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Altgens photo #6 and L Fletcher Prouty

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We're all familiar with this picture which shows the secret service car passing in front of the Book Depository Building. Years ago, when I first saw this photo, I wasn't aware that the two agents were thought to be responding to the sound of a gunshot. I thought they were both turning and looking at the figure in the doorway who was later identified as Billy Lovelady and wondered therefore if they knew that Oswald was supposed to be inside the building and were startled to see what appeared to be him looking out at the motorcade.

Some years back I contacted L Fletcher Prouty through his website forum and put this idea to him. To my surprise, I received an individual reply, via his mediator (Len Osanic, who has posted on this site somewhere) which I quote:

"She is another good contact who sent me deep into the files and I feel that I still owe her something. I have two books that are valuable and rare:

a) 'Report of the President's special review board' also known as the 'U Tower Committee' of Feb 26 1987; and secondly 'The CIA Under Harry Truman' … Cold War Records.

If she is interested, they may be acquired from 'The History Staff, Center for the Study of Central Intelligence. It is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents. These are both well worth having."

Unfortunately I never did get the opportunity to follow up on his recommendations, or to contact him again before his death.

My questions to the board are 1) what are the thoughts of other members about the agents in the Altgens photo and 2) has anybody read the books which Prouty recommended? If so, how do they relate to my speculation on the Altgens photo?

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It's Billy Nolan Lovelady in the shirt that he wore that day.....It's clearly not Oswald

Again. I am not saying it was Oswald.

Its a photograph which doesn't demand answer A: Oswald, answer B: Lovelady

It a fill in the blank question___________________. or Who is it?

I understand that most people do not believe it is Oswald. I am not saying it is Oswald. But I don't believe it is Lovelady.

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