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Found 10 results

  1. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-evidence-is-the-conspiracy-index A number of years ago now I undertook to examine the documentary evidence related to the infamous trip to Mexico City... Not all the info currently represents my POV... I do not think it was LEE rather than Harvey on the trip... rather than Lee and group leave more conflicting evidence throughout southern TX radio stations. I am working on updates and a more visual presentation... but I got a day job too... With what we now knew of the WCR, this statement from Lopez and a bad forgery job on a hotel registry led me on my way. Lopez choosing not to re-investigate gives the WCR story the seal of approval... Even if they don't know what happened down there, surely the journey - like a trail of breadcrumbs - would lead us to some answers.... Enjoy! and please feel free to address any questions about the journey here. DJ The WCR did not correctly establish a single thing as far as I've been able to find... The link above is to 6 chapters examining in details the trip's evidence...Parts 3 and 4 are especially meaty yet there were activities which transpired that most are completely unaware such as the bus manifests only for Sept 26/27 and Oct 2/3 are taken by "presidential staff" within hours of the assassination... One of them - the Frontera return trip - is specifically altered in front of witnesses by Arturo Bosch to add Oswald and change the dates and bus info... Part 1 is more a look at the history... Part 2 brings us to Laredo... Part 3 to Mexico City via Monterrey and the Aussie girls Part 4 is the lead-up to leaving... Part 5 begins the morning of Oct 2nd and the infamous taxi charade... and gets us to Dallas. Part 6 is a chronological recap discussion The manner by which the WCR shrugs off conclusions supported by faked evidence for months, NEVER begs the question... why was it altered in the first place?
  2. Below is an excerpt from another of Bart's scans from Malcolm's collection.... This follows directly in line with the theory that CIA Asset GAUDET acquires the necessary paper documents.... which also works with the conflicting stories of those in the consulate between the times NORTH and DE MEN get their Visas. OCHOA, a FBI asset as Echevarria was CIA... will be the Mexican official who provides the Tourist Card Copies and FM-11 on which they are recorded monthly. Where the WCR Tourist Visa Application comes from is anybody's guess.... but then again 500 items return from the FBI on 11/26 despite only a couple hundred going... Another nail in the Oswald went to Mexico coffin... DJ
  3. Just as there were no reports of Ozzie receiving a rifle or pistol, contemporaneously.... The calls of the 27th and 28th either did not occur or were ignored at the time for the Oct 8th LIENVOY Summary report. You’d think the reports would have been rewritten
  4. So I was thinking about the reports filed at the time of the Mexico Incident.... Americans at that Consulate was a big deal... The CIA even had a team for following targets on the ground... LILYRIC? Sorry, doing this on my tab Anyway, as Win and Mann said, outside the hotel and consulates, there is no record of Oswald.... Why not? Given what the CIA and FBI knew of Oswald at the time from New Orleans... and that both had assets in the Cuban Consulate, why do we not have an activity report on this man... the detailed reports of LITAMIL/9 are incredibly specific.. Azcue was a Cuban Intel agent and would, should be interested in the American from at least an Asset or Penetration POV Did Teresa Proenza mention this man she claims, after the fact, to have run into and turn over to Duran on the 27th? (crickets) AFTER the 22nd, ... well that’s another story.... But if we look at LITAMIL/9 reports of the time, he is asked if he or anyone else has seen the man of whom a photo is shown.. No.... the recent release of docs has shown that the theory that “Oswald” in Mexico may have been a charade from a number of angles.... and for a variety of reasons... as was the assassination. That the entirety of the story is just that, as Hoover wrote in Jan 1964.... I realize I return to this as a pillar of my conviction it was indeed an entirely false story... and to my first question, why? Knowing it was False in Jan... he proceeds to invent a trip over the next 9 months and puts it in the WCR... why? Hoover was primarily concerned with Hoover.... imho, he was covering for his asset in Dallas... Harvey Oswald.... The HSCA pulls the worlds largest rubber stamp and holds it over Lopez’s head.... like an axe..
  5. As I continue to illuminate the Mexico Trip for the charade it was... documents continue to appear which support this conclusion. One such document which should raise some eyebrows is this.... For some reason the WC decided against showing one of the people Oswald supposedly interacted with and brought back photos based on her recommendation. What possible reason could the WC offer for not confirming with DURAN, Oswald's physical appearance ?. The only one I can come up with is that the photo on the application would have had her confirm that person was not there.... CORNWELL - So, from all the circumstances, did it appear to your that he just went somewhere locally and had the pictures made?TIRADO - Yeah. I think that I already explained (to) him where he could take the photographs.CORNWELL - You told him some locations in town where ge could go? Were there some right in the neighborhood of the Consulate there?TIRADO - That I don't remember.CORNWELL - All right. But at any rate you knew of some place at the time, mentioned one or two places to him?TIRADO - Yes.CORNWELL - Correct?... Did you look at the photos when he brought them back, careful about to be sure that it was the same man who was standing in front of you?TIRADO - Yes. LOPEZ - Would you say he was taller than Gary?TIRADO - No, I think just the same. He was about my size.LOPEZ - About your height?TIRADO - Yeah.LOPEZ - Okay. And what's your height?TIRADO - 160. I think 160 or 162. (DJ: 162cm = 5' 3.75")LOPEZ - Was he skinny?TIRADO - Yes. Skinny.LOPEZ - Could you estimate how much he weighed?TIRADO - About your weight, more or less.LOPEZ - About my weight. We already went over...TIRADO - He has stronger shoulders, perhaps, than yours.LOPEZ - Just for the record, my weight is 199 pounds. You told us before he had a suit on.TIRADO - That I don't remember very well. I think he was wearing a jacket but what I can remember is that he was not wearing nice clothers, expensive clothing. He was cheap, perhaps. Now this is the woman who gave this man 1 or 2 photographer studios to get the photos for the application, yet cannot tell us which... Again, a way to insure no negatives are found... the investigation produced no one who could show Oswald took photos there.... Seems to me he's dressed pretty nicely in this image with a nice white shirt and tie.... And now the rub.... Duran - who was also telephonic-ally impersonated as well as imprisoned, questioned and dealt with a bit harshly claims it was the man despite the descriptions not matching... CORNWELL - Do you think for sure that the man who was on television was the man who came to the Consulate?TIRADO - Yes.CORNWELL - The man who was killed by Jack Ruby?TIRADO - Yes.CORNWELL - Did you see him being killed by Ruby on television?TIRADO - Yes, yes.CORNWELL - Was there anything about him that looked different to you?TIRADO - No. It was black and white. So I couldn't see the color. But he looks like the one that I met. Azcue on the other hand is not so sure... yet in AZCUE's case he is shown the Visa photos and concludes it was not him... Maybe the WC did not want to confirm this by showing the same thing to Duran. Mr. CORNWELL. Do those pictures of that individual appear to you to be the same individual who visited the consulate in Mexico City on the occasions you have previously described to us? Senor AZCUE. Truly, this photograph is one that I saw for the first time when the honorable U.S. committee members came to Cuba in April of this year, and I was surprised that I believe that it was not the same person. Fifteen years had gone by so it is very difficult for me to be in a position to guarantee it in a categorical form. But my belief is that this gentleman was not, is not, the person or the individual who went to the consulate.
  6. So one of the key clues to there having been a cover-up are the extemporaneous reports written at the time which does not take notice of important things until after November 22. One example being there was not a single FBI report on Oswald having received a rifle, let alone ever actually seen with it... Another are the calls attributed to Oswald on Sept 27 and 28, 1963... On October 8th, the day after Phillips arrives in Mexico City as Cuban Desk Chief, this summary report is prepared after reviewing the tapped calls... now while the calls of the 27th - being in Spanish - are not at all attributed to Oswald, the calls on the 28th are... Shouldn't we be seeing mention of the calls from the 28th which were so critical to Oswald? Checking the NOV STATUS REPORT we do find mention of a call to the Soviet Embassy by an American... but if we remember, the call was first to the Soviet Military ATTACHE... followed by ones to the Embassy. Following is the NOV status report offering one mention of an English speaking man calling the Embassy... whether this has anything to do with Oswald - which I am certain it did not - is not said. Calls involving Oswald were supposedly made on Sept 27, 28 and Oct 1 & 3... with multiple contacts on most days... And all it warranted was a single line about an American....
  7. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32114512.pdf States that it was TERESA PROENZA, the cultural attache for the Cuban Embassy, who first greeted this man who walked in "cold"... The point here is that TERESA does not speak English so she turned him over to the nearest person, higher in rank, who spoke English... Except the calls on Sept 27th were in SPANISH - adding more strength to the notion it wasx not Oswald on the 27th... and we know about the 28th... DJ https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32185802.pdf Mora makes the comment that they can only link OSWALD to Mexico is by his activities BEFORE he went to Russia.
  8. Found this as I was wadding thru the docs... https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10054-10039.pdf "entered on duty from OSS"....
  9. Hey there Scott.... I found this going thru the new release... Dated Oct 17, it discusses the LIFIRE surveillance team watching POYLE when he arrives... This suggests to me that POYLE was not there earlier - as in when Oswald is said to have been... DJ
  10. Since I am of the conclusion Oswald did not go to MX at all in Sept/Oct 1963... any and all evidence of said travel must be fabricated for OSWALD from either real evidence for someone else or from thin air. This means the "car" story is also part of the plan for Phase 1: Oswald the conspirator... and never happened. So let's look at some of the evidence suggesting he took a car.... and/or was driven. ================ When we understand he was in Dallas at Odio and then at the shooting range that weekend, you can begin to see what the FBI did. Yet initially they were given info via the I&NS thru Hosty to Hoover on Oct 18th.... Lee HARVEY again... We will see down below how different info goes to different people at diff times... "At 2:05 pm, 11/27/63, while talking to Inspector Don Moore of Division 5 .... . I read to him an article from The Houston Press, dated 11/27/63, which was telephonically furnished to this office ..... in which article stated Oswald left the US by private car, ownership unknown, and returned on 10/3/63, through Laredo, Texas. He advised that Oswald did travel by car and did return to the US through Laredo, Texas on 10/3/63." (FBI memorandum from ASAS J.T. Sylvester, Jr., to SAC New Orleans, 11/27/63.) The FBI finds the initial evidence points to Oswald having traveled by car. Yet then proceeds to take the next 8 months proving he took a bus. The story of the BRILL's results... and again the "car" theory is not corroborated..... So is the car story simply that? The CIA - D A Phillips - creating a circumstance where conspiracy MUST be considered seriously... now we can see how ALVARADO and his $6500 red-headed negro fits.... He is driven down to MX to get paid to kill JFK to then escape thru Cuba to Russia - pure PHASE 1 He cannot be driven down since he was a Lone Nut unconnected to anyone - conspiracy car becomes Lone bus - pure Phase 2. The evidence of Oswald taking a car into and out of Mexico is just as poor as the subsequently invented evidence of the FBI and their Gobernacion asset(s). It is impossible to proceed unless there is awareness of both the CIA and FBI assets entrenched within the Mexican Government from which the desired "scenario" could be developed.... We start with the manner in which the State Dept gets their info for the following telegram.... In Warren Commission Document 442 we find a telegram from Mexico City to Sec of State Rusk stating the records show on October 3, 1963 a Lee HENRY Oswald left Mexico by Automobile. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10876&relPageId=9 NONE, I repeat none of the evidence has the name HENRY... (see bottom image) so why would MANN use it? One last bit of intrigue is the statement that “the IMMIGRATION RECORDS show entry into Mexico of one Lee HENRY Oswald” when there is not a single piece of I&NS evidence that substitutes HENRY for HARVEY as either his middle or in the case of Mr. H.O. LEE, his first name. In fact the 3x5 cards from which this information originates, which in turn came from the FM-11 coming from the FM-8 visa all says HARVEY (images and links earlier in this document) while the exit information refers to Harvey Oswald LEE. The FM11 is the source for the information given to Tijerina to type up for Harvey CASH of the US consulate at Nuevo Laredo. It is also proven that the FBI asset who provided this document "added notes and details to aid clarity" #99 is Harvey Oswald Lee... who will be listed and alphabetized under "O" as opposed to "L" - his traveling last name... On page 23 of CE2121, after the name Buell Moore and before Maurice Ouellet we have “HARVEY OSWALD LEE, FM-8 #24085”. Except according to the Mexican officials, they believed the passenger’s name from the visa was Lee, Harvey Oswald which becomes “H.O. Lee” on his departing documents. LEE comes well before MOORE. In fact, Mr. LEE should have been #800 before Mr. Mason. One has to wonder who in Mexico would have known this passenger to be Mr. OSWALD when preparing this list as opposed to Mr. LEE as stated by his travel documents. The CIA, by 7pm on 11/23 had received info from US Consulate at NUEVO LAREDO (Harvey CASH)... yet what CASH tells the CIA is not the same as what he tells I&NS... I&NS in turn relays info to FBI SA Hosty.... CIA and the STATE dept are initially pushing the Oswald-Castro conspiracy while FBI and I&NS are being misled by these two... The CIA's Nov 23rd note about the car travel COMES from CASH yet stays within the CIA/STATE partnership. Despite all the evidence showing HARVEY... Amb MANN still sends that note I posted above (NOT using STATE Dept Channels??) as I felt, the STATE dept would help the CIA with the CASTRO PLANNED IT charade... and then enter Alvarado on the 26th to tell his "Oswald gets money" story. The theory I am putting forth is that all records related to Oswald going to and coming from Mexico City are part of a 2-phase (PD Scott) plan to first "suggest" a Cuban conspiracy thru the evidence, remind people of Oswald in Mexico talking to KOSTIKOV (which of course he never did) and begin letting out created evidence which backs the story... when that effectively stops inquiry and the idea of a conspiracy is simply too much for LBJ to shoulder... the LNers come out of the woodwork... In the afternoon of the 22nd, within hours of the assassination, "Presidential staff" arrived at all 4 bus lines in MX and took the pertinent records for the 26th/27th and the 2nd/3rd ONLY. They even went as far as to get the copies of these records from the different border towns as well... Arturo BOSCH's changes to the Frontera manifest to get Oswald onto an Oct 2nd 2pm bus is a great example... when the travel could not get him to agree with the established FACTS, they changed it so it would. Problem being that the "car to MX" story has just as many problems as the "bus to MX". Unless the idea was to covertly get Oswald into Mexico to stage the Sept 27th events... That STILL does not account for the calls/transcripts from the 28th, 1st, or 3rd.
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