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The Iraq Commission

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Channel four (UK) is hosting something called The Iraq Commission at the moment, they interview witnesses and experts. The testimony is available online here,


Here is a summary of the commission

Britain stands at a crossroads. With a change of Government leadership this summer, there is a unique opportunity to examine the future of our commitment in Iraq.

The Foreign Policy Centre (FPC), in partnership with Channel 4, has facilitated a UK Iraq Commission – the British equivalent of the US Iraq Study Group.

The Iraq Commission is an independent, cross-party Commission that will produce recommendations on the future of Britain's role in Iraq. Full remit

It is jointly Chaired by Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, Baroness Jay of Paddington and Lord King of Bridgwater. The Chairs will be supported by nine Commissioners.

The Commission will examine all possible options for Britain's future role in Iraq and will consider evidence from a wide range of viewpoints. The Final Report will be delivered to the incoming Prime Minister and the leaders of the main political parties. Make a Submission

Lord Ashdown said, "One of the greatest international challenges of our time is bringing peace and security to Iraq. It is both in Britain’s national interest, and a moral obligation, that a way forward is found for Iraq and its people."

Baroness Jay said, "The Iraq Commission aims to produce a long term strategy for Britain’s role in Iraq – this will incorporate the challenges of reconstruction, rebuilding and humanitarian relief efforts, as well as security for the Iraqi people and British troops."

Lord King said, "The current situation threatens the stability of the region, and has major implications for the world as a whole. It is up to policy makers on all sides to consider how best to help resolve it, and enhance the security of Iraq itself and the region."

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Guest David Guyatt

Luvvely to see the word "independent" in the same breath as Paddy Ashdown and the others.

His luvvely Lordship Paddy is well known in many circles to have been a former operative of SIS/MI6. Baroness Jay, the wife of Peter Jay, former British Ambassasdor in Washington (how's that for independence!) who was also a former Naval man and former groupie of the Congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF) - a CIA front. Margaret Jay, meahwile worked for Robert Maxwell's Aids Foundation at the same time that hubbie Peter was the fat man's Chief of Staff. "Captain Bob", of course, was a spy of the first order and one cannot help but wonder if the Jay tag-team were set in place as his minders. Hmmmm. I think they probably were, don't you? Finally, there is Tom King, one of Thatchler's Conservatives, former Minister of the Ministry of Defence and one time Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Commission.

Anyone see any single thread that connmects these co-chairs that should warn us that the word "independent" have been mildly misused in describing these three? I'm especially thinking of "independence" from US foreign policy in this respect...

Cynical old me.


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