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Swissair crash off Nova Scotia

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"1998 Swissair Crash Recordings Released


OTTAWA (May 22) - After years of legal skirmishes, the public can finally hear the gripping soundtrack for one of Canada's worst aviation disasters - the 1998 crash of a Swissair plane that killed all 229 people on board.

The Swissair Flight 111 air traffic control tapes, which had been kept sealed since the crash, were released to The Canadian Press on Monday following a court battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The hours of recordings for the flight, which was headed from New York to Geneva, include the 12 critical minutes, starting as the plane's crew reports smoke in the cockpit and ending with a last desperate transmission as the aircraft makes a high-speed nose dives into St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, near Halifax."

That's from AOL news. Here's a link to hear the last recordings of the plane.


Kathy (Forum Gossip)

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I have to apologize. I forgot that this forum is specifically about the death of President Kennedy. I will leave the above topic where it is and watch it slide down out of sight. There's been conspiracy theories attached to the Swissair 111 flight and I reported this in a reflex action. But nothing having to do with Kennedy.



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