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Renegade,Renegade Who is a renegade ?

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On this Forum I have seen the term "renegade CIA". I propose there are few ,if any, real examples of "renegade CIA" ops. The CIA is the police of the rich, to protect their investments world wide. JFK wasnt Globalist enough for a number of USA elites. JFK stood against - as practiced- IMF,World Bank,and Central Banking polices. Certain elite family,businesses,and organizations were going to lose out from future JFK polices/investigations. Among them were the Cabots,Forbes,Rockefellers,Stillman Rockefellers,Whitneys, Bechtels,Dulles brothers ,Hoovers (president's family) and people associated with the Morgan group and the British connected Brown Brothers Harriman (Bush).

Dulles himself said "Im more of a Wall Street lawyer than a spy. " Dulles created a CIA inside of the CIA by using the Black Eagle Trust money. Said monies were from unreturned stolen gold (and other items) by the Japanese. Stimson (Skull & Bones Man) had the following people handle (all or part of) the Black Eagle Trust - after WWII -- McCloy, Edwin Pauley,Casey,Lansdale,Helliwell, and Robert B. Anderson -now- all of these people had a hand in Dallas or its aftermath IMHO. Dulles when he became CIA head became manager of the fund. JJA was known to have had a very large seperate slush fund - in which he had sole discretionary control. The logic of the personal relationship/history of Dulles/JJA would indicate this JJA fund was part of the Black Eagle Trust money. JJA also was a extemely large part of Dallas IMHO. The center of Dallas is Dulles,but he had as the Beatles said, "a little help from my friends"

Taking a brief look at the Prescott Bush , GHWB and Dulles . Prescott & Dulles were very close - working in 1938 together to get more Saudi Oil in USA control. DeMohrenschildt (DEMOH) met GHWB in 42 and was a friend of the Bush family by 1948. DEMOH's brother worked with Dulles nephew in the 1940's. DEMOH's brother taught a number of Russian CIA analysts in his Russian Lit classes.Dimitri (DEMOH'S brother) had numerous Dulles connections. Dulles and CBS's Paley were very,very close. Paley had a private intel operation. DEMOH worked for Paley. DEMOH was also close also to Pauley,having his phone number four times in DEMOH's phone volumes. After leaving Dallas in 63 DEMOH visited the new President of Brown Brothers Harriman == Prescott Bush == asking for a 300,000 $ line of credit. DEMOH (per DEMOH's phonebook) knew GHWB by the mid 50's. In 63 Casey ( a Dulles operative) worked with Prescott Jr in a think tank that advocated increased covert ops. Per the Al Carone material -- Casey transfered money via Al Carone to Sturgis and Ruth Paine. Mob/CIA man Al Carone worked with Helliwell and post assass for GHWB in CIA DRUG/Money ops.

Mae Brussell had an informant tell her ," the Dallas shooters came up from Mexico with the help of the Permargo Corp. and E Howard Hunt." Perforaciones Marinas del Golfo aka Permargo was a company formed by Dulles operative Edwin Pauley and GHWB. Pauley also set up a Black Eagle money op were money went from

Japenese Intel to Korean Intel. and then to bribe US politicians to the tune of at least 800,000,000 $ dollars. Rev Moon later became part of this operation. GHWB has received approx 10 million $$ from the Rev. Moon organization. Pauley was in business with the father of Robert B. Anderson. Pauley also owned CIA connected Coconut Micro Island with Troy Post.

The pre (thats pre) stock transactions of LTV Corp. owners Troy Post,Harold Byrd, and James Ling were assassinated related per PD Scott. Byrd owned the TSBD. Researcher William Weston has made a CIA TSBD connection ( see GLAZE LETTER ARICLE of 4th Decade). James Ling knew Dulles Operative/Morgan partner Thomas S. Gates. Mr Gates's cousin wrote the Mafia did it 'Kingfish' book. GHWB was close to the antiCastro community in 63.......

Renegade ?? No ,the Secret Team that Dulles created did the real dirty work of the CIA representing WALL STREET. Dulles used his own CIA inside the CIA for his own interests...so WALL STREET would need him (DULLES). The "Secret" of the Secret Team is....its the real CIA............................THANKS Steve Gaal B) PS In Dallas Conspiracy PD Scott states there may be ten connections of Robert B. Anderson to the assassination. On 11/23/63 LBJ's longest meeting was with Robert B. Anderson.

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