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The Tentacles of the Octopus & The Kennedy Assassination

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Many American's believe that the United States is in the process of being completely subverted from a western democracy into a country that has deteriorated into a nation that bears little resemblance to a city shining on a hill. Irrespective of whether one faults the current administration, for this situation, the argument, is that, since the year 2000, if not earlier, America's former status as a country dedicated to advancing freedom and the highest ideals of democracy, has been subverted by a group that is indifferent to the well being of American's except the most wealthy as well as taking the fast track, down the same road that was exposed in the darkest day's of the Watergate scandal, when revelations of subversion of democratic principles connected to COINTELPRO, and possible plans for a police-state were temporarily halted by the exposing of the intrigues of the Watergate scandal.

The late Danny Casorola defined, before his alleged suicide a group he called the Octopus, which he connected to a string of scandal's that literally traced back from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in a linear timeline that ascended to arguably, the date of his death in 1991. To elaborate, "Danny Casolaro sought to document and expose sea of covert operatives, super-surveillance software and transnational spies. He called the monster he saw swimming in that sea "the Octopus." It consisted of a group of US intelligence veterans that had banded together to manipulate world events for the sake of consolidating and extending its power."

Most researchers are probably not aware that an online book entitled The Last Circle exposes the same nefarious web of corruption and scandal that Danny Casolaro exposed. The ebook is attributed to

Carol Marshall

The first paragraph explains the context of the author's assertions.


Copyright 1994 - All Rights Reserved

By Carol Marshall

"The following condensed version of The Last Circle was provided in October 1996 to a secret Investigative Committee comprised of Congress people, lawyers and former POW's at their request. I originally contacted Congresswoman Maxine Waters in Washington D.C. and offered information relative to CIA drug trafficking, but was told the information was too complex and would I mind putting the information into a newspaper story, get it published and send it to her office?

I agreed and contacted a local newspaper reporter who, after reading portions of the material, decided it needed to be reviewed by individuals who had special knowledge of CIA drug trafficking, arms shipments, and biological warfare weapons."

The book The Last Circle can be viewed in it's entirety at


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