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April 10, 1967

NODA's William Martin interviews Nagell in jail for the first time.(294)

April 11, 1967

Second Martin interview.(295)

June 7, 1967

Nagell gives Martin a letter of introduction to his friend in Los Angeles, Frederick H. John, instructing John to turn over his purported audio recording to Martin.(296)

During a subsequent visit of Martin's, Nagell became "very upset and decided that Martin was a government 'plant' to elicit information from him."(297)

June 12, 1967

Nagell writes to sister Eleanore Gambert. Alleges that William Martin informed him of Martin's alleged status as a former CIA employee. Nagell later alleges that Martin was "an officer of the CIA assigned in an operational capacity to the Latin American directorate and . . . a past associate of Tracy Barnes [and] Desmond FitzGerald." Nagell's source for this information is not stated.(298)

June 20, 1967

Martin writes Nagell, informing him that he had met and interviewed Frederick John, and that the alleged audio recording apparently had been "the subject of a burglary sometime in 1964."(299)

July 8, 1967

Nagell writes his sister: "I can state with good foundation that if [the tape] was stolen, it was not stolen in 1964. In the same vein, I can also say that while the item involved may indeed no longer be available, it is not in the custody of the opposition either."(300)

July 30, 1967

Refuses to meet with Martin anymore.(301)

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