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Found 1 result

  1. My name is Robert Ward Montenegro, and I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, a taxpayer, a registered voter, a citizen of the United States of America and an anti-fascist ideologue. While I was active duty in the United States Army from 7 July 2009 to 11 April 2013, I was a "Tactical Data Systems Specialist" (Intelligence and Combat Support), for the United States Army Field Artillery Corps, 1st Platoon Fire Direction Team, Bravo-Battery “Bonecrushers”, 4th Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team “White Currahee” - Combined Joint Task Force 101, 320th Field Artillery Regiment-Task Force Glory, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from 7 July 2009 - 11 April 2013, I established, maintained and operated broadband, multi-linear military communications systems, assisted in the preparation of computer centers relay centers for indirect-fire combat operations. I prepared field artillery tactical data systems for operational support missions in real-world combat operations. I determined enemy target location, size and ordnance using human intelligence and electronic interfacing with multiple North Atlantic Treaty Organization-International Security Assistance Force affiliated intelligence task forces and agencies. I combined hourly United States Air Force meteorological data and bi-monthly National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency topographical data to effectively engage enemy elements in real-world combat operations with a combination of manual computations (procedures CLASSIFIED) and computer calculations (procedures CLASSIFIED), effecting the neutralization of hundreds of enemy insurgents. While on active duty, I deployed to the following locations: Fort Sill Oklahoma, Fort Huachuca Arizona, Fort Campbell Kentucky, Fort Polk Louisiana, Forward Operating Base Boris Afghanistan, Forward Operating Base Orgun-E (Camp Harriman) Afghanistan, Ali Al Salem Air Base Kuwait, Firebase Shank Afghanistan, Manas Air Base (Transit Center at Manas) Kyrgyzstan, Forward Operating Base Kushamond Afghanistan, Forward Operating Base Tillman Afghanistan, Bagram Airfield Afghanistan, Combat Outpost Margah Afghanistan, Firebase Shkin/Lilley Afghanistan and Forward Operating Base Sharana Afghanistan. The following are a list of my accomplishments while on active duty: • Participated in the security and movement of 800 people and transportations of $300 million worth of military equipment from 7 different Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan to the United States that was on time and with no loss or damage to equipment. • Supervised and participated in the movement, physical security and electronic tracking of $1 billion worth of military hardware from Fort Campbell Kentucky to Fort Polk Louisiana, via freight, that was on time and with no loss or damage to equipment. • Trained for and participated in combat operation scenarios for 3 months, which resulted in having the best rated company-level team in 6 years and successfully trained with over 60 Department of Defense affiliated organizations and companies at the United States Army Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, Louisiana in May 2010. • Participated in joint-agency, force protection security and cross-border, counter-penetration combat operations at Forward Operating Base Boris (Bermel District, Bermal Valley, Paktika Province, Afghanistan/ North Waziristan Federally Administered Tribal Area, Pakistan) with elements of: G4S Secure Solutions, Academi, 5th Special Forces Group, “Shkin Special Squad Afghan National Police”, Asia Security Group, DynCorp, Afghan National Army Commando Corps, Eclipse Group, Central Intelligence Agency Counterterrorism Center- Virginia HQ, Fluor Corporation, New Mexico Counter Terrorism Drug Task Force, Arizona Border Patrol Drug Task Force, Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command–Afghanistan, Afghan National Police, Afghan Border Police and Afghan Uniform Police forces, totaling in eleven months of border security operations on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. • Notable combat operation my platoon participated in: https://www.army.mil/article/49309/the_defense_of_cop_margah_a_story_of_valor • Notable Awards and Recognitions: My unit, Bravo-Battery “Bonecrushers” 4th Battalion, 4th Brigade, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, made the cover photo of ARMY Magazine, September 2010 Volume 60, Number 9, for my unit’s successful participation in the first joint United States Army-United States Marine Corps M777A2 155mm howitzer familiarization course (a thirty-two-day block of instruction), dubbed “Organization New Equipment Training”. My unit, Bravo-Battery “Bonecrushers” 4th Battalion, 4th Brigade, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, earned the 2010 Henry A. Knox Award for Field Artillery Excellence, marking the first time in the history of the 101st Airborne Division a field artillery battery earned this honorable distinction. This annual award is earned by the highest-rated, technically and tactically proficient, field artillery battery in the entire United States Army. This award was personally presented to my unit by General James C. McConville (then the 101st Airborne Division Commander, now the 36th Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army). General McConville also personally presented me with four of his challenge coins, (one for me to keep and three to present to other soldiers in my battery who I thought were deserving) for being the youngest soldier in the 4th Brigade Combat Team “White Currahee” to deploy during Operation Enduring Freedom X-XI, Afghanistan Campaign Phase 4: Consolidation III to Phase 5: Transition I (I was 18 years old when I deployed into combat). The following links are news publications reporting the award: http://fortcampbellcourier.com/news/article_6ec7cd00-405c-11e0-8c97-001cc4c002e0.html http://www.clarksvilleonline.com/2011/02/23/4th-bct-artillerymen-named-2010-far-battery-of-year/ https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a559912.pdf (article about my unit can be found on pages 9 or 10 of this link, pending hard-copy or PDF). In the last month of my combat deployment (roughly June-July 2011), I helped train the Afghan National Army Field Artillery Corps in the tactics and deployment of the “D-30” 122 mm howitzer 2A18. These operations marked the first time in the history of the Afghan Army, that an independent Afghan-controlled artillery unit went into operation (elements of the United States Army’s 172nd Infantry Brigade took over these operations and established the first ever US/Afghan Joint firing base with Afghan National Army Artillery firing in support of NATO-ISAF forces in the Urgun District, Paktika Province, Afghanistan). Incidentally, when I was member of the California Cadet Corps', 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 187th Regiment, Southern California Regional Cadet Corps Command, from 3 September 2004 to 11 April 2009 on of my Cadet advisors was United States Army Colonel Lewis Lee Millett Sr., Medal of Honor recipient, founder of the "Recon-Commando" School and senior Army advisor to the Central Intelligence Agency's infamous "Phoenix Program." Over one of the many conversations that I had with COL. Millett, he confided with me that he was a senior briefing officer to the RAND Corporation on their counterinsurgency operations during the Kennedy years. He told me that he had, in fact, sat in on Joint Chiefs meeting in the Pentagon with President Kennedy about the "Operation Mongoose" project. COL. Millett then told me, in the most serious tone, that the same officers he was working with on COIN operations against Cuba during the Kennedy years were the same bunch of officers that he worked with in Vietnam in the late 60's and early 1970's. And that they sometimes would "...joke about how well things went in Dallas..." COL. Millett then told me, under no uncertain terms, that the "...motherxxxxers who killed the President, were the same ones who killed Diệm..." COL. Millett then told me how sorry he was that President Kennedy was murdered, and that he was "...definitely the best man he ever worked for..." I put all of the things he told me at the back of my mind, and joined the United States Army in 2009. Then, while I was in the California Army National Guard in 2015, I became friends with the late Mr. H.P. "Hank" Albarelli Jr., who helped me with a whistleblowers claim I was making against the Veterans Affairs Administration in regards to a PTSD stressor statement I made about war crimes I witnessed while I was deployed to Afghanistan. After reading the bulk of Hank's work, all of the things COL. Millett told me came rushing back. I never forgot what Mr. Albarelli and COL. Millett told me. Here is a photograph of my crew, 1st Platoon of the Bravo-Battery “Bonecrushers” on our second simultaneous combat tour to Afghanistan. I'm in the first row, on the far left, wearing the bug-eyed clear lensed goggles, the green "flyers" gloves and the green experimental "Special Forces" mountain boots (which I traded a case of Sriracha Hot Sauce and a box of See's Candies Café Latté Lollipops for). I should explain why, as a courtesy, why I deleted all of my posts on this forum and why I am back now. After I started posting about the late Hank Albarelli's work into the "Stay-behind" elements involved with the murder of President Kennedy, forum member Anthony Thorne placed Ms. Leslie Sharp, a person who was working with my late friend H.P. “Hank” Albarelli Jr. on his book "Coup in Dallas: Who Killed JFK and Why". She then started probing me for information. Specifically, what I knew about Hank Albarelli's research, how and when I met Hank and what I knew about this other unfinished book projects. I told her that I first contacted Mr. Albarelli because I needed help with a whistleblowers claim I was making against the Veterans Affairs Administration in regards to a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stressor statement about certain Joint Special Operations Command personnel involved in war crimes I witnessed committed under the NATO International Security Assistance Forces operational structure while I was deployed to Afghanistan. Incidentally, when I asked Ms. Leslie Sharp about the release date time-tables surrounding Hank's ten books before he passed away, with the following working titles: 1. "Coup in Dallas: Who Killed JFK and Why" 2. "Wormwood Exposed: The Truth About Frank Olson and Other Terrible Mistakes" 3. "CIA Femme Fatale: The Secret Life of June Cobb" 4. "An Unauthorized History of CIA Projects QJ/WIN and ZR/RIFLE" 5. "Lee Harvey Oswald and New York City, June 1962: A Complete Investigation and Substantial Questions and Issues" 6. "Project ARTICHOKE and the CIA's Development of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" 7. "Exploiting Evil: Project PAPERCLIP, the Pentagon, CIA, and Human Experimentation" 8. "The Secret History of LSD and the CIA" 9. "Operation Midnight Climax: The Life and Time of George Hunter White, Federal Narcotics and CIA Agent Extraordinaire" 10. "Lee Harvey Oswald and The Manchurian Candidate, 1959-1963" I was told, under no uncertain terms, that she signed some "...oath of confidentiality..." gag-waiver with the publishers of Hank's work and I could not be given an answer about any element of Hank's research. Ms. Sharp then said, quite bluntly, that she did not believe I was in contact with Hank, because I did not sign such a oath. Then Ms. Leslie Sharp started saying, for the sake of saving face on my account, I should delete all of my posts about the "Stay-behind" elements, because what Hank Albarelli told me in private conversation was not pertinent to the conclusions he came to in the final product of his book (which I highly doubt, in retrospect). Then Ms. Leslie Sharp aggressively pushed me to delete my posts in order to "protect the memory of Hank" (pulling on my damn heart-strings). Then, after I said I would, under no circumstances, not delete my posts, I was viciously threatened by Ms. Leslie Sharp that she would hit me with a "cease and desist" lawsuit by Simon & Schuster if I said or wrote anything more, ad infinitum, about the conversations that I had Hank Albarelli about his research into the JFK murder or anything about his unreleased books. I am only coming forward now, because I have sought legal counsel of my own on the matter and am now aware of my legal rights, such as they are. I did nothing illegal by relaying the content of private conversations, and I now consider what Ms, Leslie Sharp did a form of electronic harassment. Does anyone know how to I can recover and put back the posts I deleted? I will start reconstruction of the posts I made, in a few days, if no one can help me recover the data.
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