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Jack White being denied access to two forums

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Someone seems to have installed a cookie on the JFK forum which prohibits JACK WHITE from opening or replying to certain subjects. I have asked John to investigate. There are now TWO TOPICS which I cannot open here in Texas, though others may be able to. I apologize for not answering questions, but I have not been able to see them.

This tactic was used against me on another JFK forum. It is known who was responsible for that attack.

Jack White :blink:

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An excellent suggestion, Mr. Thirdeye. I suggested

the same thing to John. Of all the sites and pages

on the internet, these are the only two pages I

am unable to access.

Attached is a screen shot of what I get whenever

I attempt to go beyond page one of the "Questions"

topic. Page 2 will not open. Just blank space.


Jack White

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From the screenshot you post, it would seem that your browser isn't compatible with the forum software - this may be the issue here. You aren't being banned or hacked, rather it is your browser that cannot cope with the javascript code that the forum requires.

Might I suggest a browser upgrade to see if it fixes the issues?




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I'm computer illiterate, but I noticed that if you click on "The Education Forum" up above, it will take you to the main page that lists everything on the entire forum. At the bottom of that page it gives you the option to "Delete cookies set by this board."

I don't know if that will do anything for you, but since you mentioned a cookie being the problem, I figured I should point it out.

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Thanks, Andrew. I will switch to MSIE.

However, I cannot imagine why ONLY TWO PAGES

on the entire forum are blocked. I checked

other forum topics for two days, and COULD

ACCESS ALL PAGES in every topic except these

two. However, I am computer illiterate, so

I will try your advice. Maybe it will work.


Jack :)

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I switched to MSIE and accessed the subject

on the first try.

I will no longer use Netscape. Tomorrow I will

get back to answering questions as I have time.

I still consider it odd that THESE TWO PAGES


As a test, I just finished checking about a dozen

subjects on the forum which had multiple pages.

I was able to access pages 2, 3, 4, etc. with

no problem.

Fie on Netscape. I will stick to MSIE to access

this forum.

Thanks again!

Jack White :):):)

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No problem.

I think the issue with the specific pages will be something directly related to Netscape. The two pages may have contained a specific combination of text, a malformed link or something that Netscape literally couldn't handle.

Newer browsers can obviously handle the pages!

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