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No David,  the conference is one of the few sources of revenue that Lancer has and full DVDs of the conference are for sale, actually 2017 should be available by the end of this month or nor later than January.  I've discussed the idea of fee based downloads of individual sessions with Debra and that might be something for the future. 

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On 4/26/2018 at 7:13 PM, Michael Clark said:

Very interesting stuff.

QJWIN = Mankel ?

And, for reference...

Agent OJBANNER-5 (P.6)

QJWIN recruited in Frankfurt, 1, Nov., 1960; for operations in Leopoldville ..." for a one shot assassination attempt in the Belgian Congo". (p.8)

KUBARK, LAURICLE, KTUBE/D, John Rallston -- William Walker, aka Johnny Roselli ( p.10, 11)

Hanna Yazbeck, Beirut, with "an available pool of assassins" (p.13)




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53 minutes ago, Eddy Bainbridge said:

Just read NSA 144 10001 10178 and 10180 re David Christensen. His letter reads like a genuine recall of an event prior to the Nov 1963, which possibly supports Eugene Dinkin's foreknowledge. The docs suggest rather similar treatment to Dinkin's.



Do you have a url link you can pass along?


Steve Thomas

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For those of you who want to know more about the "French connection theory", the best book to read is this one :

French journalist/author Vincent Quivy does a wonderful job demonstrating that the theory is wrong.

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1 hour ago, Eddy Bainbridge said:

Sorry Steve, I can't right now but if you type the references I gave into google (I got them from Mary Ferrell by typing David Christensen) then it took me to the lists in the NSA archive.



Thank you. That was a good tip.

https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/release?page=69&new=&ref=hvper.com&sort=desc&order=Record Num

These are row numbers 94 - 97 on page 2 of the Archives Records.

Record# 10177 is an interesting one too.

Looks like Christenson was talking about organized crime and the Cuban government.

I think the MOS 203 he talks about is a Marine Corps Ground Intelligence Officer (but I could be wrong)



Steve Thomas

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