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New Tape of Assassination Found.

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It was. In my opinion the producers attempted to present a reasonably balanced version of events. Ted Charach's contributions to the unofficial RFK murder investigation were of inestimable importance. The relatively recent examinations of the acoustics evidence were interesting. It is amazing, in the case of both Kennedy murders, to what lengths private researchers will go in order to get closer to the truths.

Thanks for posting that link Nathaniel.

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Thanks for the great link.

I watched all 11 segments.

I also recommend

, which is entitled CAI Involvement in RFK Assassination.

I particularly found the LAPD's discarding or destruction of the doorframe from the kitchen/pantry (the one with the 2 bullet holes in it) to be quite plausible, kind of like the FBI's losing the front door of the Branch Dividian compound, which would either reveal entry or exit bullet holes.

And the guy that LAPD trots out to smooth over this issue and others is none other than Daryl Gates, whom I recall being fairly discredited in the Rodney King case.

The LAPD still refuses to release the vast majority of the Black Dahlia file sixty (60) years after Elizabeth Short was murdered.

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