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Ed Podesta

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Hi All,

firstly, please accept my apologies in not being on here more often. Turns out that being a parent of a two year old (three last thursday) is no easier than being a parent of a one year old. Who would've thought?!

I've also been working on my website at www.onedamnthing.org.uk, and trying to write a diploma portfolio about ITT in history.

Which brings me neatly to the reason for this post. Quite straightforwardly, I need your help.

I've got a project running at school, in which three ITT students are going to spend three weeks making 9 lesson plans and resources for topics across our schemes of work. These lessons are going to be based around the idea of getting pupils to use ICT in their study of history.

By way of an introductionary activity for these students, I've been developing a CDP webquest.

I really need testers. Not just technical, but pedagocial testers prepared to spot errors in spelling and contradictions in mentoring! Could anyone help?

If you can, please visit the webquest page on the site, and either reply here, or leave a comment there.

thanks for your help - in advance!


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