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I Rise To Support Fonzi

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Fonzi regarded the clothing holes as

the strongest evidence in the case for conspiracy.

Others have come along and made the same assertion -- Jim Marrs,

Noel Twyman, Robert Groden (who refered to the clothing evidence

as "uncontested.")

As noted in the Griffith article I posted above, excellent analyses

of the clothing evidence have also come from Harold Weisberg,

Josiah Thompson, and Jim Moore.

Cliff: Thank you for highlighting this issue.

Has anyone ever done a detailed analysis of the chain of custody of JFK's shirt and jacket from the time the nurses removed them at Parkland hospital until they were entered into evidence?

John Canal did an excellent time-line on the McAdams group a while back,

but I'm not having any luck tracking it down.

IIRC, the Parkland nurses gave the clothes to SS SA Will Greer.

Greer took the clothing with him to Bethesda the night of 11/22/63, and then

early the following morning stored the clothing in a locker at the White House.

The FBI subsequently took possession of the clothing, eventually turning it

over to the National Archives.

There is a clear, clean chain of possession as near as I can tell.

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