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Ed Haslam to give press conference in New Orleans

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According to an email I received, Ed Haslam will be promoting his book Dr. Mary's Monkey and will give a national news conference in New Orleans on Friday, July 20th, 2007:

11:00 -11:45 a.m.

The Whitney Hotel

Commerce Room

610 Poydras St

504 581-4222


Apologies for the misspelling of Mr. Haslam's name in the topic title. I changed it before sending, but for some reason it didn't take.

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Missing Links

A former New Orleanians' book seeks to connect the dots between a murder, the AIDS epidemic, cancer and the JFK assassination.

By Kandace Power Graves

Edward Haslam has worried about monkey viruses since he was 10 years old. That's when the precocious young boy innocently asked his father for a pet monkey in 1962. His father's answer was not only adamant but also frightening: Monkeys carry diseases that can make you sick -- even kill you.

Young Haslam's pondering on the subject might have ended there had talk of monkey viruses not kept popping up periodically over the 35 years he lived in New Orleans. He learned that millions of Americans had been inoculated with a polio vaccine inadvertently adulterated with monkey viruses, that cancer-causing viruses had contaminated the blood supply and that experiments at a secret laboratory in New Orleans had used monkey viruses to develop a biological weapon aimed at killing Cuba's Fidel Castro.

All these things were supposed to be secrets, but New Orleans is a city where secrets are served as cocktail hors d'oeuvres and rumors fly more freely than Mardi Gras beads....

Full story:


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