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Found 11 results

  1. All this time, people have been talking about the Zapruder film, in singular, when the term "Zapruder films" is more accurate in certain contexts. According to this: http://www.jfklancer.com/History-Z.html on day one there were already 3-4 copies. Where are they? Are those copies of the film included in the JFK Collection Database? http://www.nara.gov/cgi-bin/starfinder/0?path=jfkcnew.txt&id=demo&pass=&OK=OK Could it be possible that one of those copies (previous to the alterations claimed by Brugioni and Horne) https://vimeo.com/102327635 will ever be available? TIA
  2. Elsie Dorman was a 57 years old employee employed in a clerical position at the Scott-Foresman Co. in the TSBD on the day of the assassination. Her FBI statement of 11-24-63 stated she was in the 4th floor offices of Scott-Forseman, seated on the floor with the windows open filming the motorcade, when it first appeared on Houston Street. In her March 20, 1964 statement for the WC she said she was using her husband’s camera and was not too familiar with its operation. This has led some to state she was a horrible photographer and was the worst photographer that day. That is simply not true. What was later done by the government to her film made her such a poor bumbling photographer. Nothing she did at all produced the extremely altered mess called the Dorman Film. She is not responsible for the altered, black painted, and blackened out imagery in the film. It is so all pervasive that nothing of importance can be seen in the film on Houston Street. When matched with the alterations of Altgens 5, this makes a mysterious, suspicious situation which needs more investigation. One can not compare the Zapruder film to the Dorman film. The imagery is not the same. There are more people in Dorman on the SW corner of the Houston and Elm Street intersection than in the Zapruder film. There are missing people in the Zapruder film when compared to Dorman. For instance, Phil Willis is not seen at all. Another, is in the Zapruder film you do not see Pierce Allman and Terry Ford photographing the motorcade. But, you do in the Dorman film. The sequence of Linda and Rosemary Willis differs in the two films. About the only thing I see that rings true are the frames that show Tina Turner and her family. I have worked on the Dorman film many times. And, each time I do I come away with the impression that the Dorman film was half way altered. In other words, the job of altering the film was abandoned and not completed. Throughout the film people are blacked out with black paint and their image becomes unidentifiable. This is particularly true in the frames involving Houston Street. My thought is that there were no images available to replace with overlay images the blackened out images in the film. The film was filmed from the 4th floor of the TSBD and there could have been perspective and angle problems in matching up images from elsewhere. So, they just left the blackened out images knowing no one would ever be able to seen what had really happened. Then get your shills to blame Elsie as the worst photographer ever. This is one of the problems I have worked on for some time. Why were so many of the films that show the intersection of Main and Houston, plus scenes on Houston Street, altered. Why is there a Zapruder gap? Why do 8 assassination films have skipped frames when the presidential limousine passes the Court Records Building? Do you ever wonder what the odds are that that would occur naturally? What is being covered up? I’ve prepared a gif that discusses some of the problems with the film. Each frame lasts 7 seconds which I think is enough time to read the questions.
  3. Most JFK researchers have seen Zapruder frame 313 where it shows a headshot to JFK's right temple area from an Assassin. Most people assume that was the last shot taken by the assassins. In analyzing the Zapruder film, there is a jiggle right after Z-frame 313 and Zframe 330, confirming that a shot was taken after Z-frame 313. There is also film and photographic evidence that shows two assassins shooting from the pergola right behind Abraham Zapruder and Marylin Sitzman to their immediate right. This is the Mary Moreman photo. Take note where the Newman's are standing. You can see Mr. Zapruder and Ms. Sitzman. To their right, you can see an assassin peeking out of the pergola with a rifle ready to shoot at Gov. Connally. In the top two windows, you can see the image of another assassin. You can also see a smoke trail right behind Zapruder and Sitzman at the 32-second mark of the Groden copy of the Nix Film. The Dave Wiegman film shows a frame with two puffs of smoke floating towards the motorcade and on top of the Newmans right after the assassination. Senator Yarborough smelled gunpowder while he was riding in the Vice Presidential car of the motorcade. This is Mr. Zapruder interview with WAFTV right after the assassination. He stated he heard a shot or two and he saw the presidents head "open up". This is Marylin Sitzman's interview shortly before her death in 1993. She died of cancer at age 53! There are two pronounced jiggles in the Zapruder film, one starting right after Z-frame 313 and the another starting right after Z-Frame 330. Clearly, Mr. Zapruder was startled by those two shots; that is what the Zapruder film evidence shows. Ms. Sitzman in this interview denies that there was a shot right after frame 313 even though film and photographic evidence shows that there was another shot there that startled Mr. Zapruder while he was filming. What concerns me the most is video and film evidence that seems to show Ms. Sitzman putting her hands over Mr. Zapruder's ears before the two assassins behind them started shooting. For Ms. Siztman to state what she stated in that 1993 interview, 30 years after the assassination, she must have been concerned for her life!
  4. Separate Realities: A view from the Lady in the High Castle We only have two views of the South West corner of Elm Street and Houston Street. These views are from the Zapruder film and the Elsie Dorman film. Isn’t that strange? Isn’t that very, very strange. Only Elsie Dorman in the TSBD was filming? No one in front of the TSBD or in Mannequin Row was taking pictures? No one was taking photos further down Elm St. towards the freeway signs? No one was taking photos in the crosswalk on North Houston? No one was taking pictures in the crosswalk of East Elm St.? No one was taking pictures on East Houston St. Strange indeed! By viewing these two films we should be able to establish how many people were on the SW corner of Elm and Houston. The two films should match. They don’t. By viewing these films frame by frame, we come up with a different number of people there at the same time in the two films. The discrepancy between counting people there in the two films is too large. The Elsie Dorman film has approximately ten more people there as the Zapruder film does. One film shows people that are not present in the other. This is a large discrepancy! Which one is a fake? The Zapruder film has two beginnings. The beginning of the Zapruder film starts with the Z frame 1 with 3 motorcycle policemen at the beginning of the presidential motorcade making the turn onto Elm Street. The film misses the Pilot Car and the Advance Car. This is all that is shown of the parade or motorcade. This lasts for 132 Z frames and is about 7 seconds in length. The second beginning starts at Z frame 133. The presidential limousine appears magically on Elm Street in this frame. We have missed the lead car, and 5 motorcycle policemen. How much time has passed is unknown. Perhaps, as much as 20 or more seconds have passed. Given the time of the third wave (3 motorcycle policemen) of the motorcade to pass is 7 seconds then we can guess at how long it has taken the other waves of the motorcade to pass. This is at least 21 seconds or longer. The time of Elsie Dorman film on the SW corner of Elm and Houston is unknown. The entire film is about 1minute and 25 seconds in length. It begins as the presidential limousine is turning onto Houston Street from Main Street. Elsie Dorman said she stopped filming when the President and the limousine turned unto Elm Street. This would be as the 5 lead motorcycles were turning onto Elm Street or just shortly afterward as the presidential limousine turned onto Elm Street. One can get a notion of this in the following panorama. This panorama is not correct. There may be missing frames and the frames are assembled out of sequence here. People are covered with black paint blotches. The lead car is missing and out of sight. Does this indicate somebody knows something? Check out the distance between the Johnson vehicle and the Secret Service vehicle? Did someone know something? 4 out of 5 motorcycle policemen are missing. Data is missing from this panorama that highlights major differences between Elsie Dorman and Zapruder. Shooting from the 4th floor should give one a wider view of events below. There is also a gap in the film similar to Zapruder but, not at the same place. This gap is in front of the Court Records Building. This is similar to many other assassination films. Howard Brennan on the retaining wall and a man in bid overalls and what appears to be a railroad hat are used as markers because they are visible in Elsie Dorman and before and after the gap in the Zapruder film. I call this man the Railroad Man because of his clothing. If you count west of the red line between Howard Brennan and the Railroad Man you will find about 16 people there in this panorama. Someone knew of the problem of the difference in the number of people in the two films. This is an attempt to bring Elsie Dorman in tune with Zapruder. The SW corner after Z frame 133 has 16 people countable in the Zapruder film. This panorama is a clever attempt to hide major differences between the Dorman and Zapruder films. This will be made clearer as we move along in the discussion. Just as an aside, this panorama is just a second or so before the assassination ambush of President Kennedy begins. You will not find anywhere a visual record of the presidential limousine passing the Court Records Building.
  5. The Door Way Man and the bullet hole in the windshield will not be discussed. If Altgens 5 is a fraud then can we expect Altgens 6 to be authentic? Check out the front tire in this Altgens 5 crop. This is one of the internet higher resolution images of Altgens 6. All of this has been argued before in many places by many people. The subject of Altgens 6 being a cropped photo is old. I’m just mentioning it here to get to my point on the shadows. I believe that Algens 6 is a cropped image. From where Altgens was standing on Elm Street his camera should have shown to the right (photo left) the R L Thornton Freeway sign and the Stemmons Freeway signs. If this photo is in agreement with Z frame 255 as everyone says then the signs should be behind the presidential limousine. And, to the left (photo right) should be shown the SW corner of Elm and Houston Street and the various alleged people in the fields also. I believe this photo was cropped to make the presidential limousine hard to place on Elm Street. Long ago, I learned in Learning Theory that people learn a route by signs along the way. There are no signs here. The R L Thornton Freeway sign comes before the Stemmons Freeway sign. If we use the Zapruder film as a yardstick of sorts, we have the Stemmons Free Way sign at about Z frame 210. The black men are at Z frames 217 to 255. Charles Brehm and the Lady in Blue are at Z frames 275 to 299. Mary Moorman and Jean Hill show up at Z frames 287 to 317. Ike Altgens first appears in Zapruder starting at about Z frame 338. If one frame equals a foot or there abouts (just guessing here, things can be corrected easily), then Ike Altgens is close to 130 Z frames or feet below the Stemmons Free Way sign. The things mentioned should be visible in this photo. Another point to make here is if the presidential limousine has not reached the free way signs on Elm Street then the size of the Secret Service Agents is too large and the people in front of the TSBD to small. Vice-President Johnson’s security details vehicle is very distorted. However, the people in the crosswalk are not. They appear normal. What gives there?
  6. Thank goodness, we can all pacl up and leave. Do take notice of that terrible paint job at the back of JFK's head. You can see the paint brush marks going over his collar
  7. Did the Warren Commission watch the Zapruder film? Notice that I am not referring to still images, but motion video. As usual, there seems to be an official version and one contadicting it. TIA, -RFH
  8. I came across this memo from months after the WCR is published stating that the FBI was furnished a copy of the Zfilm "by Zapruder" before negotiations with Life. We know that on the 23rd, Sorrels of the SS gives Kelley a copy who gives it to Bookout of the FBI. We also know that Stolley supposedly takes the "original" and a copy (per Thompson) We also know that Zapruder supposedly kept "the best copy" We also learn from Max Phillips that Zapruder has the "master", Sorrels has 2 copies and a third is forwarded to DC (Rowley) on 11/22... I fail to see how Zapruder has 2 films to give to Stolley in the morning of the 23rd, Sorrels has 2 copies, Zapruder keeps a copy and yet another copy is sent to DC. From the chronologies I have seen there are no FBI agents with Zapruder... and they are only aware of the film that night, they do not get a copy until Kelley gives them 0186. When would the FBI have gotten a copy prior to his virtually immediate discussion with Life ??
  9. Disney Assembled Cast Of Buyers To Amass Land Stage For Kingdom FLASHBACK - ORANGE COUNTY HISTORY By Mark Andrews, of The Sentinel Staff May 30, 1993 Working under a strict cloak of secrecy, real estate agents who didn't know the identity of their client began making offers to landowners in southwest Orange and northwest Osceola counties in April 1964 - shortly after Walt Disney chose the site for his new theme park. Careful not to let property owners know the extent of their land-buying appetites, the agents quietly negotiated one deal after another - sometimes lining up contracts to buy huge tracts for little more than $100 an acre. Walt Disney Productions attorney Paul Helliwell had set up dummy corporations - with such names as Latin American Development and Management Corp. and Reedy Creek Ranch Corp. - in Miami to act as purchasers of the land. To make the deals, Helliwell worked through Roy Hawkins, a Miami real estate consultant. Hawkins contacted Nelson Boice, president of Florida Ranch Lands Inc., an Orlando realty firm, and ''expressed a casual interest in a 'super-sized' parcel of land,'' according to a November 1965 news account. Swearing their office staff to secrecy, the Realtors began assembling information from Orange and Osceola county tax rolls on the ownership of land in the area in which the ''mystery industry'' was interested. Next came the job of securing options to buy the property. The deal-makers made telephone calls to the owners - many of them out of state. Most were delighted to sell. Some, who had received their land through inheritances, had never even seen it. Because they knew that recording the first deeds would trigger an intense wave of public questioning about what was going on, Disney's representatives waited until they had a large number of parcels locked up through options before filing their paper work. Most of the land transactions were handled in cash to eliminate a paper trail. The first purchases, recorded on May 3, 1965, included one for 8,380 acres of swamp and brush from state Sen. Ira Bronson at a price of $107 an acre. The deal had been made seven months earlier. The first newspaper account of the large-scale interest in Orange and Osceola county property ran the next day. The May 4 Orlando Sentinel story said the transactions ''will undoubtedly increase rumors already afloat for the past year to the effect that a new and large industrial complex is about to locate in this area.'' Indeed it did. Because of the proximity to Cape Kennedy, much speculation centered on space or aircraft technology, Stephen M. Fjellman wrote in his 1992 book, Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World and America. Carmakers' names, especially Ford, also were mentioned. Former Orlando banker Billy Dial, who also was involved in the negotiations, said a Florida Power Corp. executive called him at about that time to ask what Ford would do with all that land. He wondered if the utility should plan to provide power. On May 20, an Orlando Sentinel article acknowledged the persistent rumor that ''the land is being purchased for a second East Coast Disneyland attraction.'' But the paper discounted the gossip because Walt Disney had specifically denied it during a recent visit to Cape Kennedy. Disney told the newspaper he was spending $50 million to expand Disneyland and was not interested in another such venture at that time. Within three weeks of recording the Bronson transaction, Florida Ranch Lands had wrapped up deals with 47 owners. Eventually, Boice and his associates negotiated agreements with 51 owners to buy some 27,400 acres for more than $5 million - an average price of $182 per acre. Disney intended to announce his ownership of the land and his plans for Walt Disney World on Nov. 15, 1965. But the secret wouldn't keep that long. In October 1965 Emily Bavar, editor of the Sentinel's Florida magazine, was in Anaheim with five other journalists to tour Disneyland as Disney's guests. During repeated interviews with Walt Disney, Bavar tried to pin the entertainment magnate down on whether his company was the buyer of all that Florida real estate. Disney would neither confirm nor deny the rumors. But Bavar learned enough in California to convince her. On Oct. 21, 1965, a story by Bavar predicted Disney would build a new theme park on the huge tract. After piecing together more information, the paper led its Sunday edition three days later with a story headlined, ''We Say: 'Mystery' Industry Is Disney.'' With the mouse out of the bag, Disney scrapped his plans for a formal announcement and allowed Gov. Haydon Burns to confirm the next day, Oct. 25, that he intended to build ''the greatest attraction in the history of Florida'' in Orange County.
  10. Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS ZAPRUDER Film Documented 2nd Head Snap: West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll by Donald Roberdeau © 2001 .... has been moved to here Best Regards in Research +++Don Donald Roberdeau United States Navy U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges clearly T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore
  11. Good Day .... Happy New Year, + wishing all the Best for you + your Loved Ones! Because AOL ceased its files transfer protocol (FTP) service, within one of my public President Kennedy assassination visual files, I have updated for you the free Dealey Plaza detailed map (that includes the additional 5 followup important graphs, charts, + information). The detailed DP map is always available for you, here (updated in 2017).... https://i.imgur.com/8vSS1dp.gif + I have also updated the exact same Dealey Plaza map (without the 5 followup important graphs + charts), that is always freely available for you here.... https://imgur.com/a/1aS7j A long time, dedicated researcher recently told me that he had a commercial business place print onto one sheet just the Dealey Plaza map without the 5 followup graphs, charts, + information (and it cost him $ 97). You can easily assemble your own DP map for free by printing it onto twelve, 8.5" by 11" paper sheets.... then, trimming off the blank border.... then, simply matching up and adjoining the sheets at their common edges points with clear tape. I also have available for you a DP map that is four times larger in size when you email me privately via my contact information. Your comments, and your specific referenced critiques are always welcomed. Any + all of your referenced information will be considered for inclusion for our DP map when you email me via my contact information. Please feel free to bookmark the maps in your favorites file, + check back periodically as I usually update them regularly with additional evidence + new information. Best Regards in Research, ++Don Donald Roberdeau U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John," Plank Walker Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly For your key considerations + independent determinations.... Visual Report: The First Impact: while JFK was Still Hidden Under the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll Homepages Website: President JOHN F. KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Research + Discoveries Links T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore National Terror Alert for the United States: http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/ "A red-brown to black area of skin surrounds the wound, forming what is called an abrasion collar. It was caused by the bullet's scraping the margins of the skin on penetration and is characteristic of a gunshot wound of entrance. The abrasion collar is larger at the lower margin of the wound, evidence that the bullet's trajectory at the instant of penetration was slightly upward in relation to the body." - HSCA vol.17, pg.175, describing President KENNEDY's, theorized, not-completely-probed, neck and back wounds
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