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When is CIA/Military Industrial Compex warning a president?

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The Carter thread got me wondering what episodes were actually CIA threats to the president du jour so they don't get uppity. Here are a couple of strong candidates, directly from the other thread.


-Possible Transgression:

April--Uppity Carter states: "We are going to have to go all the way back to the assassination of president Kennedy to get this country right."

-Possible Result:

May 5--10 minutes before Carter is due to speak to the Hispanic crowd on Cinco de Mayo at the civic center mall in LA, anglo Raymond Lee Harvey is arrested carrying a pistol. He tells police that he and another man (Mexican Osvaldo Ortiz) were hired to create a diversion so that Mexican hit men armed with rifles could kill Carter. Carter cancels his national TV speech & goes into seclusion at Camp David, MD. After seeking advice from a lengthy line of consultants, including Billy Graham, Carter is reported to have said, "I have lost control of the government." Carter never announces major policy changes & runs low key unsuccessful re-election campaign dominated by the October Surprise.


-Possible Warning:

September 12--Cessna crashes on South lawn of white house. Though the White House is reportedly rigged with surface-to-air missiles, none were fired.

-Possible Reason for Warning:

September 19 - October 15--Chaos in Haiti grows so bad President Clinton is forced to remove dictator Raoul Cedras. In doing so Clinton ousts, unknowingly or otherwise, the right wing CIA regime. US conservatives, such as Senator Jesse Helms, are against the intervention and criticize President Bill Clinton for engaging in unnecessary “nation building” in Haiti. Helms falsely makes the claim on the Senate floor that Aristide is “psychotic,” based on a CIA document later revealed to be a forgery.

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I'd 'grade' this 'exam' 100%...add the multitude of others...such as shooting of Reagan and so many others....Kennedy was killed, among other reasons, because he thought he was and dared to act as if 'President' of those who elected him, and not under direct control of certain string-pullers. These efforts to control Presidents goes back to the 'founding fathers' however. The Oligarchy has never wanted real democracy and rule of law, separtation of powers et al...only the appearance of same.

Feel free to specify any of the multitude of others Peter.

The shooting of Reagan seems like Bush simply wanted to be president, as opposed to warning Reagan away from a specific policy or action.

Do you think the shooting was tied to an event or policy?

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