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Arise Sir Salamander!

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...the 'Foreign Office Crowd' do have a (dark, very dark) sense of humour. And the brass necks to go with it too: "It's the politicians fault - they proposed him(!)" - Sir Robin Janvrin, Private Secretary to the Queen. I wonder whether it was his or his great mate Charles 'Pole the Mole' Powell's idea (Bliar's former Chief of Staff, Cabinet Secretary and 'human bridge' to VX)? Is it me or does this evil little scheme have the whiff of a valedictory trick about it?

And silly Salamander, caught out by his vanity AGAIN! Surely he must have smelt a rat when he got the Royal invitation ('there's a gong going - it could be yours') or did the scent of finest oryx arse vellum addle his olfactory tract?

Didn't he notice there weren't that many literary knights knocking about (even Martin Amis is still just plain ol' mister after wisely abandoning his 'definitive account' of 9/11 after Hunter S. Thompson's 'suicide' opting instead to pen his provocative cold war tract 'House of Meetings').

Or did Rushdie REALLY believe it hadn't been all downhill for him since his 'Naughty but Nice' ad copy days at Ogilvy & Mather and that he was still (a bit) of a darling of the 'Chelsea (Anglo-Saxon Writers Hating) Arts Club (many of whose members are still on the OUP's official waiting list for the 50 volume 'Revised Standard and Compleat Oxford Dictionary' to get them off page 57 of 'Midnight's Children')?

Looks like he's got the rozzers for company for another ten years...

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