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Also, this may be of some information...both Bell Aircraft and LTV (Chance Vaught at the time) had operations at Pt. Mugu, about 10 miles from Oxnard. My Dad worked for both companies.

This is interesting. And I'm glad you and James responded to this. I was thinking of Camarillo Ranch and I just thought of MK/ULTRA and the Manson family at Spahn Ranch. Probably no connection. Have you heard of one? And who is Osbourne?



Spahn Ranch is nestled between the western side of Box Canyon and the Santa Susanna Pass Road, which is at the Ventura/Los Angeles County line, bordered by Simi Valley on the west and the city of Chatsworth to the east. Box canyon was a favorite film location for the old Hopalong Cassidy movies and serials. The rock formations are spectacular.

Rocket Dyne and Hughes had, and probably still have, a lot of acreage out in that area, cordoned off by high chain linked fences, topped with barbed wire on some of the more remote sections of the property, surveillance cameras, and many DANGER NO TRESPASSING signs strategically placed throughout, from what I can remember.

I also lived in Box Canyon in the late 1970's, before moving to T.O. in the early 1980's.

What must they be doing out there? Another "Area 51"? MK/ULTRA stuff?

FWIW. Although Area 51 is not located where we've been talking about, the reason you can see it from Google Earth is because nobody is there anymore. They moved to another section of the desert. I know a woman and her husband who drove around out there lost and they could see air vents in the mountains. But no one came after them. If you look it up on Google Earth, you'll see there are a lot of Air Force Bases around there. Also, from what I've read, the old Area 51 is radioactive. So much for spooks. :eek



"What must they be doing out there? Another "Area 51"? MK/ULTRA


Seriously, I think they're noted for aircraft parts, assemblage, rocket science, the usual milspecs required in the manufacture and production of government/corporate issued contracts for materials and acquisition.

What and where was "Area 51" supposed to be?

Area 51 was nothing more, nor less, than a super-secret/secure test area with runways for super-secret aviation test vehicles from disk-shaped [uFO-type in the '50s and '60s] to stealth bombers and more...and not the only one...just the one most known.

Then there's Tonopah, Nv (also in the Area 51/Nellis AFB test range area). The little Nevada town that kept a 7 year secret; the STEALTH F-117... I came through Tonopah earlier this week...

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"Area 51 was nothing more, nor less, than a super-secret/secure test area with runways for super-secret aviation test vehicles from disk-shaped [uFO-type in the '50s and '60s] to stealth bombers and more...and not the only one...just the one most known."

I was wondering how closely associated they were with the S.A.C. bases in SoCal, such as Edwards, March, Travis, and Vandenberg, when I decided to google Strategic Air Command Bases of California and came up with the link below. Which also happened to reveal that out of the 75 or so, bases continentally located, as well as those in any outlying territories, only 10 remain "active" as Strategic Air Command bases. Out of the 75 original Strategic Air Command bases, 63 have been decommissioned of their S.A.C. status, 30 remain active as Air Force bases, and 33 have been closed.

That's something like 75 Strategic Air Command bases, 65 of which were decommissioned as such, and 10 remaining to mind the store. It makes one wonder where all the money we're supposedly saving by the decommissioning of these strategic defense positions, is really going. And, might this not also account for the shoddy ETA response to 9/11?

Strategic Air Command Bases

This section contains a web page for each air base used by the Strategic Air Command. Most of them were assigned to the command and are thus considered "SAC ...

www.strategic-air-command.com/bases/0-base-homepage2.htm - 87k - Cached - Similar pages

What's New

Great Photos of the 4123 Strategic Wing Days at Clinton-Sherman AFB

What's Left

Summary Information

Barksdale AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

Now home of 2nd Bomb Wing. - One of the two remaining B-52 Wings. Many prior units at the base. See the page for details.

Link: Barksdale AFB


Location: Abilene, Texas. - Formerly Abilene AFB

Former home of 96th Bomb Wing, 341st Bomb / Missile Wing

Now home of 7th Bomb Wing - Flies B-1Bs

Links: Dyess AFB, Unofficial Dyess AFB

Ellsworth AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 12 mi. east-northeast of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Former home of 44th Bomb / Missile Wing, 99th Bomb Wing .

Now home of the 28th Bomb Wing. Flies the B-1 Ellsworth AFB,

Black Hills Bandit - online newspaper, South Dakota Air & Space Museum

Francis E. Warren AFB - ACTIVE Need photos

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Former home of 389th Bomb Wing, 706th Strategic Missile Wing, 90th Strategic Missile Wing

Home of the 90th Space Wing. Nation's largest and most modern strategic missile unit.

Today, the wing maintains 150 Minuteman III missiles and 50 Peacekeeper missiles

Link: Francis E. Warren AFB

Grand Forks AFB- ACTIVE

Location: 16 mi. west of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Former home of 319th Bomb Wing, 321st Bomb Wing, 4133rd Strategic Wing,

Now home of 319th Air Refueling Wing and 321st Strategic Missile Wing.

Link: Grand Forks AFB

Malmstrom AFB- ACTIVE

Location: 1.5 miles east of Great Falls. - Formerly Great Falls AFB

Home of 341st Strategic Missile Wing

Link: Malmstrom AFB - Good image library. Many planes and missiles.

McConnell AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 5 mi. southeast of Wichita, Kansas

Former home of 384 BW. Now home of 22nd ARW and B-2s flown by 184th BW, National Guard.


Link: McConnell AFB


Location: 13 miles north of Minot, N.D.

America's "double punch" base - B-52 bombers and Minuteman Missiles.

Former home of 450th Missile Wing, 455th Missile Wing, 4136th Strategic Wing

Now home of 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing,

Link: Minot AFB, Missile Locations


Location: 15 miles southeast of Macon Georgia

Former home of 4137th Strategic Wing, 465th Bomb Wing, 19th Bomb Wing,

Now home of 116th BW, Air National Guard - B1-B bombers

Link: Robins AFB, Robins Aviation Museum

Whiteman AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 2 mi. south of Knob Noster, Missouri

Former home of 100th Bomb Wing, 340th Bomb / Missile Wing, 351st Missile Wing

Now home of 509th Bomb Wing, which flies the B-2

Link: Whiteman AFB

What's Gone

Summary Information

12 Mile Post - See Eielson, AFB, Alaska

Altus AFB - ACTIVE Need photos

Location: Altus, Oklahoma.

Home of 96th Bombardment Wing: 1953-1957; 11th Bombardment Wing: 1957-58

Now Strategic Airlift and Air Refueling Training Center.

Link: Altus AFB

Abilene AFB - See Dyess AFB

Amarillo AFB - CLOSED Need photos

Location: 8 miles from Amarillo, Texas

4128th Strategic Wing (1960-1963) 461st Bombardment Wing (1963-1968)

Deactivated December 31, 1968.

Andersen AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Yigo, Guam. 3960th Strategic Wing, 43rd Strategic Wing, 19th Bomb Wing

Link: Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Andrews AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Maryland, 11 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

First Strategic Air Command Headquarters. Now the home of Air Force One.

Link: Andrews AFB


Location: California

Home of 9th 17th 100th 456th Bomb Wings and 4126th Strategic Wing. Now home of 9th Reconnaissance Wing

Link: Beale AFB

Bergstrom AFB - CLOSED Need photos

Location: Texas.

Former home of 340th Bomb Wing, 4130th Strategic Wing

Now the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport


Location: Texas.

Former home of 95th Bomb Wing, 97th Bomb Wing

Link: Biggs History Site - EXCELLENT

Blytheville AFB - See Eaker AFB

Bolling AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Washington, DC,

Now home of the 11th Wing. The Bombers are gone.

In fact, the 11th doesn't even have any airplanes

Link: Bolling AFB

Bunker Hill AFB - See Grissom AFB

Cannon AFB - ACTIVE Need Photos

Location: Clovis, New Mexico. Formerly Clovis AFB

Home of 27th Fighter Wing, SAC fighter escort 1947-1948.

Link: Cannon Air Force Base

Carswell AFB - CLOSED

Location: Texas - formerly Fort Worth AFB

Home of the B-36. 7th Bomb Wing, 11th BombWing, 43rd Bomb Wing, 4123rd Strategic Wing

Now a Naval Air Station

Link: Fort Worth Naval Air Station


Location: Merced County, California.

Former home of 93rd Bomb Wing

Links: Castle Air Museum

Chatham AFB - See Hunter AFB

Chennault AFB - CLOSED

Location: Lake Charles Louisiana

Chennault had two B-47 wings.

Former home of 44th Bomb Wing, 68th Strategic Recon / Bomb Wing

Links: Chennault Airport

Clinton-Sherman AFB - CLOSED

Location: Clinton, Oklahoma

Former home of 70th Bomb Wing, 4123rd Strategic Wing

Links: Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airport

Clovis AFB See Cannon AFB

Columbus AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Columbus, Mississippi

Former home of 54th Bomb Wing, 4228th Strategic Wing Now home of the 14th Flying Training Wing

Links: Columbus AFB

Davis-Monthan AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Tucson, Arizona

The base where many SAC wings got started

Former home of 444th Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb Wing, 43rd Bomb Wing, 100th Bomb Wing, 303rd Bomb Wing, 390th Bomb Wing. Now home of 355th Wing flys A-10s

Active. Assigned to Air Combat Command. Best known as Air Force aircraft graveyard.

Links: Davis-Monthan AFB, Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (the graveyard)

Dow AFB - CLOSED Need photos

Location: Bangor, Maine

Former home of 4038th Strategic Wing, 397th Bomb Wing,

Links: Bangor International Airport | Dow Reunion Page


Location: Blytheville, Arkansas - Formerly Blytheville AFB

Former home of 97th Bomb Wing, 461st Bomb Wing (B-57s - non SAC)

Link: Arkansas Aeroplex and Arkansas International Airport


Location: 7 mi. northeast of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Former home of 4135th Strategic Wing, 39th Bomb Wing

Link: Eglin AFB, Air Force Armament Museum

Eielson AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 26 mi. southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska

Former home of 6th Bomb / Strategic Wing, 97th Bomb Wing. Now home of 354th Fighter Wing

Link: Eielson AFB

Fairchild AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 12 mi. west-southwest of Spokane, Washington - Formerly Spokane AFB

Former home of 90th Bomb / Missile Wing, 92nd Bomb Wing, 98th Bomb Wing, 99th Bomb Wing

Now home of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing.

Link: Fairchild AFB


Location: 3 miles south of Topeka, Kansas

Former home of 55th Strategic / Strategic Recon Wing, 90th Bomb Wing, 40th Bomb Wing

The 90th Bomb Wing trained the 308th Bomb Wing, 310th Bomb Wing, 376th Bomb Wing

Closed in 1973.

Links: Topeka Airport, Forbes History, 40th Bomb Wing Site - Lots of good stuff

Forth Worth AFB - Carswell AFB

Glasgow AFB - CLOSED Need photos

Location: 26 miles north of the city of Glasgow, Montana.

Former home of 4141st Strategic Wing, 91st Bomb Wing. Now a Boeing test base


Goose Bay AB - CLOSED

Location: Labrador

Former home of 95th Bomb / Strategic / Air Base Wing , 4082nd Strategic Wing

Turned over to Canada in 1967

Grand Island AFB

Location: Nebraska

Reportedly operated B-29 in late 1940s. No further information.

Great Falls AFB - See Malstrom AFB

Grenier AFB - CLOSED

Location: New Hampshire.

Former home of 82nd Fighter Wing (1947). Now an Air Station.


Grissom AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Indiana - Formerly Bunker Hill AFB

Former Home of 305th Bomb Wing; Now home of 434th Air Refueling Wing, AF Reserve.

Link: Grissom Air Reserve Base, Grissom Air Museum

Grenier Field, NE - See Kearney AFB

Griffis AFB - CLOSED

Location: Rome, New York

Former home of 416th Bomb Wing, 4039th Strategic Wing. Closed Sept 30, 1965


Hanscom AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Location: 17 mi. northwest of Boston, Mass

Former home of ? . Now 66th home of Air Base Wing - Electronic Systems Support

Link: Hanscom AFB

Homestead AFB - CLOSED

Location: 25 miles south of Miami, Florida

Former home of 19th Bomb Wing, 379th Bomb Wing



Location: Savannah, Georgia

Former home of 2nd Bomb Wing, 308th Bomb Wing.

Closed in 1967. Now Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Air Field

Link: Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Air Field


Location: Near the City of Marquette, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Former home of 410th Bomb Wing, 4042nd Strategic Wing. Closed September 30, 1995

Links: County of Marquette K.I. Sawyer Development Department, K. I Sawyer Tribute - Good site

Kadena AB

Location: 15 mi. north of Naha, Japan

Link: Kadena AB

Kearney AFB - CLOSED

Location: Kearney, Nebraska

Former home of 27th Fighter Wing. Closed in1949 Later Grenier Field


Kincheloe AFB - CLOSED Need Pictures

Location: Chippewa County, Michigan

Former home of 4239th Strategic Wing, 449th Bomb / Strategic Wing, Closed July-September, 1977.



Location: Five miles northwest of Moses Lake, Washington

Former home of 462nd Bomb Wing, 4170th Strategic Wing, Titan I Missiles. Closed in 1966

Link: Grant County International Airport, History of Larson AFB

Limestone AFB - See Loring AFB

Lincoln AFB - CLOSED

Location: Lincoln Nebraska

Former home of 98th Bomb Wing, 307th Bomb Wing. Closed in 1966

Link: History of Lincoln AFB - Excellent Site. Many photographs. Lincoln Municipal Airport

Little Rock AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 17 miles northeast of Little Rock. Arkansas

Former home of 70th Bomb Wing, 308th Bomb Wing, 384th Bomb Wing

Now the world's largest C-130 base

Link: Little Rock AFB

Lockbourne AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Lockbourne, Ohio, 12 miles southeast of the city of Columbus, Ohio,

Former home of 91st Bomb Wing, 70th Bomb Wing, 301st Bomb Wing

Now Rickenbacker ANGB, home of 121st Air Refueling Wing, Air National Guard

Link: Rickenbacker Port Authority


Location: Limestone, Maine - SAC Mega base.

Former home of 42nd Bomb Wing (1956-1991). Officially closed September 30, 1994



Location: Denver, Colorado

Former home of 703rd Strategic Missile Wing, 451st Strategic Missile Wing (Titan I)

Closed October 1, 1994. Now an administrative center.



Location: Eight miles south of downtown Tampa, Florida.

Former home of 498th Bomb Group, 6th Bomb Wing, 305th Bomb Wing, 306th Bomb Wing,

307th Bomb Wing, 311th Recon Wing (non-SAC) 6th Air Base Wing (non-SAC)

Transferred to Tactical Air Command in 1962.

Link: MacDill AFB


Location: 9 mi. southeast of Riverside, California.

Former home of 22nd Bomb Wing, 106th Bomb Wing (non-SAC), 320th Bomb Wing

Now home of 452nd Air Mobility Wing. Check out the March AFB Air Museum.

Link: 452nd Air Mobility Wing, March Air Museum


Location: Sacramento County, California

Former home of 320th Bomb Wing, 4134th Strategic Wing. Now an industrial park



Location: Orlando, Florida

Former home of 306th Bomb Wing, 321st Bomb Wing, 4047th Strategic Wing

Closed 1974. Part of base is now operating as the Orlando International Airport

McCoy AFB Time Line, 306 BW History, Orlando International Airport Timeline


Location: 18 mi. southeast of Trenton, New Jersey

Former home of 91st Bomb Wing, 305th Bomb Wing

Link: McGuire AFB, Team McGuire Photo Library

Mountain Home AFB - ACTIVE

Location:10 mi. southwest of Mountain Home, Idaho

Former home of 5th Bomb Wing, 9th Bomb Wing

Now home of the 366th Fighter Wing

Link: Mountain Home AFB


Location: 8 mi. northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada

Former home of 99th Bomb Wing. Now home of AF Air Command Command Pilot Training Center.

"Home of U.S. Fighter Pilots". Home of Thunderbirds Precision Flying Team

Link: Nellis AFB, Thunderbirds Web Site


Location: 8 mi. south of Omaha, Nebraska

Former home of SAC Headquarters, 55th Strategic Recon Wing, 385th Bomb Wing

Now Headquarters of U.S. Strategic Command

Link: Offutt AFB, U.S. Strategic Command Command Center

Patrick AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 2 miles south of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Its the airbase for Cape Kennedy.

Home of Air Force Missile Test Center, 45th Space Wing

Link: Patrick AFB. Extensive missile history on this site


Location: New Hampshire, 55 miles from Boston

Former home of 100th Bomb Wing, 509th Bomb Wing

Now an airport. Home to the New Hampshire Air National Guard which flies KC-135R aircraft.

Link: Pease Development Authority

Pinecastle - See McCoy AFB, Florida

Plattsburgh - CLOSED

Location: Plattsburgh, New York

Former home of 308th Bomb Wing, 380th Bomb Wing, 497th Refueling Wing

Now an industrial park.

Links: Plattsburgh Air Base Development Authority | Plattsburgh AFB / 380th Bomb Wing

Presque Isle AFB - CLOSED

Location: Maine, near Canadian border

Former home of 702nd Missile Wing (Snark). Now Skyway Industrial Park

Link: Skyway Industrial Park


Location: Puerto Rico

Former home of 55th Bomb Wing, 72nd Bomb Wing

Now an airport, home base to U.S. Coast Guard, Air National Guard

Link: Ramey AFB Historical Association

Rapid City - See Ellsworth, South Dakota

Roswell AFB - See Walker AFB

Schilling AFB - CLOSED - Formerly Smokey Hill AFB

Location: 2 miles southwest of Salina, Kansas

Former home of 40th Bomb Wing, 310th Bomb Wing, 97th Bomb Wing, 301st Bomb Wing,

485th Bomb Wing Closed April 1967

Link: 40th Bomb Wing - Excellent site. Many photos.

Selfridge AFB - CLOSED

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Former home of 57th Fighter Wing in 1947; 500th Air Refueling Wing in 1962, Closed in 1971


Seymore-Johnson AFB - ACTIVE Need pictures

Location: Goldsboro, North Carolina

Former home of 4241st Strategic Wing, 68th Bomb Wing. Now home of 4th Fighter Wing

Link: Seymour Johnson AFB Link not working

Sheppard AFB - ACTIVE Need pictures

Location: Near the city of Wichita Falls, Texas.

Former home of 494th Bomb Wing, 4245th Strategic Wing.

Now the largest base in Training Command

Link: Sheppard AFB

Smoky Hill AFB - See Schilling AFB

Spokane AFB - See Fairchild AFB


Location: Thule, Greenland

Former home of 4083rd Strategic Wing

Home of Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, 12th Space Warning Squadron

Thule is the only Air Force base with no aircraft and a tugboat.

Links: Thule AFB | Thule Picture Book - Great site


Location: Fairfield, California:

Former home of 5th Bomb Wing, 9th Bomb Wing, 4126th Strategic Wing.

Now Air Transport Command.

Link: Travis AFB Link not working


Location: Albany, Georgia

Former home of 450th Bomb Wing, 484th Bomb Wing, 4138th Strategic Wing

Link: Turner Field Historical Site

Vandenberg AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 8 mi. north-northwest of Lompoc, California

Former home of 392nd Strategic Missile Wing, 704th Strategic Missile Wing

Now home of 30th Space Wing

Link: Vandenberg AFB


Location: 8 miles south of Roswell, New Mexico.

Former home of 509th Composite Group, 6th Bomb Wing, the famous "Roswell Incident," where flying saucer was supposedly hidden and space aliens dissected.

Link: Walker Restoration Advisory Board

Warner Robins AFB - See Robins AFB

Westover AFB - ACTIVE

Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts about 10 miles northeast of Springfield.

Former home of 8th Air Force Headquarters, 99th Bomb Wing, 499th Bomb Wing

Now Air Force Reserve base

Link: Westover Air Reserve Base

Wright-Patterson AFB - ACTIVE

Location: 10 mi. east-northeast of Dayton, Ohio

Former home of Wright Brothers flying field. 4043d Strategic Wing, 17th Bomb Wing

Air Force Research and Logistics Center

Links: Wright Patterson AFB, Extensive Wright-Patterson History. Many photos, USAF Museum

Wurtsmith AFB - CLOSED

Location: Near Oscoda, Michigan

Former home of 379th Bomb Wing. Closed June 30, 1993

Link: Wurtsmith Historical Web Site

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