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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Pres. DJ Trump, This is your "Past Due" notice for the Promise to tell all on the JFK Murder in Dallas and the Hoover/LBJ set up at the LA Convention that greased the JFK Assassination in Dallas. This Bill Was Due on Nov. 22, 2020, but really very early in your term. Everyone knew Dallas was loaded with a lot of corrupt LBJ's Jewish imports, and Jack Ruby and LBJ played to that audience. Everyone knows the Jewish controlled Mafia (CIA contact Hyman Larner) in Chicago bought LBJ with the TFX Bribes from General Dynamic's Henry Crown. Chicago Mafia's Italian side Giancana hated JFK and RFK, and they owned Jacob Rubenstein and had ole Jack moved to Dallas and under Carlos Marcello, who also hated JFK and RFK. Plus, ole Jack Ruby owed Marcello big time for keeping his Show Club financed. Jack Ruby started his CIA life by running guns to Fidel Castro in the efforts to run Crooked Batista out of Cuba. In this time, the Mafia was trying to go legit by running operations out of Cuba, which did not work out so well for the NYC Mafia guys like Meyer Linsky. Ole Jacob Rubenstein was in the Army Air Core with Raymond W. Tucker, Sr from Knoxville, whose dad worked for the TVA in Knoxville and likely had bid DISC connections there. Raymond W. Tucker, Sr ended up working for Oak Ridge National Lab and had access to a lot of nuclear information which Jack Ruby was trying to gain to help out the Zionists at Dimona. Ruby became quite the Jewish Savior in Dallas as he knew LBJ and LBJ put Ruby on Nixon's Un-American Council to keep the Jewish Politicians in the US from Being Registered as Foreign Agents by the JFK Administration. Here they arranged for Texas Instruments Flights to DC to carry Jack Ruby to those Nixon meeting. Ole Jack grew in local Dallas Zionist Circles quickly, so he knew LBJ's Bag Money man Morris Jaffee, and then HL Hunt and his Big Oil Masonic Banker named Clint Murchison. Murchison owned a good piece of FBI's Hoover via various bribes and organized Crime betting games. Jack was one of the Dallas/Chicago Dem's Deep State Insiders. Jack knew all the Dallas Dems used Hoover's JFK spy files to Black Mail JFK and RFK in the Los Angeles Primaries to get Masonic and Zionist backed LBJ added to the JFK ticket. The Dallas gang made a deal with the USAEC on Oil Lands and Uranium Rights that set up a fake front in Jaffie's Dal-Tex Building to take in black bag election money for LBJ's VP run, and LBJ was also aiming for the Presidency and knew there was a good chance he would get there via Murder of the Catholic JFK. Ole Jack Ruby was right in the middle of all this Dallas corrupt LBJ Political Machine and he wanted bigger cuts of the action. Oak Ridge had CIA connections and they knew that and a lot more, and they and the USAEC and DISC wanted rid of JFK. Not to mention the FBI's Masonic Hoover, the JCS's Masonic Lemnitzer and LeMay. Then, the huge presence of Masons running the USAEC's nuke Bomb plant in Oak Ridge to Keep all the Deuterium secrets connected to the 1st Temple's religious symbolism. So, slowly the Zionists gained the USAEC and lots of Masonic help to help Zionists get nuke Bomb Technical Data and even Highly Enriched Uranium for their Nuke Bomb proliferation. JFK sough to stop that, so JFK suddenly became all these various alliances Big Enemy. The Masoinc laden USAEC and JCS went hard line against JFK when he won the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty with Russia in the Summer of '63. The Oak Ridge USAEC Masons were trying hard to get Jack Ruby to have his Chicago Mafia boys kill JFK in Dallas in the Summer of '63. This became more dire as the Oak Ridge USAEC Masonic Gang found they were had by JFK's agent Lee Harvey Oswald. LHO was JFK's deep cover agent to spy in the New Orleans Mafia and the CIA in New Orleans and LHO knew too much as he got plugged into the CIA's plot to kill Castro with Cancers using an enhanced SV-40 cancer virus coupled with deuterium to make it take and kill Castro. LHO was suddenly deep on the inside deuterium secrets of Oak Ridge and its Masons and also he got hooked into DISC/Div 5 and all that was a serious screw up that would allow JFK to gain peace. JFK could not only blow the CIA into a million pieces, but take the Mafia, the FBI, the USAEC's Oak Ridge and lots more with the CIA's demise. Unfortunately, that gained LBJ too much power, as he got to be the top of the JFK enemies list. Jack Ruby got to become the "Tough Guy" Jewish Mafia killer to set up JFK's murder in Dallas using the Giancana Hit Gang, which was Files, Marlow, and Nicoletti. The Ruby Dallas plot would use the Mafia/CIA killers and frame LHO as the shooter and have JFK and LHO both eliminated on the same day/hour in Dallas and Jack Ruby would become the Dallas Zionist's Messiah for making Nuke Weapons Gods. Ruby's plan only partially worked as the idea to have LBJ's hit man, Malcolm Wallace, kill LHO in the TSBD flopped, as LHO went to the front porch of TSBD to watch the Jack Ruby "Big Event" for what LHO hoped would be stopped, but instead succeeded. That meant LHO was in deep peril. LHO sets off for his deep cover contact point at the Masonic controlled Texas Theater and their set-up trapped LHO there with their Fake Russian Agent plan to have LHO become the real killers Patsy. Needless to say, having LHO alive in Police custody and heading to public trial would become a Zionist Deep State disaster and the heat was on The Dallas "Big Event's" planner to shut up LHO. Jack got money donations from Las Vegas to Bribe a cop to have LHO killed in jail, but nobody took that deal. So, it came down to the Zionist's Dallas Messiah has to silence LHO himself, via a bullet into LHO's liver, and his bleeding to death in less than an hour at the same hospital where JFK was declared dead. Ole Jack Ruby became an instant TV star villain for killing LHO and saving a huge gang of deep state crooks from executions for Murder and Conspiracy issues. Not to mention insuring the proliferation of the Zionist Bomb completed with LLNL's Ed Teller help, and NUMEC's HEU contributions from Apollo, Pa. to Dimona completed. Then the Nuclear tipped Jericho Missiles completed just in time for the '67 Six Day war and LJB's screw ups to sink the USS Liberty to keep the Zionists from showing off their nuclear missile, and with that LBJ's efforts for that proliferation and opening up the JFK hit with LBJ's backing via using Jack Ruby. So, Pres. T the bill is due, and perhaps this is your so called "Trump Card", which if played early on would have saved a lot of lives. Sitting on this Trump Card to this extent may be questions that you have to address forever. Regards, Jim Phelps, Low Deuterium and alkaline pH metabolic health studies associated with 1st temple and Lord's Supper ideals defined
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