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Prove what you're saying Thomas

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"To all concerned and especially Ms. Bee,

I don't know if the pertinent thread/post is still available on The Forum, but the fact of the matter is that William "Tosh" Plumlee did call Myra Bronstein a "***ch" (oh my God please pardon my profanity) after Ms. Bee asked him many loaded questions, like "You killed JFK, didn't you?" or words to that effect. LOL (Once again, I profusely apologize for my uncouth profanity (must be my Ukrainian and/or Choctaw background.)

Ms. Bee-- It's a pity that you didn't realize the wealth of information that Mr. Plumlee was divulging to us about the South Knoll when you (unfortunately?), decided to start pestering him with potentially self-incriminating, rhetorical questions. Just ask Ron Ecker and John Dolva or take the time to actually look back over Plumlee's posts before you decided to insert your "busy bee" questions....

Keep up th good work,



That is an absolute lie Thomas.

I don't appreciate the slander.

And I don't appreciate the fact that Gary locked the thread that the lie was in to prevent me from responding.

Now Thomas, you claimed I said:

""You killed JFK, didn't you?" or words to that effect. LOL"

If you're going to make a claim like that then back it up with proof instead of giggling and disappearing.

Find that post or retract your claim.

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