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Biography: Dee Troll

Dee Troll

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I'm a young 60 'some' female & retired from sales. I currently, and have for the past 10 yrs, do medical health research for over 5000 women in various groups I run and educate them as well. (Amazing how many don't know their own anatomy).

So that is what I 'do' but not what I am, my interests lie all over the place. From history (as was obvious on your site) and esp. the USA's politics and the corruption, to science & quantum physics, to biology, and of course to medicine, drugs, etc., as well as philosophy and have studied various religions. I guess bottom line is a voracious appetite for knowledge, ever seeking more and then hoping to share it and pass it on, which is what I do basically with the medical knowledge.

Ironically? The two things I wanted to be when grown up were a doctor & teacher and indirectly that's what I did end up doing in my own small way. *smile* No official titles though, just an average Jane Doe with a love of knowledge & wisdom.

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