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How are CIA employees paid? Are they paid by checks from the cia/front company? What method was used to pay Oswald and how are payoffs handled?. Information on this could lend insight.....thanks

Hi Tom,

Good question.

It depends on when and how he was recruited.

In USSR LHO received his funds from the "Red Cross," which was not the Red Cross we know.

Whatever level an agent or operative works, they are never paid more than they need, as for the most part, money is not the motive.

CIA officials have typcial federal government pay grade levels - ie. G14, and are paid by check, but have a cover company, like JM/WAVE was Zenith Technilogical Services.

While LHO was vary frugal, he always seemed to have enough money to do what he wanted to do and go where he wanted to go.

Also, you asked earlier if it would be of use to start a thread listing living witnesses. Do you have such a list?



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