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David Talbot: Meeting in London

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…..and the afternoon turned out to be both fascinating and enthralling for the 20 or so people present. David Talbot is a relaxed, spontaneous speaker whose knowledge of the life and times of JFK, and his Administration, is obviously immense. By outlining the structure and basic subject matter of his new book, “Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years”, David revealed that he had approached the subject of JFK’s assassination by focussing on the actions taken, and the shrewd reasoning applied by RFK, both before and after the event. He draws on information obtained from many interviews held with people who were acquainted with the brothers, or who personally knew much about the Kennedy Administration. He probes into the temperament and personalities of many of the principal players from the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and mobsters, thereby revealing much about the risks taken and conflicts endured by the two brothers during the 1000 day presidency. RFK’s assassination was almost predictable as a result.

A lively question and answer session at the end of the presentation also proved to be extremely instructive.

The book itself makes for riveting reading and has obviously been extremely well researched – David’s brilliant journalistic skills are apparent throughout.

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