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How the Mass Media Spins Terror Yarns

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The 911 Solution the Big Clue Everybody Missed

How the 9-11 mass murder mystery was 'solved' within an hour on network TV.

Sid...my old Mac no longer will play videos except Quicktime.

Can you give a brief summary of what this is about? A sentence

or two will do.


Jack, the best one-liner is "upgrade ASAP!"

If you're missing Youtube videos you're missing too much.

The video focuses on a handful of interviews that were run on network TV very soon after the twin towers fell.

Key elements of the official story were woven into these interviews, notably:

- the twin towers fell because of the planes' impacts causing structural failure (NOT controlled demolition)

- Bin Laden was responsible for the atrocities being witnessed

One interviewee was purportedly a 'man on the street' eyewitness; another was an 'expert' apparently able to offer informed instant opinion. In both cases, they promoted key elements of the official story within minutes of the atrocities taking place.

The video points out that in any 'normal' crime, behaviour like this would be regarded as highly suspicious - and a probable indicator of complicity.

Of course, 9-11 was all about suspending normality, so judgment preceded investigation and punishment preceded evidence.

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Speaking of "spinning terror yarns", here's another example from the post 9-11 War on Everything.

There's a superb piece of media deconstruction by Arash Norouzi in this article: Caught Red-Handed: Media Backtracks on Iran's Anti-Israel 'Threat'

The case of the BBC is given some detailed attention. It has shifted ground a little in its mistranslation of the Iranian President's comments, but studiously overlooks its own role in the deception.

The British establishment really does have a world-class talent for combining duplicity with hypocrisy.

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On a lighter note, I see that a new pyrotechnic craze may be about to sweep the free world.

Not book-burning.

Not flag burning.

Not even bra burning....

Welcome to on air script burning.

Such good fun, it will doubtless attract a whole new generation to the noble profession of presenting the 'news'.

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