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Found 5 results

  1. Here are 5 examples showing evidence for two Oswalds over an extended period of time, all prior to the six week or so period Sylvia Meagher discussed in her analysis of two Oswalds. Can anyone debunk this evidence RIGHT HERE? Please don't take the usual path of just saying someone else--Greg Parker or Tracy Parnell, for example--has debunked it and provide a link or two. If you think someone has debunked it, summarize the evidence RIGHT HERE, so it can be debated. 1. The IMPOSSIBLE 1953 school scenario: Lee HARVEY Oswald attending Beauregard JHS in New Orleans for 89 school days during the fall 1953 semester, all the while Lee has good attendance for the very same period at PS 44 in New York City. The New York City Board of Education record below shows that LEE Harvey Oswald attended Public School 44 starting 3/23/53 and extending through mid-January 1954. In New Orleans, the 1953 Beauregard JHS record below shows that Lee HARVEY Oswald attended 89 days of school during the fall semester of 1953, at the same time LEE Oswald attended PS 44 in New York City. Both the documents above were published in the Warren Volumes. 2. The refusal of the Social Security Administration to corroborate the official story of "Oswald's" pre-1962 income, offering instead "Copies of three pages of the Warren Commission Report regarding employment of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to service in the Marine Corps." ------------------ For all the evidence on this, click here. 3. The Marine Corps records are a gold mine: my favorite chronicles Harvey Oswald's trip to Formosa (Taiwan) while Lee was being treated for VD in Japan. HARVEY Oswald Departed for Taiwan Aboard the USS Skagit (AKA 105) on Sept. 14, 1958. Note "AKA 105" Under "Record of Events" near top left of this document: The Unit Diary below shows that HARVEY Oswald was in Ping Tung, Taiwan, on Oct. 6, 1958. Here’s a 1953 image of the ship Harvey Oswald took . Note the “K.A. 105” lettering by the bow. During this very same time Harvey was aboard the USS Skagit and stationed in Taiwan, LEE Oswald was being treated for V.D in Atsugi, Japan. From September 14 through October 6 HARVEY Oswald was in Taiwan. At the same time, from September 16 through October 6, LEE Oswald was in Japan. Medical records for NAS Navy 3835 (Naval Hospital), located in Atsugi, Japan, show numerous medical entries for LEE Oswald recorded on Sept 16, 20, 22, 23, 29, and Oct 6.. HARVEY Oswald's assignment in Taiwan, while LEE Oswald made numerous visits to the Naval Hospital in Japan, are an obvious "smoking gun." 4. While Harvey Oswald was in Russia, Lee Oswald was working in Florida and Louisiana with anti-Castro Cubans and their handlers. Perfect examples are the HSCA testimony of Marita Lorenz and the infamous Bolton Ford visit. ----------------- For much more on this, see an article I wrote on my website: The Bolton Ford Incident 5. The impossible answer(s) to the simple questions: Could “Lee Harvey Oswald” drive a car? Did he have a Texas drivers license?
  2. Now I know I'm throwing this into the fray only to get a little beat up.... but CE99 is a list of answers Oswald writes out in a somewhat autobiographical manner... Just a couple anomalies to which I'd like to call your attention... #4 our little man writes that from 1954 - 1956 he lived in Ft Worth, TX. This is a NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SCHOOL - Personal History form. If read carefully thru the answers here it is obvious this is LEE andnot the diminutive Harvey. Why? This is JUNE 1955, Oswald is 16 years old and about 5'5" 135 lbs.... he likes FOOTBALL, present vocational choice? Biology and Mechanical Drawing... he has a bum left ear drum.... "What was the last school you attended?" PS 44 in NY And these are the GRADE CARDS from FALL 1953 thru the SPRING 1954 semester So if the evidence offered above has him in New Orleans in 1953, 1954 & 1955 thru June.... "1954 - 1955: Beauregard JHS in New Orleans" "1955 - 1956 Warren Eaton HS in New Orleans" All the other items listed on that Bio page are accurate.... STRIPLING JR HIGH across the street from the house Marge is living in on 11/22 at 2220 Thomas.... the one owned by a friend of FRED KORTH. Mr. DULLES. I think you moved to Fort Worth with Lee in September 1956. In October 1955 Oswald turns 16. The 1955-56 school year would be 10th grade for Oswald at Arlington Heights see above image. The record shows he only attends until October (the little letters next to the years are F=Fall & S=Spring) . 9/54-6/55 is 9th grade Beauregard JHS in New Orleans as it shows... FOR OSWALD TO ATTEND A FT WORTH SCHOOL IN SEPT 1955 DON'T THEY HAVE TO LIVE IN FT WORTH? So let's look again... DATE ENTERED: Sept 5, 1956 Which may be why DULLES says Sept 1956... it also seems that an exhibit from CE1413 is not there anymore... but that Armstrong took a copy of from the Archives. Transcript sent to: Arlington in Sept 1956 ?? In June 1955 he writes the New Orleans Bio... he is now ready for 10th grade... which the above Ft Worth PERM REC shows him starting in Ft Worth in Sept 1955.... and leaving in Oct 1955... to join the Marines... except he doesn't join until Oct 24, 1956 according to FOLSOM. Where is our little man Oswald from June 1955 until Sept 1956? He was working at TUJAGUES at the same time Marge writes her note about moving to San Diego. From July 1955 thru late 1956 LEE works at Tujagues - Harvey is in San Diego with MO for the summer and from evidence John found, attended Stripling in Ft Worth... Which may be why CE99 only mentions Ft Worth for those years despite having evidence to show him in New Orleans PIERRE: Well, then, did he have any close buddies? Mrs Oswald: Yes, when we lived in Fort Worth, Texas. He went to school there up until the eighth grade, which is Junior High; all the children came to my house because this was a brand-new neighborhood. I was not financially able to have the lawn sodded, and everyone else was having their grass growing, and the children were not allowed to play on the grass, so they all played in my yard and my grass and in my home, Francine Tubbs #5 - if you look at the FOLSOM Exhibit we see he was an AIRCRAFT MECHANIC... not a radar operator (LEE was the mechanic, Harvey was indeed radar) #6 he tells us he has a son named David Lee Oswald, American. uh, okay. but we all know our man has 2 daughters....
  3. Lee Harvey Oswald’s closest English-speaking friend when Oswald lived in Minsk, then part of the Soviet Union, from 1959-1962. “Erich [Ernst Titovets]…is my oldest existing acquaintance…a friend of mine who speaks English very well …” as Oswald would put it in his Historic Diary. In his book Oswald: Russian Episode, Dr. Ernst Titovets investigates the Russian period of life and activity of Lee Harvey Oswald. Excerpts of a blogpost. Did Oswald Speak in Russian while Living in the Soviet Union? John Delane Williams and Ernst Titovets () When Titovets learned that Armstrong stated that Oswald spoke no Russian while in the Soviet Union, [18] Titovets was amazed. Titovets stated, “It was a cause of genuine surprise on the part of my old friend Vyacheslav Stelmakh, Ph.D., a senior researcher at the Belorussian State University who knew Oswald at the Radio Plant and was also friends with Oswald’s first love Ella German, when I told him a researcher in the States doubts the fact that Oswald spoke Russian. There are still many Russians here in Minsk who would confirm the fact.” () Ernst Titovets apparently decided to read Harvey and Lee for himself, presumably to answer the question, how did Armstrong conclude that Oswald spoke no Russian in Russia? Titovets then sent me an e-mail [35] addressing only those portions of Armstrong’s book that pertained to Oswald’s being in Russia and only those portions that was familiar to Titovets. TITOVETS VS ARMSTRONG (The Armstrong quotes are from HARVEY AND LEE) Armstrong:”I wanted to be sure I understood her answer and said, “Ana you knew Oswald from the time he arrived in Minsk until the day he and Marina left for the United States. You and your parents accompanied them to the train station and took photographs (published in the Warren Volumes). During that time he never spoke any Russian, even up to the day he left Minsk?” Ana, once again replied, “No,-not a word. My father always interpreted for him-he was the only person in the family who spoke English…” (p. 288)…“An English-speaking medical student, Erich (Ernst) Titovets, first met Oswald at the Hotel Minsk and later was a regular visitor to his apartment.” (p. 289). Titovets: Actually, I met Oswald not at the Hotel Minsk, but at the Zigers' apartment. It was in the presence of the whole family: Alexander Ziger, his wife Signora Anna and his two daughters, Anita, and Eleanora. Oswald spoke Russian and there was no need to interpret for him- Armstrong: “At the factory Oswald met another person who spoke English. Pavel Golovachev, the son of a famous Soviet Air Force General…After Pavel and Oswald began spending a lot of time together the KGB asked him to report on Oswald’s activities. He dutifully informed of his contacts with Oswald and kept them apprised of his movements.” (p. 289). Titovets: Pavel Golovachev did not speak English at all. Once he confided in me that he wished he did and he was sorry he did not speak the language. Armstrong “On October 18 [1960] Lee Harvey Oswald celebrated his 21st birthday. Ella Germann, a girl from the Horizon factory who Oswald had been dating the past two months, and spoke very good English, attended a small birthday party at his apartment.”(p. 311). Titovets: Ella Germann did not speak English at all. Armstrong:”It is clear that Marina associated with Americans, spoke English with Webster and almost certainly spoke English with Oswald… Marina’s ability to read, write, and speak English fluently before she left Russia is indisputable.” (p. 340). Titovets: Marina did not speak English at all. It would be really surprising if she would have spoken English with Oswald and completely ignored me even when the three of us were together. Armstrong : “When Oswald and Marina met, danced, and agreed to a date the following Friday they spoke a common language. Was it Russian or English? The HSCA asked Marina, ‘At the time were you speaking Russian together?’ She answered, ‘Yes. He spoke with an accent so I assumed he was from another state.’ Oswald came in contact with hundreds of people in Russia, but Marina is the only person-THE ONLY PERSON who said that he spoke Russian while in Russia.” (p. 334). Titovets: Armstrong is right about there were so many people who met Oswald in Minsk. There are still many living who would have testified to the fact that Oswald spoke Russian to them. In the book Oswald: Russian Episode one can find an illustration with Oswald’s longhand in Russian on the inside cover of a book where Oswald contemplates the names for his future child. Incidentally, Oswald signed his writings. When a date-line does not fit Armstrong’s he dismisses it as an error and suggests his “correct” one. To give an example: Armstrong: “NOTE: We will soon see the date of March 17 is in error.” (p. 333). Titovets: It is the night at the Trade Union Palace when Oswald first met Marina Prussokova. The date of March 17, 1961 is correct. Two recent interviews were conducted by Ernst Titovets with persons who had known Oswald when Oswald was living in Minsk. The first interview was with a neurologist Dr. Alexander Mastykin, MD., Ph.D. on March 20, 2013. Mastykin was a medical student at the time he met Oswald. Mastykin was learning Spanish and practiced the language at the Spanish-speaking Zigers family. He knew Anita Zigers very well. Titovets: Did Anita Ziger speak English at the time she knew Oswald? Mastykin: I never heard a single English word ever drop from her lips! Titovets: John Armstrong wrote a book Harvey and Lee and there, according to John Armstrong, Anita would say to him in an interview that Oswald did not speak Russian at all while he was in Minsk. Mastykin: It would be Anita all over! I wouldn’t put it past her that she might well invent things and say anything on the spur of the moment, unnecessary true, just for kicks. It might well depend on her mood, how she was approached and if the question was a suggestive one. Titovets: Did Oswald speak Russian? Mastykin: To say the truth there was not much love lost between the two of us; I mostly tried to steer away from him. I did not speak English while Oswald did not speak Spanish so it was Russians on those rare occasions when we happened to meet. ----------- The second interview was with Vladimir Zhidovich, a leading engineer at the Radio and Cosmic Technologies Department of the Bylorussian State University in Minsk. This interview took place on March 19, 2013. Zhidovich worked together with Oswald at the same shop in the Radio Plant in Minsk. Titovets: Vladimir, do you know English? Zhidovich: No, I do not. Why ask? You know that I don’t speak the language! Titovets: Never mind. I’ll tell you later. Just answer my questions! Did Oswald speak Russian? Zhidovitch: Russian was the only language we could communicate with him. He was not a talkative person and his Russian needed much brushing up. But he understood most [of] what he was told to and reacted accordingly. Titovets: Did anyone at the Radio Plant speak English to him? Zhidovitch: No way! Nobody knew English around [there] and I never heard anybody speaking English to Oswald at work. Even Stanislav Shushkevich, when he happened to drop over on business to the shop, spoke Russian to him. Now, tell me what’s this all about? Titovets: A John Armstrong in his book Harvey and Lee insists that Oswald did not speak Russian while those around him spoke mainly English. We both know perfectly well that Oswald did speak Russian and I just wanted to hear it from you to oblige an American friend and researcher who wants to check the fact. Zhidovitch: First I thought it was some kind of trick question. Of course Oswald did speak Russian! KK
  4. It is with pleasure (because of the difficulty locating and/or purchasing this work) that I offer this (with John's general permission and/or encouragement via Len Osanic's BlackOp Radio show #857, timestamp 1:15:46~1:16:28) to any and all who wish to further research but found this book extremely costly or difficult to find. Included within the link is the supplemental CD-ROM that was included with the actual book. A very special thanks to John Armstrong for his actually encouraging uploads and use of his book and to the original uploader years ago here at the Ed. Forum. Again, it is with general or impersonal permission from Armstrong himself that I post his work for download and research. Harvey & Lee PDF/Book Harvey & Lee CD-ROM Please let me know if you into any issues downloading and I will fix asap.
  5. I just put up on HarveyandLee.net John Armstrong's new write-up on the Two Marguerites. Read the details here.... http://harveyandlee.net/Moms/Moms.html --Jim
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