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Found 1 result

  1. Waldron's deeper look into the ONI's close surveillance on LHO means he was still on the Job for anti-Communism, as well as JFK's for Mafia and CIA spying. The latter Mafia spying deal, branching into USAEC/Oak Ridge spying, made JFK and LHO the target of the Mafia and the corrupt CIA, with corrupt Hoover covering all up. This is very true per ONI. In Oak Ridge we know LHO did not do it because Oak Ridge did do it using Ruby: JFK's spy, LHO, came to Oak Ridge to learn the art of making cancer with enhanced function SV-40 make in New Orleans and then the methods of deuterium to trigger it spreading via cell wall disruption and rapid tumor growth. Waldron is a top Investigate Journalist and Nailed the real story. LHO was under very tight ONI watch to spot any USSR efforts to gain his attention. The ONI did not lie, but the CIA, WC, and everyone else did. LHO was managed by Marcello followers Banister and Ferry to defeat ONI. This Book carries a 2013 copyright and Chapter Two explains the New Orleans crooks and JFK hate and how CIA/Mafia kill Castro turned into kill JFK. Citation: Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA and ONI asset from 1959 to 1963, so it was vital for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to know whether he was guilty or not. Its final report in 1964 concluded that Oswald was innocent and that he was a "patsy" masking a conspiracy. The ONI concluded that “one person was incapable of committing the assassination alone... Oswald was not the shooter, due to his skills, the gun, etc... He was incapable of masterminding the assassination or of doing the actual shooting.” Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination, Counterpoint Press, 2013, p. 54. Chapter Two of this book shows the correct critical thinking skills that should be expected in any serious JFK book to solve the crime. There are lots of follow on Waldron Interviews that basically solve the crime, except for the CIA cancer kill Castro Project, the USAEC and Oak Ridge connections to Jack Ruby to off JFK and LHO.
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