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"Family Secrets" vs Patriotic Obligation

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I am having a great deal of difficulty in wording my question in a manner that is not demeaning to the Kennedy Family, but will still give the American citizenry of appx. 300 million persons, its "just due".

I know personally that if the families of either you or I were withholding information that dealt with that often used and seemingly all encompassing phrase, "National Security", we would have "No Recourse" but to disclose this information or to suffer some very dire consequences.

I realize that most of us and our respective families have not enjoyed the privilege of, by whatever means are used in the elevation of some to such statospheric heights as enjoyed by the Kennedy family....and I do realize the relative importance that money and power plays in the minds and decisions of some who hold the highest political positions....this does not give the Kennedy family LEGALLY and CONSTITUTIONALLY, more rights in witholding any information from its government, which deals in National Security or the welfare of this country and its citizenry than the families of yours and mine.

I am certain that such an attempted withholding of evidence would be dealt with most seriously. I also feel that if the disinterrment of my father or mother were deemed in the "better interest of National Security"......that my failure to approve same action could or would deter any such action.

I am not seeking to withold from the Kennedy Family their "just due".....but I feel that their "just due" is no greater than that of my family and many others whom have sacrificed more sons and daughters, and their good works and patriotic efforts for the welfare of this country.

Tho I expect that a multitude of Kennedy Family groupies will disagree with me due to some misguided loyalty......the logic of what I am saying is beyond reasonable challenge.

The Kennedys chose the public spotlight, and benefits that it bestowed upon them. Both their achievements and losses have been great.

This is not a denouncement; however many of their achievements may be directly related to the money and power which backed and propelled them to these highly elevated levels. And it must be acknowledged that they have been both blessed and rewarded.

Their family losses, tragic as they may have been, do not overshadow much greater losses suffered by many families who were not awarded the comfort of universal solace and recognition.

I strongly believe that it is an extreme indifference to the welfare of their nation that makes their "accepted lack of cooperation, thru their witholding of evidence "near treasonous"!

Such a lack of cooperation by you, me, or any members of our families, would be dealt with in the most severe manner! And our citizenry would not protest !

Please don't attempt to explain to me that this is just the way that things are and have alweays been so......I damned well realize this! The objection to such thinking however, was one of the fundamentals which guided this nation toward Independance and a "hopeful" change toward a nation of equal citizens with equal rights. It also was one of the bases of the War Between the States!

What "secrets" does the Kennedy Clan have that are not known by many?

My ONLY POINT in this diatribe, are that these actions by the Kennedy's only further enforce what should by now be universal knowledge that the United Stated is not, and perhaps never has been, a Government Of, By, and for "THE" people.

Only SOME of the people.

In recent years it has come to the forefront, the EXTENT and RESULTS of the forfeiture of rights by our citizenry.....which has been brought about by the malaise of this "now complaining" citizenry.

We are being DICTATED to ! And continue to accept it ! Many foolishly and naively think that it is "unpatriotic" to acknowledge our many shortcomings and mistakes.

When the heads finally emerge back into the light, it may be well past "TOO LATE".

Fire away "PATRIOTS" !

Charles Black

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I will not bore you members with this topic beyond this last posting !

But don't you all KNOW that within this family are ALL of the answers which you have sought for nearly 44 years? Jackie alone, as a result of her association with Onassis and his intelligence network, knew more than we have even questioned !

The Kennedy family has probably been more of a formidable roadblock to this investigation than have government agencies.

Regardless of their "motivation"....Bobby and Jackie have probably been our greatest stumbling block. These "two people", more than anyone, knew what happened, and for "personal reasons" covered up a bona fide Coup d'Etat, from which the U.S. will probably never fully recover.

It is as if our citizenry feels that they will be turned into a "pillar of salt" if they utter one word that casts a shadow on this families self created personna.

Whether or not anyhthing worthwhile still remains therein, there are numerous

"sealed" Kennedy Family files that cannot be accessed. What is meant by "a matter of National Security", if aiding in the cover of a Coup d' Etat is not ?

The Iran Contra secrets, fade into oblivion when compared with what this family has concealed.

How do we threaten to impeach a sitting U.S. President over a sexual indiscretion, yet do or say nothing over a matter as serious as this ?

One must question our absolute "illogic" and very misguided sense of values !

I don't suppose there is an explanation...other than very lame and juvenille excuses...Are we afraid that such thoughts will set forth a 21st century "inquisition" ?

There is no 11th Commandment that states .....

"Thou shall not deface the Kennedy self engraved image".

Many of you MUST agree with my criticism.....but are afraid of that "bolt of lightning"...or the crticism which you know that you will receive by stating so.

So this crazy old xxxxx will continue to sit under my bridge, and think of more blasphemous things to ponder !

Charles Black

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Guest Stephen Turner

Charles, I certainly agree with much of what you have said, i have never had the Kennedy family down as some sort of plaser saints, multi-millionaires and Politicians seldom are. But the question of course is, where do we go from here to make these "secrets" a matter of public knowledge...Steve.

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