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Found 5 results

  1. This photo, labelled No. 2, is different from any I have seen before. Photo 2 show debris from a head shot with a portion of Kennedy's head removed. No. 1 is what we normally see. No. 2 Moorman Polaroid comes from the video JFK Anniversity: The Second Gunman Named. This video was based on an Anthony Summers book. Name "Not In Your Life time..." No. 1 has been sharpened with software. No. 2 shows pretty much the same thing as far as the background is concerened. IMO, people have been erased from the right side of the limo. The motorbike cop's windshield has been retouched where a segment was cut off during alteration. I have seen Mary's Polaroid countless times and have not seen it like this in No. 2. Has anyone else seen this?
  2. I believe that the figures in red and blue seen in the Zapruder film that are thought to be Mary Moorman and Jean Hill are not those people, but two others, and that they were carrying covert weapons, and that both shot at the president, and the one firing last was the one who hit him with the fatal shot. More on this on my website - www.robsdataservices.co.uk. I would be interested to know if anybody has good reason to agree, and/or who has seen subtle differences in the clothing, height, hairstyle, etc of these figures in film clips or photographs of the scene, especially before and after the shooting...
  3. Hello, I wish to communicate with others about the JFK assassination. My own theory is that the figures who were thought to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman are not those people, but two others who both had covert weapons, and who both shot at the president, and that one of them, probably the one who fired last, hit him with the fatal shot. There is more about this on my website - http://www.robsdataservices.co.uk. One of the things that follow from this is that the people pretending to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman must have been 'replaced' by the real Jean Hill and Mary Moorman in the aftermath of the shooting, and 'evidence' for this can be seen by looking at the heights, clothing and other bodily characteristics of the figures in red and blue that appear in the Zapruder film, and other films and photos. It is this especially that I hope to discuss....
  4. I don’t think anyone fired a shot at the presidential limousine as it passed the Grassy Knoll. If someone did, then they missed and the shot went into the grass in the grassy area between Elm Street and Main Street. The best evidence on this is Mary Moorman’s Polaroid. To demonstrate this I will use the Parkland Doctor’s description of the Kennedy head wound. This was attested to by 40 medical people at Parkland Hospital. The head wound was caused by a shot that struck President Kennedy’s right temple and exited in the rear of his head in the occipital region. The firing angles for that wound are all wrong there at the Grassy Knoll for that shot. If someone shot President Kennedy from the Badge Man’s position then it would look something like this. Although others say different, I consider the Mannlicher Carcano a high powered rifle. It fires a round at about 2,000 feet per second. The Mannlicher has enough velocity and power to pass through two bodies. Other rifles need to be considered also. The black line shows the firing angle from the Badge Man’s position. Jackie Kennedy would have been wounded as the round passed through President Kennedy and perhaps killed her. At the least she would have been covered with blood and other body materials. This is not evident in photos taken afterwards. Her clothing and hair are not heavily covered with blood and other matter. What about other places on the Grassy Knoll. There could have been other shooters or shooting from other places on the Grassy Knoll. The next modified copy of Mary Moorman’s Polaroid attempts to deal with that issue. The firing angles in this photo are still wrong. They indicate that the further you move to the west the greater the opportunity to place correctly the firing angle to produce President Kennedy’s head wound in front of the Grassy Knoll. There, I have placed myself into deep water. In other posts I have said it is not possible to prove someone fired a shot from the 6th floor sniper’s nest beyond a reasonable doubt. Here I’m saying that when the limousine was in front of the Grassy Knoll no one fired at the President from the Grassy Knoll. If someone did, they missed. Well, we know that someone shot the President from some place. But, from where did that happen?
  5. Where did Jean Hill say she was when the assassination occurred? Mary Moorman has always been consistent in her testimony on where she was at in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination. Jean Hill and Mary Moorman’s statements began to diverge after the first day. Initially their statements at the Sheriff’s Office gave roughly the same location, down Elm Street in front of the Grassy Knoll / Monument area. Jean Hill said in her Voluntary Statement at the Sheriff’s Office on November 22, 1963 “Mary and I were wanting to take some pictures of the President so we purposely tried to find a place that was open where no people was around and we had been standing half way down toward the underpass on Elm Street on the south side. We were the only people in that area and we were standing right at the curb.” It was important from the very first, within minutes of the assassination that she and Mary be in that location at the curb. Jean Hill repudiated this statement later. In her book The Last Dissenting Witness on page 32 gives an account of this statement. She said that she was given a blank form to sign which she did. This statement turned out later to be pretty much a copy of Mary Moorman’s statement. Jean Hill says her statement is not her statement, but something prepared by the Dallas Sheriff’s Office. This statement of hers makes it clear why her later statements diverge from her Voluntary Statement at the Sheriff’s office. On the day after the assassination, November 23, 1963, Jean Hill was interviewed by FBI agent Robert Lish. She told Lish that “she was standing in the vicinity of the Texas School Book Depository observing the Presidential Party”. On March 13, 1964 which is 11 days before her WC testimony she was again interviewed by FBI agents E. J. Robertson and Thomas T. Trettis, Jr. In their report they indicate the two women were opposite the TSBD main entrance. Harold Weisberg in Whitewash III saw this as the FBI agents editing her statement and spreading disinformation. After all, the Zapruder film has them further down the road on the grassy area across from the pergola. Both the Zapruder film and Elsie Dorman film shows two women in this location claimed by Hill that do not appear to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman. Isn’t it strange we have only two views of the SW corner of Elm and Houston, Zapruder and Dorman? Jean Hill’s Warren Commission testimony is important. Because, months later after the assassination she is still saying she was across Elm St. from the TSBD. On March 24, 1964 Jean Hill was interrogated by Warren Commission assistant counsel Arlen Specter at Parkland Memorial Hospital. SAIC Gordon Shanklin said she would be escorted there so she would be sure to be there. This interview was recorded in 19 pages and eventually was placed in WC Volume VI, pages 205-223. According to The Last Dissenting Witness, none of the verbal abuse, scorn, and ridicule directed at her Arlen Specter was recorded. The most important thing that came out of that interrogation was her true location in Dealey Plaza. The FBI, the CIA agent, and later at the hearing Arlen Specter were trying to get her to agree that her location was down Elm Street in front of the Grassy Knoll. Instead Arlen Specter ended up with Hill, (Jean) Exhibit No. 5. This places her across the street from the TSBD. This sketch was classified Top Secret and was hid from the public. This document was eventually stored in WC Volume XX, page 158. In her book she says she spent 15 months under surveillance and interrogation by Dallas FBI SAIC Gordon Shanklin during which he tried to get her to change her testimony. Is this enough evidence to say that there might be something wrong with what is shown in the Zapruder film about the SW corner of Elm and Houston? I just discovered the You Tube video Magic Mary Moorman. It’s been out there for years. I no longer feel lonely with my suspicions of what is going on the Zapruder film.
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