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Found 18 results

  1. (Perhaps the answer(s) to my questions are already within this vast collection of information already) ------- As it has been 8 years or so, since I even thought about this case, a lot of questions -- I guess -- have been answered, and many of course never will be. I did not even know that Gary Mack passed away in 2015. That was just very sad to hear. He even took of his precious time to answer quite a few questions I had -- via e-mail-correspondence, back in 2006 and 2007. Two of those, - just out of curiousity, - I wonder if any new relevant information has surfaced - ev
  2. Instead of derailing a different thread; Just out of curiosity, - I was wondering if anyone have input on the identity (or specific points of interest / significance if any) of individuals (both familiar, and less familiar), in following images from the immediate aftermath of the assassination: 1: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: ------------------------------------------------------
  3. After a very short googlesearch, I chose Flickr of all sites, to get some photos online. If of any interest to anyone. * Everything is taken from a 12 year old harddisk,- so many, if not all of the photos are guaranteed to be available today elsewhere, in much better resolutions. ** Have tried to sort for a few hours,- but it in itself is still terrible. *** Included one album with photos I took with my phone , of a Norwegian magazine, - published December 7th. 1963, concerning the assassination. ( My grandmother scared my mother (8 years old) - stiff, - when getting the new
  4. Might as well copy and paste here too: Hi......, ---- time certaintly flies! (Copy and pasted from a private message received last year). Can't believe it is more than 10 years ago I made my Youtube-channel. It has been neglected to say the least. The videos are more than 10! years old,- and it was a different time then. As far as I can remember,- I only made public footage, - which at that time I had yet to see on Youtube or anywhere online. Some of the videos have sadly been removed, as far as I can tell,- but many are still there. I still get comments all the time ( I
  5. a pass! Let's see what Bill Moyers was involved in on that fateful day November 22nd, 1963. I am not saying that Bill knew that his actions would set up JFK for assassination. What I am saying is that he was most likely told to do certain things without the foreknowledge that JFK was about to get assassinated. 1. Told Ken O' Donnel, JFK's secretary, to select the Trade Mart as the place for the luncheon. 2. Told DPD Assistant Chief George Lumpkin (Lead Car) to change the motorcade route to turn on Elm Street instead of going straight on Main Street through Dealey Plaza. 3.
  6. Good Day.... The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map is now updated that further provides 11-22-63 evidence, victims precise kill zone locations, witnesses locations, films + photos witnesses locations, suspected bullet trajectories, + additional important information + considerations gathered for you in one convenient resource + is always freely available for your key considerations + independent determinations, here.... (this Dealey Plaza Detailed Map updates my prior maps provided during the recent 21 years) .... Following the Dealey Plaza Detailed Map are also provided 5 additional key info grap
  7. The 11-22-63 Dealey Plaza Detailed Map Updated, + New Address Good Day.... The Dealey Plaza map that details 11-22-63 evidence, victims precise kill zone locations, witnesses locations, filmers + photos, suspects + suspected bullet trajectories, & additional important information + considerations gathered for you in one convenient resource has been updated with new evidence + information, and is now always freely available for your key considerations + independent determinations, here.... (this Dealey Plaza Detailed Map updates my prior maps provided during the recent 21 years) .
  8. +++++"Can You Please Provide Additional Shots-Related Question(s) for a DP Witness ?" (a.k.a. "The Shots-related Questions that Some Folk Chose Not to Ask Witnesses Then, and, the Shots-related Questions that Some Folk are Still Transparently-Afraid to Ask Witnesses Now) Good Day .... I would like to share with you + all of Our great, dedicated 112263 researcher Friends that if + when you have a chance to interview any 112263 witness who was actually in Dealey Plaza (or, within earshot and heard the shots), that with respect to the gunshot audible muzzle blasts an
  9. Hello everyone, Reading through Vince Palamara's "JFK - From Parkland To Bethesda" revealed a tiny bit of information that triggered my memories of three Dealey Plaza witness stories. A. J. Millican: "A man standing on the South side of Elm Street was either hit in the foot or the ankle and fell down." http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1136#relPageId=504 Mal Couch: “I started toward the building where I had seen the rifle in the window. Then I saw something very weird. There was a trail of blood from the spot where the shooting occurred to the entrance
  10. Is any of you out there intimately familiarized with the famous 3D model and animation (heralded by Peter Jennings on ABC News, 2003) for which Mr. Myers won an Emmy? If so: what type of Coca Cola machine was used in his replica ? After removing my tongue from my cheek, I have many serious questions. We could really use the help of any kind soul who lives or is currently in Dallas. We are having a hard time locating the specific model. It was definitely made by Westinghouse, and its novelty was a drink selector called "Dial-o-Matic". In fact, this site uses the contraption as their logo:
  11. It's not much, but it's a start: http://www.dealey-plaza.org/ As promised, the source files will be available from the very beginning of the project: https://goo.gl/jTy69B -RFH
  12. Gayle Nix Jackson this week told me about a book I'd never seen or heard of before, namely, the 2002 book by an author who calls himself "Will Fritz", entitled, The Kennedy Mutiny. This book agrees sharply with my theory that Ex-General Edwin Walker completely coordinated the events that led up to the 11/22/1963 murder of JFK in Dallas. This book also disagrees sharply with my theory on three central points: "Will Fritz" claims that: (1) Edwin Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald were good friends, and Oswald followed Walker's orders. (2) Edwin Walker staged his own April shooting, using Lee Harv
  13. Good Day.... I have recently located + interviewed 2 previously un-named (+ never interviewed by any investigation, nor interviewed for any publicized book nor documentary, etc) Texas state highway patrolmen who drove convertibles in the murder-cade. Both men + their vehicles co-riders/co-witnesses were past/at the Main-to-Houston right turn when the attack shots volley's were fired. I will be writing up details of their interviews + publicize for everyone, soon. (one of several interesting considerations with respect to both/all of the Texas state highway patrolmen is that the S
  14. Good Day.... Can someone, please, provide the exact date in 1964 when the curb near JAMES TAGUE was removed by assassination investigators? Thanks in advance (I am currently not where my files, books, + wc sets are at) Best Regards in Research + ++Don Donald Roberdeau United States Navy U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly For your key considerations + independent determinations.... Homepage: President KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Evidence, Witnesses, Photographers, Suspects,
  15. 50 YEARS Is Enough! For the poster the late Gene Case created for this campaign see: JFKCountercoup2: 50 Years Is Enough! IImagine the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy, November 22, 2013, at the Grassy Knoll passing without a word in the press about his assassination and who was behind it, only a celebration of his life. That is what Dallas authorities are planning now. Every year, as you know, we hold a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22 to commemorate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and to keep alive the knowledge and outrage about the
  16. Good Day.... FYI.... http://www.dailymail...nstruction.html <QUOTE> Found: The Only Full-color Footage of Remarkable JFK Assassination Reconstruction School project leads principal to previously unseen video of assassination re-enactment Video had been sitting in the Lemons' kitchen cupboard for more than four decades City of Dallas planning ceremony with the tolling of church bells, a moment of silence and readings from JFK's most famous speeches 45-minute memorial will be free and open to the public By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 20:00 EST, 21 November 2012 | UPDATED: 23:1
  17. Good Day .... The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map, with its five followup key graphics and considerations, has been updated, and is always freely available for you here.... (updated in 2017) https://i.imgur.com/8vSS1dp.gif Best Regards in Research, Don
  18. Good Day .... Happy New Year, + wishing all the Best for you + your Loved Ones! Because AOL ceased its files transfer protocol (FTP) service, within one of my public President Kennedy assassination visual files, I have updated for you the free Dealey Plaza detailed map (that includes the additional 5 followup important graphs, charts, + information). The detailed DP map is always available for you, here (updated in 2017).... https://i.imgur.com/8vSS1dp.gif + I have also updated the exact same Dealey Plaza map (without the 5 followup important graphs + charts), that
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