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Biography: Terry Leonarz

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Born 30.April 1957 Washington D:C. Both parents worked for LBJ in the Senate.

Lived in Austin, Texas 1959-1963, Rochester, N.Y. 63-72, Chapel Hill, N.C. 72-80, NYC-81-93, Zürich 1993 till now.

Studied Biochem, then Architecture in Boston. In New York, took up Industrial Design by way of Origami folded structures- two U.S. patents of such things can be googled.

Interest in JFK/RFK assassinations of course go to the marrow, as 22.Nov.1963 was my exact, very first impression on my hard memory(...I can remember like it happened this afternoon, how my mother swerved the Rambler up on the curb to turn up the car radio- news from Dallas- we had just moved from Texas to N.Y.)

It`s taken me a lot of years to get up the courage to wade into the snake-pit of lies about this day, but when I discovered your site, I felt like there was a possibility to remain sane. Really felt like this woman Mary Pinchot could be the Rosetta stone, and I was relieved that her dignity seemed to be honored by people on your blog. She reminds me a lot of my mother- a "Live Wire".

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