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Found 6 results

  1. This is a follow up on the work previously done by British researcher Matthew Smith. http://dealeyplazauk.com/jfk-assassination/red-bird-airfield-leads/
  2. I am happy to announce that Dealey Plaza U.K. has a new website at: http://dealeyplazauk.com The site has been in the making for about a year and took quite a few days to get to where it is at now. Besides reporting about our recent meetings, talks and seminars we also have some archival work of these events to share with you. The Canterbury seminar and talks have their own pages and the York seminar will have one later this year as well. We are now sharing older issues of The Echo, our magazine, in PDF format which we have been publishing since 1996. There are 36 to grab now and roughly another 20 to be added in the next few months. Barry Keane managed to receive various documents and photographs of Harold Rydberg and this was the kick off to share archival documentation through the website with those that are interested in them. It was not intended to do so, but we sort of rolled into that one. And collections was born. Next comes the first phase of document, audio and video releases from researchers such as Ian Griggs, Harry Livingstone and Malcolm Blunt. There is already a substantial amount to go through, but over the course of the next twelve months several other batches and new work will be added for you to plough through. Those that are looking to share their archives and are willing to consider us to do the sharing online should contact us. We at D.P.U.K. hope that you enjoy interacting with this website as much as we had creating it all for you. Enjoy! Bart Kamp – Web master http://dealeyplazauk.com PS: If and when updates have been added I shall add them to this thread.
  3. The Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar – to be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2019. The Old Sessions House – Canterbury Christ Church University North Holmes Road Canterbury Kent Speakers for 27th and 28th.: Phil Hopley from Australia on the F.P.C.C.. Larry Hancock on Gene Wheaton. Malcolm Blunt Q&A on the Dallas and Washington Archives years. Jeff Meek Q&A on Dallas Michele Metta from Italy will show his documentary based on his book on C.M.C. and Permindex. Bart Kamp on his current research and the new DPUK website. Jason Wilcox on predictive programming in regards the JFK Assassination. We may add one more speaker and if so I will edit/add to this thread. We will audio.video record these talks and these will be published on the D.P.U.K. website in May. The conference starts unofficially on Friday the 26th early afternoon for a few pints at The Dolphin pub in St Radigunds Street. We plan to eat in the evening there as well. They have a lovely garden so if the afternoon weather is nice we could drink and solve the Assassination out there! The menu is changing within the next few weeks so the one on the website will not be applicable. The conservatory area out in the back has been reserved for us and members/attendees will be sent details of the new menu once we receive it. http://thedolphincanterbury.co.uk/ Attendance costs for full paying D.P.UK. members only. To attend the two day Seminar, including tea and coffee on the Saturday, and to partake of the Sunday buffet at the University, will cost £45 To attend the two day Seminar, Sunday buffet, and the Saturday evening banquet will cost £83. The banquet at the Abbots Barton is a fantastic occasion because we have a room booked all to ourselves and can mix and chat freely. One day attendance on the Saturday will cost £19 and Sunday attendance only, including the buffet, will cost £25 For more info on the event, how to pay and become a member please email Stuart Galloway at: stuart.galloway@ntlworld.com I will update this post over the coming weeks.
  4. The 16th Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar held at n The Old Sessions House Lecture Theatre Canterbury Christ Church University 28th / 29th April 2018 Saturday 28th April 09.40m – 09.50am Introduction to the Seminar by Stuart Galloway 09.50am – 10.50am Harold “Skip” Rydberg by Barry Keane 10.50am – 11.10am Break: Coffee/Tea 11.10am – 12.10pm Interrogations of LHO-1 by Bart Kamp 12.10pm – 1.40pm LUNCH That means of to the pub 1.40pm - 2.40pm Interrogations of LHO-2 by Bart Kamp 2.40pm – 3.40pm Staff D and the magic button by Larry Hancock 3.50pm – 4.10pm Break: Tea/Coffee 4.10pm – 5.10pm Q & A with Malcolm Blunt with B Kamp Dinner at the Abbotts Barton Hotel – 7.30pm for 8.00pm Sunday 29th April 09.30am – 10.30am The DPUK Auction with Mike Dworetsky 10.30am – 11.45pm Evidence of Gunmen in D.P. by David Percox 11:45am - 12.30pm Jim Jenkins/William Matson Law at Lancer 2013 with Peter Mellor 12.30pm – 1.40pm LUNCH ( Buffet in the Lecture Theatre) 1.40pm – 2.40 pm Q & A with John Newman and B.Kamp 2.40pm – 3.40pm Jim Di Eugenio on JFK's foreign policy and the declassified files 3:40pm – 3.50pm Closure of the Seminar by Stuart Galloway New members are most welcome to attend. Please downlaod a form from http://dealeyplazauk.org.uk/pdfArticles/Membership_Application_form.pdf and submit. On the 27th we meet in the afternoon to chat and go for Italian in the evening. The real stuff starts on Saturday at Christ Church UNI in Canterbury. See you there. Costs for members Two day seminar including tea and coffee on Saturday - £35 Dinner at Best Western (Abbots Barton) - £37 (we have our own room) Buffet lunch in The Old Sessions House on Sunday - £7 Total = £79 (£42 without Dinner) Attendance Saturday only - £20 Attendance Sunday only - £24 (includes Buffet) More info @ http://dealeyplazauk.org.uk/index.html We will video a few talks so they will appear on YouTube in May at some point and I will add them inside this thread.
  5. Sadly Ian Griggs had to cancel due to a urinary infection that has landed him in the hospital, we at DPUK all wish him a speedy recovery. and we have Pete Mellor giving a presentation, instead of Ian's, on Bethesda witness Jim Jenkins with William Matson Law, that was given at JFK Lancer's 'November in Dallas' conference in 2013 For all other info go to the Dealey Plaza UK website. Had a quick chat about the event with Black Op Radio's Len Osanic and it is out now. Going to try and get videos made of the majority of the seminar and share on YouTube in May. DPUK Canterbury Seminar - 2018 Programme Saturday 28th April 09.40m – 09.50am Introduction to the Seminar Stuart Galloway 09.50am – 10.50am Harold “Skip” Rydberg Barry Keane 10.50am – 11.10am Break: Coffee/Tea 11.10am – 12.10pm Participants in the Interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald Bart Kamp 12.10pm – 1.40pm LUNCH (Own Arrangements) 1.40pm - 2.40pm The Legal Representation of Lee Harvey Oswald Bart Kamp 2.40pm – 3.50pm ZR/RIFLE, William Harvey, & QJ WIN + UFOs Larry Hancock 8.40amCDT – 9.50amCDT 3.50pm – 4.10pm Break: Tea/Coffee 4.10pm – 5.10pm Q & A with Malcolm Blunt - JFK Documents Bart Kamp/Malcolm Blunt Dinner at the Abbotts Barton Hotel – 7.30pm for 8.00pm Sunday 29th April 09.30am – 10.30am The DPUK Auction Mike Dworetsky 10.30am – 12.00pm Evidence of Gunmen in Dealey Plaza David Percox 12.00pm - 12.30pm Jim Jenkins/William Matson Law at Lancer 2013. Pete Mellor 12.30pm – 1.40pm LUNCH ( Buffet in the Lecture Theatre) 1.40pm – 2.40 pm Q & A with John Newman Bart Kamp/John Newman 7.40am CDT 2.40pm – 3.40pm JFK’s Foreign Policy and the Declassified Files Jim DiEugenio 6.40am PDT 3:40pm – 3.50pm Closure of the Seminar - Stuart Galloway
  6. DPUK Canterbury Seminar On April 23rd and 24th Dealey Plaza UK is holding their annual seminar in Canterbury. Prayer Man will be an integral part on the 23rd, besides the happenings inside and around the TSBD then it is of to the pub for a solid hour and a half after that I will address Oswald's interrogations and demolish the 2nd floor lunchroom encounter.. On Sunday I will do a Q&A with Malcolm Blunt and Greg Parker will be there remotely to talk about Lee Oswald's Cold War as well. I will take some pix and post them shortly after the event in this thread. For a full programme check the link below. http://www.prayer-man.com/dpuk-canterbury-seminar/
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