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Another FPCC alumni in Dallas 11/22-23/63?

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Recently, after a great deal of frustration at being unable to locate the full page ad in the April 6, 1960 New York times entitled "What is Really Going On In Cuba." The advert as the Brits say, is very significant, if, for no other reason, than the fact that it contains the original 28 names listed as supporters of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which are listed below........

In Order of Appearance

James Baldwin

Simone de Beauvoir

Frank London Brown

Truman Capote

John Henrik Clarke

Pro. Robert G. Colodny

Richard Gibson

Dr. Maurice Green

Edmonde Haddad

Rev. Donald Harrington

John Killens

Sidney Lens

Norman Mailer

Julian Mayfield

Elva dePue Matthews

Prof. Eugene Noble

Rev. John Papandrew

James Purdy

Joseph Quintana

Alan Sagner

Jean Paul Sartre

John Singleton

Robert Taber

G. A. Thurston

Kenneth Tynan

Dan Wakefield

Sidney Weinstein

Robert F. Williams

Once one gets through the personages, there is then the task of name-checking.....which in this instance revealed a possible association that is a classic case of "would have liked to have known this on 11/22/63,"

Which brings us to Edmonde Haddad. Remarkably there was an Edmonde Haddad in Dallas from Friday through Saturday, but was not in the basement of the Dallas Municipal building at the moment that Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

WCD 85/p, 412; FBI report dated 12/5/63, of interview of Edmonde Haddad at Hollywood, Calif. (CD WCE 2044/p.459

On Feb 1 EDMONDE HADDAD advised he is a news broadcaster at Radio Station KPOL at 5700 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California.........arrived in Dallas at about 4:00 P.M. Friday November 22, 1963, and left to return to Los Angeles at about 7:00 P.M. Saturday November 23, 1963. He was in Dallas long enough to note that the third floor of the DPD building on Friday night was "like a circus."

John Simkin has given us a great illustration on making assumptions about the same name.......


Two CIA agents named William F. Buckley


But the smart money says that the two Edmonde Haddad's are one & the same......

Which means absolutely nothing on July 21, 2007, but would have been an interesting tidbit if anyone wanted to know more about who killed Kennedy, that worked for the "investigative agencies" on 11/22/63...If someone had really wanted to be on the ball they might have talked at length to Edward Herman Baumgartner, who not only worked for Collins Radio, but also was associated with the soon to be "defunct" FPCC......



CD 1085, p. 2; CD 1085g, pp. 1-10; CD 1085h, pp. 1-2; CD 1085i, pp. 1-6; CD 1085j, pp. 1-3

DOB: June 7, 1928. POB: Indianapolis, Indiana. Army Serial No. US 55050121. Pro-Communist. Member of Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC). Worked at Collins Radio. (Note: The Rex, one of CIA boats used in raids on Cuba, was leased to Belcher Oil and then to Collins Radio.)...

Smart money also says that there might be some other interesting factoids in the above cited list......

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