visibly damaged even in this film, but i just don't see it. what i'm hoping someone can tell me is if i'm not seeing some wound in the back of his head in the film. is that not the front-right of his head blowing outward and upward? IS THERE a gaping wound in the back of his head? and maybe someone can say something about the existence and behaviors of exploding bullets (many tiny bullet fragments in the brain and skull of JFK...) versus simple metal-jacketed ones like the MC fired (which are clearly indestructible when going through ribs, wristbones and legbones). the explosion i see could be the exit of a bullet or the entrance of an exploding bullet - or a combination of the two. which is what i think, mostly. thanks good people, Glenn
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